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K - 6 Junior School Taster Day


Friday, 17 July from 9:30am

This is a perfect opportunity for your child to experience Lakes Grammar for a day, join a class, meet the teachers and get to know other students. 

The day starts at 9:30am with a school tour for both parents and students, which is led by our Student Leaders. Parents are then invited to join us for morning tea, providing an opportunity to ask one on one questions of Mr Hannah, Principal and Mr Wallace, Head of Junior School. 

Students will join in a class for their year group and spend the rest of the day getting to know us a little better. Our visiting students will be given a voucher to spend at the canteen for recess and lunch.

Bookings for our Junior School Taster Day are essential as numbers are limited. Please contact our School Registrar, Racquel Jolly on 4393 4111 or email 

Holly Darge's Major Project Featured in DesignTECH 2014


Lakes Grammar graduate Holly Darge has her HSC Major Project on display at the Powerhouse Museum as part of DesignTECH 2014. This annual exhibition highlights outstanding projects by students of the NSW HSC Design and Technology course. This is an enormous achievement for Holly who commenced at Lakes Grammar in Year 11 having never studied Design and Technology as an elective at her previous school.

She showed promise very early on with her first design project, an art deco inspired silver ring. This project demonstrated Holly’s ability to focus and work with complex materials. It also showcased her attention to detail. These skills would certainly be tested as she embraced her future design projects.

Her minor Design Project in Year 11 was a lamp shade made from garden wood chips again demonstrating a level of patience as she sifted through garbage bags full of woodchips to find the right shapes and colours. The project was good, but also flawed, as the lamp shade warped when it over heated. This provided an important lesson on testing and evaluating. Her use of recycled materials led her to better understand and appreciate the earth’s natural resources and the benefits of using sustainable materials.

One of the hardest aspects of the Major Design Project for HSC students is identifying a need. After weeks of researching and idea generation with her peers, Holly found interest in Accoustic Diffusing Panels. These are panels that change the angle that sound waves reflect off walls. Square rooms with straight walls bounce sound waves in the same direction, this causes reverberation or echo in a room. By placing a panel that has a variety of angles, the sound waves will bounce around in different directions and the echo is removed. There are a variety of acoustic diffusing systems used in recording studios and theatres.

Holly saw an opportunity to create a portable foldable wall panel inspired from origami which could be used in a home recording studio. She researched a variety of suitable materials and manufacturing techniques that led to a simple collapsible triangular pyramid. She went on to produce many multiples of these pyramids that can be folded and stored in a box. Each pyramid has a magnetic base that allows the user to place them on white boards. Holly also discovered that magnetic paint could be used to hold the triangles to standard gyprock walls. This allows the user to create their own personal acoustic recording room.

Holly has been accepted into one of Australia’s best design universities, The University of Technology Sydney to study Integrated Product Design. Holly has chosen to defer her course this year and spend time travelling.

“I am very proud of Holly. Her concept appears simple yet it is ingenious. A project such as this requires much careful planning and perseverance. I congratulate Holly and her teacher, Greg Sewell. I wonder what inventions of Holly’s we’ll see in the future?” said Mr Hannah, Principal.”

Holly Darge’s Major Project was the feature artwork used by the Powerhouse Museum on the promotional material for DesignTECH 2014 which again is testament to Holly’s wonderful achievement.

New School Mobile App now available


We are excited to announce a new school mobile app is now available which will allow you to receive alerts, events and newsletters directly to your smart device. The App is free to download and available on Apple and Android devices. To install, simply search 'Lakes Grammar' in either the Apple Store or Google Play Store. If you are installing on an iPad, once you have entered the school name in the search field, change the drop list in the navigation bar to iPhone Apps.

Once installed you can receive alerts, events, newsletters and news straight to your device. If you select 'OK' for push notifications, an alert will be sent to your device when a new notification is available. You can tailor the categories that you receive push notifications for by clicking on the 'more' button in the bottom right corner and selecting the Year Groups you wish to receive notifications for in addition to the generic notifications that will be sent to all users.

This is another exciting enhancement to our growing digital communications. If you are not yet following the school Facebook page, simply visit and 'like' the page as we use this as a means of sharing photos and updates on activities throughout the year.

10th Anniverary Time Capsule


To mark the 10th Anniversary of Lakes Grammar, a time capsule was buried in the last week of Term 4. This will now be re-opened during the school's 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2054. A small ceremony involving our Student Leaders from both Junior and Senior School took place with Mr Hannah and Mr Samways placing the very heavy capsule into position next to the flagpole in front of Junior School. This spot is marked with a plaque to ensure the capsule can be easily located when it's time to open it.

Students were invited to make suggestions of what they would like included in the capsule. Some of chosen items included: an iPhone; a coke can; a USB; a copy of the Express Advocate; a $5 note; our school uniform and a copy of our 10 Year Commemorative Book.

This was a wonderful opportunity to mark an important milestone in the School's history and for us to leave a legacy for the school's next major milestone.

Ronald McDonald Charity dinner another big success


Ronald McDonald House provides support to families with sick children. Here on the Central Coast, the Ronald McDonald Family Room provides a place for families to relax and spend time together away from their hospital ward.

The Year 5/6 Opportunity Class at Lakes Grammar have held a fundraising event for the past four years to help raise money for this great cause.

This year the event was held at Wyong Creek Community Hall,with over 100 guests in attendance who were treated to a 3 course meal, fully prepared and served by the OC Class. Raffles and silent auctions assisted with fundraising which this year managed to raise $12,309.

The OC Class are very proud of their efforts and the night could not have been possible without the support of the wonderful sponsors including: Rivatec Group, Coastline Air Conditioning, Olivieri Florst, Accor Hotels and Vagabond Cruises.