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"Every Face Has A Place" - KidsMatter Launch


Today's launch of our KidsMatter Program was a fantastic day for K-6 students. The day started with the official Launch of our KidsMatter initiative, including a skit by a small group of very brave teachers, two of which were in dress up. This was then followed by the making of a finger print tree, friendship bands and dream flags.

The highlight of the day was most certainly the wonderful smiley face created by our students and parents on the oval in recognition of our program motto "Every Face Has A Place". The implementation of this program in our Junior School builds on all the wonderful things we already do as a school around student wellbeing.

Students 'Stand Together' for Anti-Bullying Day


The Senior Students dedicated half a day on Friday 21 March, the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, to take part in a number of initiatives to counter bullying.

There was a ted talk by Shane Koyczan, anti-bullying posters, wristbands, classroom discussions and a ‘Bullying - No Way’ phone app that all students were encouraged to download.

The highlight of the day was the student-led activities that helped raise awareness of the issues around bullying and build connections between the students. The student leaders consisted of prefects and students from Year 9-12 who were involved in a MindMatters Youth Empowerment workshops held last year.

“The theme for this year’s activities was ‘Stand Together’ and at Lakes Grammar we are dedicated to creating a supportive school environment which is free from bullying, harassment and violence. By working together we are sending a clear message to young people that bullying and violence, in or outside of school, are not okay at any time" said Mr Brant Maslen, Director Student Wellbeing.

Lakes Grammar got busy for Clean Up Australia Day


For the 3rd consecutive year, Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School used the power of many hands to show its support for Clean Up Australia Day 2014.

All classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 played a role, with each grade designated a section of the school to clean up. Children then brought their rubbish to a centralized location and our Year 6 students played the important role in separating rubbish from recycling and making sure it was disposed of correctly. “This was a great opportunity for us to get the kids outside and active but also remind them of the importance of keeping the school environment clean” said Mr Daniel Summers, Junior School Librarian and Head of the Green Team (Environmental Committee).