Term 1 in Review



Late this term brought long-awaited changes to the COVID restrictions on schools (and the wider community) that allowed parents back into schools. We were able to celebrate that at our Junior School Awards Assemblies which many parents and relatives attended. It was a joy to present so many commendations to students for their achievements in the areas of Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength – our school motto. And it was wonderful for parents to be able to share in that joy with their children.

Head of Junior School recruitment

Applications for this position closed on Monday, 29 March. The process of selection will take some time and we would hope to make an announcement a little after mid-Term 2.


Year 7 2022

We held our information night on Tuesday and had a large number of attendees. It was wonderful that we had students showcasing various aspects of our curriculum, such as Visual Arts, Food Technology and Engineering/Design and Technology. Many Year 10 and 11 students volunteered to lead school tours after the presentations. There was a very positive atmosphere and what we offer to our students was very well represented.

If you have a child in another school who you wish to enrol for Year 7 next year please submit an application now via our online enrolment form on our website.

Our Senior School is continuing to develop new programs, including in wellbeing, gifted and talented students and in Cognito (co-curricular activities). I am very proud of the wide range of activities that our teachers provide, outside the regular curriculum


You should check out our Flourish booklet which gives an overview of the many ways we provide opportunities for our Senior School students to flourish in learning and in life. All this is part of our big goal of Building Better Futures. We aim to equip our students with the tools – dispositions, attitudes, habits, skills – to be able to build a better future for themselves and for the communities in which they will live and work. And by “better future” we don’t mean just having a good job with a good income. That’s great to have but it is just one part of a good life. We want our graduates to flourish personally – to be people who are Faithful, Compassionate, Reflective, Inquisitive and Determined – as our Vital framework outlines.


It’s pretty clear that things just aren’t right with the world. On the news every day we see and hear of war, torture, sexual harassment and assault, social media abuse, mental health issues and so many other intractable problems. We wonder why? Why do we humans do these things to each other? The Christian story gives an answer. It tells us that all these sorts of things come from broken relationships – relationships with God, with each other, with our environment and even within ourselves. The Christian story also tells us that, in the words of biblical scholar Tom Wright, God is “putting the world to rights” through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Although we humans have damaged every aspect of God’s creation, Jesus is the beginning of God’s new creation. As we join with Jesus, we can be part of God’s work of putting the world to rights; we can do our part to heal broken relationships as we reflect God’s love through our actions in the world.

I pray your Easter is not just about chocolate eggs but a celebration of God’s love demonstrated supremely in Jesus’ death for us and his rising to new life, in which we can share.

Michael Hannah




We began the year with the joy of welcoming both familiar and new students and families - especially to have a new group of Kindergarten children and their families joining us. Our Year 6 students were quick to meet their Kindergarten buddies as they settled in - and of course Kindergarten had been keenly awaiting the opportunity to play with their Year 6 buddies! Our P&F were amazing with the ‘Tea and Tissues’ initiative which really helped us connect with our new Kindergarten families – I hope you felt a really warm welcome to your time at Lakes Grammar!

The Swimming Carnival was again an excellent event where the children embraced the opportunity to compete for their College. It was a highlight of the day to see the College spirit and so many students trying their best and participating in the different races. We have a number of very talented swimmers in the Junior School and this was reflected in the number of students who went on to represent the school at HRIS and CIS levels. Well done to James Morley and Aaliyah Currie who were selected to represent Lakes Grammar at the CIS Carnival. 

The School Cross Country Carnival was an excellent event and very well run – we were blessed with the weather and the track was in great condition considering the amount of rainfall experienced earlier in the week. (It seems to be a cross country tradition to have a lot of rain in the lead up!). The students showed great, positive school spirit whilst competing and the atmosphere with all of our parents and families was wonderful.

On Wednesday, 31 March we took a group of 32 Year 5 and 6 students to the Hunter Regional Da Vinci Decathlon. The kids did an amazing job and had a fantastic time working together to complete all the different subject areas. Bishop Tyrrell did a wonderful job hosting and made the day academically challenging as well as exciting and enjoyable for the students. Thank you to Mrs Holland and Mrs Livette-Vial for organising this event.

K-6 students had the opportunity to enjoy a ‘Blue Mufti Day’ on Friday, 26 March. This was a student-led initiative. Simon (OC) and Talan (OC) organized as part of our ‘Kids for a Cause’ a day to highlight the importance of water conservation. This fundraiser also coincided with the online event that was held on 22 March 2021. The World Water Day celebrated water and raises awareness of the global water crisis, and a core focus of the observance is to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030.’ The children raised well over $600 which will all be donated to ‘Compassion.’ The boys, with the help of our Chaplain Pete, also arranged a fun afternoon event of water races for the school.

Thanks to our amazing P&F who arranged a wonderful Easter raffle with over 90 prizes drawn and distributed to the winners on Tuesday, 30 March to the delight of the children and their families. Also, a big thank you to Mrs Leigh-ann Kyle and her helpers for providing a very yummy Easter Meal Deal on our last day for Term 1.

On Friday, 19 March the Principal and our Junior School Leaders were presented a cheque from Brooke at Athletes Foot, Tuggerah for $810. Athletes Foot donates a portion of their sales from our school parents to the Junior School. The money will be going to the Junior School Student Representative Council (SRC) for a project in our Junior School that will benefit all the children. A very big thank you to Athletes Foot and our parents for their support. 

Enrolment for Kindergarten in 2022

We have commenced our enrolment processes for Kindergarten 2022 and we want to be sure that all of our families are included. If you have a child commencing Kindy next year and you haven’t completed an enrolment form please do this as a matter of urgency – this can be done via the school’s website.

We are continuing to conduct enrolment interviews at the moment, and we anticipate that these will continue over the coming weeks. Mrs Jolly will be in contact with individual Kindy 2022 families to make arrangements.

If you know of families who would like information about enrolment at Lakes Grammar, please ask them to contact Mrs Racquel Jolly at the school.


Lakes Grammar Habits

The Junior School utilises the learning framework of Lakes Grammar Habits to effectively integrate our Building Learning Power, Positive Behaviour for Learning and Virtues programs.

  • Building Learning Power develops the capacity of students for learning, their curiosity, craftsmanship, creativity and collaboration.
  • The Virtues program develops children’s Christian values, moral harmony and moral integrity, including kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, service, empathy and moral courage.
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning develops our student self-regulation and self-awareness to demonstrate respect, responsibility and care for themselves and others.

The Junior School collectively focuses on a Habit each week drawn from one of the three programs whilst concurrently working with students to develop a range of habits and capacities in the day-to-day life of the school.

Over the term, we will be focusing on the following concepts. These are also recorded in the Student Diary for each week:

Week 9: Litter in the bin

Week 10: Forgiveness

Stars of the Week

Demonstrating our ‘Lakes Grammar Habit’ of ‘Litter in the Bin’: 

Isaiah P, Anna H, Lily F, Haven F, Edward H, Hunter S, Lincoln B, Samantha B,  Ava B, Kaleah B, Cameron S, Bronson C, Mia C, Kobi K, Ryder O, Alexander H, Stone P and Gemma Rooke.


Demonstrating our ‘Lakes Grammar Habit’ of ‘Forgiveness’: 

Parker D, Aryan D, Piper E, Miles P, Grace P, Zeah C,  Isla H, Lennox B, Benni M, Haden E, Ronan J, Lachlan L, Ava T, Ayanna T, Miah C, Tobias T, Willow R and Lauryn H.

Pride in Excellence Morning Tea

Congratulations to all of the students who were nominated by their teachers to attend this term’s Pride in Excellence Morning Tea with Mr Hannah, Pete and myself. It is great to see you all being involved so enthusiastically with your learning, friendships and the co-curricular activities on offer. Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised this term.

Isaiah P, Kenna M, Aryan D, Charlotte B, Trystan F, Harper B, Eden M, Harrison O, Maddy C, Jayden M, Chloe G, Reid M,  Isla H, Matthew K, Noa F, Patrick C, Charlee B, Rylan M, Arj P, Evie P, Elise C, Jackson M, Mia C, Lachlan M, Ella T, Mackenzie A, Bonnie C, Marcus W, Caleb U, Zara V, Tanner H, Tamika A, Emma B, Charles C, Hiya B, Marlon B, Milla H and Brayden C.


A reminder of the ANZAC Day March held by the Doyalson-Wyee RSL Sub-Branch which falls on the first weekend after we are back to school on Sunday, 25 April. Participation is something of a tradition within the school and it is heartening to see the large attendance by Lakes Grammar students and their families growing further from year-to-year.

The school will send more information to you about this important event in the first week of Term 2.

My thanks go to each and every one of our amazing staff team for their efforts this term. A particular thanks to Mrs Stowe who has been taking on a dual role as our staff Co-ordinator of Quality Teaching and Learning (K–6) and our Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing (K–6) this term. It is a privilege to work with such a capable, passionate and professional team who consistently give of their best for the students and love what we do. We are blessed with wonderful students who are lively and passionate about their learning, deeply caring and have a wonderful zest for life. I wish you the best for the upcoming holidays and look forward to welcoming you back in Term 2.

Mr Ralph Johns

Acting Head of Junior School



Thank you

Mrs Tennant and I would like to thank all parents, students and staff for their support this term. We have seen an increase in borrowing this term and a decrease in overdue – which is wonderful to see!

The Library is now getting back to some kind of ‘normality’ and we hope this will continue into Term 2!

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021

We now have over 160 students registered in this year’s PRC. This is a record for this time of year - a fantastic effort! We also have 3 students who have completed – well done!!

All students who complete the challenge in Term 1 or Term 2 will receive an early completion certificate and a photo on our PRC ‘Wall of Fame’.

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian


We have had an exciting start to 2021 with many opportunities for students at Lakes Grammar to develop their potential and extend themselves in a variety of areas.

Gifted and Talented Screening K-6

Again in 2021, students in Kindergarten to Year 6 have participated in a general screening process. Students in Years 2-6 have completed a General Ability Test that has provided all staff with information regarding our students in areas that they are excelling. Both teachers and parents have completed Student Nomination forms to provide further information on our students who require extension. Thank you to all parents and staff who completed the forms. It has been a valuable process to see what our students are doing to challenge and extend themselves in a range of areas in the school environment and beyond. This information has assisted in the formation of extension groups, provide support to these students in their classroom and to provide additional opportunities to extend our students.

Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge

The 2021 Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge ( is part of an international initiative whose goal it is to promote computational thinking among students. The Bebras Challenge is aligned with and supports the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum. This year we had 118 students across Years 2-6 participate in the Challenge online during Math Groups. The students all enjoyed working in collaboration with their peers to complete the competition. We received 9 High Distinctions, 14 Distinctions, 21 Credits and 50 Merits. A wonderful achievement for all students who participated.

High Distinctions:

Eve Hennessy, Samantha Olivieri (Year 3), Tahlia Wenger, Addyson Harmer (Year 4), Callum Lightfoot (Year 5), Milla Harding, Claire Hennessy, Brianna Roberts, Isla Yager (Year 6)


Jackson Morris, Ryan Mulholland, Marcus Connor, Tess Miller, Jensen Baldwin, Aiden Brownlie (Year 4), Ethan Curry, April Murphy, Ben Ruzicka (Year 5), Cohen Baldwin, Thomas Pearson, Christopher Webb, Kane McLeod, Fletcher Pigot-Irving (Year 6)


Ethan Dickinson, Grayson Kowaliw, Cleo Rutherford (Year 3), Ashley Webb, Declan Jones, Ari Mosca-Stollznow, Thomas Mackenzie, Lila Fox, Lachlan Collins, Isabella Thomson, Marcus Wells, Mackenzie Aitken, Alice Stat, Elise Croucher, Brianna Maidens (Year 4), Nicholas Beasley (Year 5), Simon Connor, Braydon Croucher, Corey Englebrecht, Zac Prica-Chamberlain, Talan Juarez (Year 6)


Jorja Beasley, Winter Steinhardt, Elise Cantor, Addyson Belgre, Ava Brien, Cheyanne Ringrose, Ella O’Donnell, Hadley Belgre, Lucy Webb, Tumininu Akanbi, August Keys (Year 3), Cooper Nicholls, Emma Blackshaw, Elise Smith, Yung-Shan Littlefair, Zara Feller, Maggie Yager, Flynn Cliff, Samantha Marshall, Max Sawicki (Year 4), Lauren Peachey, Giulia Bonato, Clover Harrison, Grace McLeod, Chloe McConnell, Willow Stuart, Ollie Carmody, Onadi Wijekoon Mudiyanselage, Maryam Abuturab, Callum McKendrick, Raquel Carter, Taivas Harding, Ava Dickinson, Kaella Doyle-Michaels, Keshav Panicker (Year 5), Emma Lamphee, Willow Rutherford, Charli Steadman, Daphne Jervis, Grace Wilkcockson, Isabella MacDonald, Ellie Petrie, Marlon Buckland, Olyver Hokin, Phinneas Mosca-Stollznow, Maxwell Trevithick, Charlie Cook, William Evans, Donald May, Darcy Brownlie (Year 6)

Math Extension and Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

The Year 3 and 4 Mathematics Extension Groups have been having a wonderful time working collaboratively to solve problems. They have thoroughly enjoyed applying their mathematical skills to real world problems. The students have been extending their mathematical understanding by participating in the Mathematical Challenge for Young Australians.

Hunter Regional Da Vinci Decathlon 2021

On Wednesday 31 March 2021, Lakes Grammar Year 5 and 6 teams participated in the Hunter Regional da Vinci Decathlon. The da Vinci Decathlon is an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students. Students competed in teams of eight across 10 disciplines: Engineering, Mathematics, Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Ideation, Creative Producers, Cartography and Legacy.

All four teams had a very successful day with Year 5 Team 1 coming 1st overall and Year 6 Team 1 coming 2nd overall. Year 5 Team 1 won Creative Producers and Ideation, and Year 6 Team 1 won Ideation. Year 5 Team 1 team will now go to the State da Vinci Decathlon at Knox Grammar School in May.

Congratulations to our teams for 2021 on their fantastic results!

Year 5:

Team 1: Keshav Paniker, April Murphy, Callum Lightfoot, Benjamin Ruzicka, Ethan Curry, Ava Dickinson, Guilia Bonato, Willow Stuart

Team 2: Nicholas Beasley, Zac Cantor, Jake Lees, Taivas Harding, Raquel Carter, Zara Vohra, Kaella Doyle-Michaels, Austin Trevithick

Year 6:

Team 1: Cohen Baldwin, Corey Englebrecht, Donald May, Kane McLeod, Christopher Webb, Milla Harding, Claire Hennessy, Daphne Jervis

Team 2: Darcy Brownlie, Brayden Croucher, Thomas Pearson, Fletcher Pigot-Irving, Zak Prica-Chamberlain, Marianne Dagang, Brianna Roberts, Isla Yager 

Math Extension and Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians 2021

The Year 3 and 4 Mathematics Extension Groups have been having a wonderful time working collaboratively to solve problems. They have thoroughly enjoyed applying their mathematical skills to real world problems. The students have been extending their mathematical understanding by participating in the Mathematical Challenge for Young Australians.

Junior HICES Debating

Our Junior HICES Debaters have both just won their first debates against HVGS. Our Year 5 Team was affirmative and our Year 6 Team was negative, both versing a HVGS team. The topic they debated was: That smart phones should be banned in schools for all ages.


HICES Year 6
Cohen Baldwin
Corey Englebrecht
Donald May
Brianna Roberts
Isla Yager

HICES Year 5
April Murphy
Ava Dickinson
Kaella Doyle-Michaels
Callum Lightfoot
Ben Ruzicka

Programs and Competitions in 2021

These programs and competitions are just the beginning of many varied opportunities that will be offered in 2021. Our aim is to ensure that we are challenging and stimulating our students in a way that corresponds to their learning needs, therefore, ingraining in them the drive and passion to continue to strive for excellence in all learning areas.

Information regarding upcoming programs, competitions and courses will be communicated throughout the year.

Amanda Holland

High Potential and Gifted Education Coordinator K-6


After a year of peace, quiet and stillness the Music Room is pumping with the enthusiasm of students singing, playing and dancing again.

The Music Tuition program has seen a marked increase in enrolments across the board, with many students learning piano, violin, brass, woodwind, guitar, ukulele, bass, drums and singing.

The Concert Band recently made their debut at the Term Awards Assembly with the biggest numbers we have seen since the program began in 2016. Year 1 and Year 2 Choirs are singing again, and the selective Year 3-4 and 5-6 Choirs are booming with combined numbers exceeding 75 students. The Guitar Ensemble has been working on a complex Rock Medley with all my personal favourite tunes and we have high demand of violin students starting this year.

If you are considering enrolling your child in music tuition at school, email for more information.

Nathan Fepuleai

Junior School Music Teacher




The term seems to have flown by! At the start of the year, we were still experiencing some restrictions due to COVID-19, but currently we are appreciating a greater sense of normality as we appear to have the impact of COVID-19 at bay. I hope that the local Queensland outbreak will be contained and that we will continue to enjoy some of our new-found freedoms!

To that end, everyone will be aware that we no longer have to wear masks on public transport, and that our primary concern is to practise good hygiene and social distancing. Many of our school excursions, camps and other activities are running close to normal, with COVID-safe plans in place to ensure their safety.

As we prepare for Term 2, please note the following:

Anzac Day

Traditionally we have always marched at the Doyalson-Wyee RSL’s march and service on Anzac Day, however, marches were cancelled last year. At the time of writing, we don’t have details of plans for this year, however, we will send out information once it arrives.

We also meet to observe Anzac Day at school, and regularly have participation from the Toukley RSL branch and this year our service will be held just after Anzac Day on Monday, 26 April.


Term 2 is usually very busy with major events such as camps, NAPLAN and mid-year exams that affect different year groups in different ways.

The designated times for these events are:

Year 7

Week 2 (28 Apr – 30 Apr) Camp

Week 4 (11 May – 14 May) NAPLAN. Please note that if students miss a day then a catch-up will occur on the next school day.

Week 5 (18 May – 21 May) Year 7 Half Yearly Exams.

Year 8

Week 3 (4 May – 7 May) Year 8 Half Yearly Exams.

Week 4 (12 May – 14 May) Year 8 Camp.

Year 9

Week 4 (11 May – 14 May) NAPLAN. Please note that if students miss a day then a catch-up will occur on the next school day.

Week 5 (18 May – 21 May) Year 9 Half Yearly Exams.

Year 10

Week 4 (11 May – 14 May) Year 10 Half Yearly Exams.

Year 11

Week 4 (12 May – 14 May) Year 11 Camp.

Details for each of the above events including the exam schedule will be communicated separately.

Year 11 Leadership

This year we introduced a new leadership program for Year 11. In the past, we have interviewed and selected our Prefects for a fixed number of positions, however, as our Senior School has grown, we want to respond by providing more leadership opportunities to our students, and we want to recognise that work. To that end, we have created a new leadership program for Year 11, where they can work on different projects throughout the year and through this to demonstrate and enhance their leadership potential, culminating in the award of Prefect at the end of the year. This opportunity is open to all Year 11 students and we will no longer have a fixed number of prefects. In Term 3, students within the program will then be able to apply for the roles of Captain and Vice-Captain, for which an interview will take place toward the end of term.

Talented Athlete Program

It has been exciting to see the Talented Athlete Program take off this year under Mr Beecroft’s leadership. Students in the Senior School have recently been completing their first fitness assessments and are excited about the opportunities for improvement and guidance in their individual sports through this program.

Year 7 Information Night and Tours

We were excited to be able to put our school on show this week for our annual Year 7 Information Night and Tours. I was extremely proud to have 37 Year 10 and 11 students to give up their time and volunteer to cook, serve, park, play music, or demonstrate activities at the evening as well as to show our own, or prospective families around our school.

I wish to thank the students for giving up their time – a number of parents commented about how helpful you were when you conducted the tours, and we appreciate you assisting in this way.


I do hope that you have a refreshing break over Easter as we go on holidays, but also as we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Ian Samways

Deputy Principal


Preparing for Term 2 Half-Yearly Examinations

Next term is a very busy term for students especially with Half Yearly Examinations, camps and NAPLAN for many of our year groups. The Year 8 Examination timetable has been issued this week; therefore, I encourage you to plan a study timetable with your child over the holiday break. Year 7-10 examination timetables will be issued early next term. 

High Potential Learners

This term the Independent Learners’ group in Years 7-9 have been working with me once a fortnight. Students in these Years have been invited to join this group after the analysis of multiple sources of student data. In these groups students are given the task of designing a solution to a real-world problem. This term students have focused on researching topics of interest and refining their inquiry question. Next term students will be working with me to construct a research plan and moving towards creating the protype for their solution. There are some very interesting topics being researched:

What would the world look like without climate change, what could we have designed to stop climate change back when it first started?  

How could the aging process be slowed or stopped?

Space Colonization and how to solve its major problems?

How can we stop cancer occurring by preventing radiation from space? 

How can obesity be reduced amongst picky eaters? 

How to solve sexism in sport?

In what way can you make artificial waves for people without beaches to surf at?

How can I help people with early onset of Dementia keep their independent lives? 

A Focus on Student Agency and Deep Learning

This term has been another great term of learning in the Senior School. So many wonderful enriching experiences happening across the school. It was wonderful to see the launch of our new ‘Flourish’ magazine, which showcases the learning in the Senior School and our ‘Futures’ magazine which celebrated our Year 12 post-HSC chosen pathways. 

All areas of learning this term have been focusing on developing our student agency through student feedback and goal setting and delving deep into student learning; this will continue to be our focus for Term 2. A wonderful display of student agency this term has been the production of our student magazine, ‘Inside’, co-ordinated by Jack Blackshaw in Year 11. I hope you enjoy reading from our Faculty Co-ordinators what has been happening in each Key Learning Area this term.

Have a lovely Easter and I look forward to seeing our wonderful students back here next term!

Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning


Did you know that the consumer product giant Dyson still uses cardboard model making/prototyping within their product development stages? Simple cardboard tubes, corrugated card and masking tape bent, cut, and joined to create realistic visual representations of a new concept idea.

Our HSC Design and Technology students used this same process last week to help develop their Major Design Projects. A 90-minute challenge was set to create and photograph a realistic cardboard prototype. The results were fantastic and have helped clarify the further direction of each project. Some examples of the proposed HSC projects are a range of individual learning pods, multipurpose outdoor furniture, a motocross bike security lock, and a horse jump to improve rider safety.

The students will commence making and testing these projects full size next term

Rick Hampson

Senior School Teacher


In Textiles Technology this term Year 7 students have designed and made a felt monster that incorporates LED lights. The project gave Year 7 students the opportunity to choose their own patterns and designs.

Students developed their hand and machine sewing skills while creating their felt monster. Students were encouraged to be creative and design a felt monster that would be suitable for a 5-year-old child.

The felt monster included multiple LED lights, that students could put inside their felt monster. Students learnt about basic circuits, and how conductive thread is used to operate the LED lights. Once students completed their felt monster task, they created tie dyed face masks.

Chantal Drummond

Senior School Teacher


This term, some students in Year 7 created an exercise tracker to track an exercise of their choice.

Students learnt the programming language Python, then used their knowledge to program a Micro:Bit. A Microb:Bit is a microcontroller with an LED display that includes features such as buttons, a compass and an accelerometer. These features are used to interact with the Micro:Bit in order to track an exercise.

The integration between digital technologies and exercise provides students with a real-world connection between the content they learn in this subject and the activities they partake in to maintain a healthy lifestyle, for example walking, weekend sport or rehabilitation.

Giselle Simon and Kate Astbury timed how fast they can run in 30 meters.

Tyson Malley-Ford and Max Adams tracking the amount of push-ups completed.

Kiel Gazzard

Senior School Teacher


Term 1 has flown by with plenty of events taking place to excite and interest all our budding scientists.

Year 7 immersed themselves in both laboratory and field work in their analysis of our water quality here on the coast. They learnt many first-hand analytical skills as they tested various samples of water taken from three locations within our water catchment as well as the water from the taps here at school. Fortunately, the school samples proved fit to drink! The field trip involved groups testing on site and then bringing back samples from Wyong Dairy, Wyong Creek and Warnies Café creek to analyse in the lab for oxygen content, turbidity, acidity, salinity, and dissolved solids.

Well done to all students who took part in this field trip and analysis, your enthusiasm and diligence both in the field and laboratory is to be commended.

Year 8 commenced the year studying forces around us and as a part of this undertook a series of independent investigations into motion under the force of gravity. Completing first-hand experimentation in such an independent manner was new to these students and they handled the task well.

As a part of this module of work they also commenced their STEM project for Semester 1 in which they are constructing a model Formula 1 race car (that will really race!).

They are currently applying information gathered in Science to help design a car that is safe, fast and environmentally friendly. To assist them in their environmental thinking we had a visit from Wyong Hyundai who kindly let the students compare the petrol and electric models.

We look forward to seeing how these continue to develop in Term 2.

Year 9 have been challenged by The Block, a task designed to make them think about both the environmental and financial cost of constructing a building to specific requirements. Last Friday all students demonstrated how well they had risen to the challenge as they tested their final designs for water and thermal efficiency, sound insulation and general dimension check. Most performed extremely well, meeting the design brief. They then reflected on their choice of building materials and design by determining any changes they would make if they were given the opportunity to repeat the task, justifying their changes from what they had learnt over the term in class.

Year 10 have settled into the rigours of the ROSA requirements, completing their first assessment task analysing some ‘valid and not so valid’ science news. They showed they do know the difference between a well-informed, reliable document and one that may well not be. Throughout this term they explored objects in space and how they move. This led into a study of movement on Earth and how it is governed by Newton’s Three Laws. Some interesting videos were made in which they tested their understanding of Newton’s Laws in a deep but light-hearted manner. Some very creative scientists!

Our Stage 6 students are all well into their courses with Year 11 students completing their first assessment tasks or finishing them off during the holidays ready for the start of next term, and Year 12 sitting their second assessment tasks over the last week. Both year groups have commenced the year well and it will be interesting to see the fruits of their labour in the results from these tasks.

While this term has been busy, next is already shaping up to challenge this. If you have any questions about your child’s progress in Science or any of the activities we are running please send an email to the class teacher or myself

Jenny Charker

Science Co-ordinator


Year 7 - Bullying and abuse of power, has always been an issue in todays society, however, it certainly is a hot topic now. We have looked at the different types of bullying and examined the school bullying policy and students have made their own proposals as to how they can help each other to flourish. Students have participated in a variety of physical activities to self, and peer assess, to determine their level of ability in the fundamentals of movements.

Year 8 - Diet is a highly influential factor on one’s health. Students in Year 8 have re-discovered the nutrients, their sources and their impact that it has on the body. In addition to this, students have designed plates that represent the Australian guide to healthy eating and examined their dietary intake over a week and compared it to the dietary guidelines. Students have learnt about basketball and volleyball and in addition to playing, sampled coaching their fellow classmates in indigenous games.

Year 9 - This unit is an integrated unit that focuses on how the body can develop through various training principles. The students experimented with various biomechanical principles, with the effort to maximise efficiency and therefore improve technique. Students were asked to create a program suited to a sport of their own choice.

Year 10 - The focal point of Year 10 was to develop their understanding of coaching and refine their coaching technique developed in Year 8. They were asked to officiate in a sport of their choice and develop a teaching plan to reflect their understanding of the sport.

Year 11 - Students have been looking at the concept of health and the current health status of young people and the fact that 63% of young people think that they have excellent or very good health and 28% of young people think that they have good health leaving 8% with poor health. But how does this fit with current trends of weight status, drug use, exercise levels, sexual behaviour, dietary patterns?

Year 12 - Analysed the concepts of training methods and their impact on performance. To build on this, each student designed a year-long program with key focuses to ensure that each player fully develops into their potential without overtraining. Then to conclude the unit, students analysed the cost effectiveness of spending money on drug testing and looked at the impact of this method. Afterwards, students suggested alternative ways in which people could still cheat such as mechanical doping, blood doping, genetic doping or even the use of technology and the impact that it has on performance.

Stuart Campbell

Senior School Teacher


On Monday a group of 14 enthusiastic Art Club students had the opportunity to participate in a portrait painting master class with myself, Mrs Baker.


The theme of which was ‘Young Archie', inspired by the Archibald prize. In preparation for the incursion, students chose a teacher from Lakes to base their portrait on. They then attended several lunchtime studio photography workshops where they had the chance to photograph their chosen teacher.


The students made excellent progress on the day of the incursion, drawing out their portraits and starting the process of building up their artworks using oil paint. They worked extremely hard all day. The portraits will be completed in Term 2 and put on display at school as well as the annual exhibition which will be held at the Wyong Art House in Term 4.

Sally Baker

Senior School Teacher


In Geography, students have been busy exploring and investigating the world around them. 

Year 7 have been learning about the liveability of places. They commenced the topic by designing their own liveable town in the form a sketch map, images below. They have continued to explore liveability with a focus on their own suburb.

As part of their assessment they put forward proposals of ways they could make their suburbs more liveable, particularly for minority groups. Students have begun exploring examples of urban, rural and remote regions and have been particularly intrigued by the opal mining town of Cooper Pedy, SA. 

Year 8 have been studying all things water, which is particularly relevant after the recent floods. Students have enjoyed learning about water scarcity in Cape Town and the measures both the community and the government must take to preserve water. 

Year 9 have been learning about urbanisation. Conversations have been fruitful as we have discussed the trend of urbanisation as well as the positive and negative impacts of urbanisation. We have also been hypothesising what urban places may look like in light of COVID-19 which has seen so many businesses move to remote working opportunities. 

Year 10 Geography has been exploring Environmental Change. They recently undertook a survey to determine their environmental worldview and discussed how this impacts on the uses and management of natural environment.  We are looking forward to continuing our exploration of the world, including undertaking fieldwork for Year 10 and Year 11 and incursions for Year 8 in Term 2, while Year 7 and 9 will participate in fieldwork in Semester 2.

As part of Cognito some of our budding Geographers from Year 7 and Year 9 participated in the Australian Geography Competition, consistency of unseen questions and sources. Our results will be released mid next term.

Year 9 Commerce students have recently started participating in the Australian Stock Exchange Share Market game for students. This involves creating syndicates and then buying and selling shares in an attempt to create the most profit in not just our class but the country! Students have enjoyed the real world application the game offers and the friendly competition. At the time of writing their investment tip was Dominos Shares. Our Year 10 Commerce class has been exploring the Legal and Political Systems. Their recent assessment required them to take on the role of a politician and develop a response to a hypothetical law reform campaign to raise the legal drinking age to 21. They had to support this with a media campaign, and evidence and statistics to support or argue against this proposal.  Year 11 Legal Studies have commenced the 2021 Mock Trial, a competition facilitated by the Law Society of NSW. Our first round was against Lake Munmorah High School. The case was the defence of a break and enter and we were successful in winning the trial and the round. We will compete against Central Coast Grammar School in Round 2, early next term.

Rachel Mackillop

Senior School Teacher/Co-ordinator of HSIE


Term 1 Review

English this term has been all about the novel study! Students in all classes from Years 7-10 have been engaged in their major novel study. Major assessments this term have seen students respond to very challenging questions about their novels and to construct creative responses which encompass what they have learnt about the ideas and themes explored in the texts and the ways in which chosen authors use language to construct meaning.

In Year 7 students studied Thai-riffic by Phommavanh and looked at how the author created perspective and meaning about a significant culture. In Year 8 students studied the Dystopian text, Divergent by Veronica Roth with a focus on how key features of the genre are represented in the text. In Year 9 students studied either Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton or The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do. In this unit students explored the craft of non-fiction writing, looking at how these composers engage audiences in their personal stories.  In Year 10 students studied either Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee where they explored character voice and the impact context has on creating a character voice and in constructing meaning for the audience.

I am sure you will agree that the question, for part of their assessment tasks for this term, definitely made our students think deeply about the novels studied and how they can enlighten us about our world!

Year 7: “It is impossible for a novel to truly show a truthful perspective of another culture?”


Year 8: “How does the author of your text use literary devices to highlight important issues within a dystopian text?”

Year 9: “It’s the tough experiences that are character building. They help us to overcome, learn and grow.” 

To what extent do you agree with this statement in relation to The Happiest Refugee Soul Surfer 

Year 10:  “The narrative, in essence, is the closest thing we human beings have to a time travelling device. Through the power of storytelling, writers both past and present can transport the modern reader from the comfort of their living rooms to the worlds of bygone eras, positioning us to live out the lives, experiences, and cultures of those human beings who came before us.”

To what extent do you agree with this statement? In your response, make detailed reference to the text you have studied in class.

Staff Changes

Next term Mrs Gallagher will return from Long Service Leave and will job share with Mrs Sequeira. Mrs Gallagher will be teaching their classes from Monday-Wednesday and Mrs Sequeira will be teaching their classes from Thursday-Friday. If your child has been in Mrs Sequeira’s classes for English or History this term, this will be the new arrangement. 

Michelle Smith

English Co-ordinator


Well this has been a busy term indeed! Here is a snapshot of some of what has happened!

Peer Support – Years 7 and 11 students have connected multiple times this term to discuss issues and learn some new skills around organisation.

Year 12 Retreat.

The MHAP (Mental Health Advocacy Program) team ran a small initiative for Random Acts of Kindness Day which saw ‘shout outs’ to students, lollipops and a RAK Bingo competition happen, supported by our School Prefects.

Year 11 began work on the new leadership program (see below for more information).

The Wellbeing Team worked on a new Wellbeing Framework (see below for more on that one)

Visits to Years 7-9 from the Police Youth Liaison Officer Kim Smith, to talk about issues relating to our students (lots of helpful information for them).

Lots of support from the Wellbeing team for students in the areas of mental health, assessments and social issues.

Breakfast Club for Year 12 during assessment week.

Year 7 2022 information night which saw a large number of students give up their time to run activities and school tours after school.

MHAP team activities for Harmony Day – focus – friendship and kindness. – A fun series of activities for students in years 7-11 on the last day of term, designed to encourage students to work together in a range of areas including sport, trivia, scavenger hunt and obstacle courses. A fun way to drive home the message that we are all in this together and we need to support and encourage one another.

Wellbeing Framework

We are very excited to be launching our new Wellbeing Framework. This has been developed by the wellbeing team consisting of our Year Advisers, School Chaplain and myself. The work they have completed stems from the brainstorming of all staff during our professional development day at the start of the year.

One of the main protective factors for wellbeing is a sense of belonging. With this in mind, our wellbeing framework revolves around the notion of Connection. The three areas we want to see our students developing in are: self, school and community. This framework will help develop each child in the Vital character qualities outside of the classroom.

My Connection: People who develop skills in self-management and lifelong learning habits are more likely to experience good wellbeing and a sense of purpose.

School Connection: Students who get involved in the life of the school are more likely to develop a strong sense of belonging. This is important for positive wellbeing.

Community Connection: People who get involved in their school, local and global communities feel a greater sense of purpose and gain a broad range of skills. Serving others is a major contributor to good wellbeing.

More information will follow later in the year.

Year 11 Leadership Program

A new initiative which is designed to encourage our year 11 students to develop themselves in the three areas of our wellbeing program, My Connection, School Connection and Community Connection. Students are required to complete certain activities throughout the remainder of their Year 11 year. They have been given a passport to have signed off by appropriate people both within and outside of the school. Any student in Year 11 who manages to get all activities signed off will automatically be offered a Student Leadership position. Once the student leader body has been confirmed, students will be able to nominate themselves for School Captain and Vice-Captain roles. The school will then follow the usual voting procedure to elect the School Captains and Vice Captains.

Wishing all of our families a happy and safe Easter break. I look forward to working with our staff, students and parents next term on our new initiatives as we strive to Build Better Futures together.

Alison MacLarty

Wellbeing Co-ordinator




With Arms Wide Open

In his book No Wonder They Call Him Saviour, author, Max Lucado recounts a true story of a young girl named Christina. She lived just outside of Rio in a village but longed for a better life in the city. Despite her mother Maria’s warnings, she slipped away one night. Maria was heartbroken because she knew Christina had no way of earning money and she was desperately worried about what or with whom her daughter would become involved. Maria filled her purse with photos of herself and headed to the city. She visited bars, hotels, nightclubs, and any place with a reputation. At each venue, she stuck a photo of herself on the bathroom mirror or in the phone booth. Soon Maria ran out of photos and money and returned home.

A few weeks later, Christina found a photo of her mother on a mirror in the lobby of a hotel. Tired, hurt and broken spirited she picked it up. Written on the back was this compelling invitation: “Whatever you have done, whatever you have become, it doesn’t matter. Please come home.” And that’s exactly what she did. Upon her return, Maria greeted her with arms wide open.

During this Easter period, can I encourage you to take the time to reflect on God’s invitation to us – his offer of forgiveness and reconciliation that was made possible because of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Indeed, the outstretched arms of Jesus on the cross prove to be the clear demonstration of God’s love for us and his deep desire for us to return to him. This was a costly action for him but is offered freely to each of us.

This is how God showed his love for us: God sent his only Son into the world so we might live through him. This is the kind of love we are talking about—not that we once upon a time loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to clear away our sins and the damage they’ve done to our relationship with God. 1 John 4:10 (The Message)






During the School Holidays, the office will be closed for the first week from Monday, 5 April to Friday, 9 April.

During the second week of school holidays from Monday,12 April to Friday, 16 April the office will be open and calls will be answered between 9am to 12pm only. 

When the office is closed or unattended phone messages will still be checked periodically and an Administration staff member will return your call, so please leave a message.



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School Cross Country

We were blessed with fine weather on Tuesday, 9 March for our annual Cross Country carnival. Age Champions were presented with awards recently and include:

KINDERGARTEN GIRLS                                              KINDERGARTEN BOYS

Paige Tobin                                                                  Patrick Connor

YEAR 1 GIRLS                                                             YEAR 1 BOYS 

Chloe Quinn                                                                   Hunter Smith

8 YEAR GIRLS                                                             8 YEAR BOYS

Maddison Raeside                                                         Lincoln Braun

9 YEAR GIRLS                                                             9 YEAR BOYS

Georgia Lees                                                                Grayson Kowaliw

10 YEAR GIRLS                                                           10 YEAR BOYS

Zara Feller                                                                    Lachlan MacDonald

11 YEAR GIRLS                                                           11 YEAR BOYS

Jada Whitmore                                                              Marlon Buckland

12 YEAR GIRLS                                                           12 YEAR BOYS

Addison Kowaliw                                                           Harrison Williams

Congratulations to all students who will now represent our school at the HRIS Cross Country at Avondale College on Friday, 30 April.

Finally, Congratulations to Cranmer College who won overall point score on the day.

CIS Swimming

Congratulations to Aaliyah Currie, Zara Feller, Bridey Jones, and James Morley who competed at CIS Swimming last Thursday.

Both Bridey and Zara made the Finals and James Morley won silver in 50m Freestyle, along with Aaliyah Currie who won 5 gold medals and was awarded the CIS Multi Class Female Swimmer of the Meet!

Thank you to parents for transporting and supporting our students and Mr Crumbley who attended as an official.

We wish James Morley and Aaliyah Currie all the best as they progress to NSWPSSA next Thursday and Friday.

Term 2 Sport Choices

A notification has been sent out to all parents via our Mobile App for Term 2 Sport Choices. If you have any concerns regarding the choices please contact Mr Cantor at school.


Mr James Cantor

K-6 Sports Co-ordinator


Weekly Sport

Every Wednesday, Year 7 and 8 students complete sport in periods 5 & 6 and Years 9 and 10 complete sport during periods 3 and 4. A fun and rewarding time was had by students as they were involved in Swimming, Basketball, Netball, Walking, Lake Haven Recreation Centre, and Cricket. Students in Years 7 & 8 benefited from outside coaching from development officers in Cricket, Swimming, Basketball and Netball.

AICES Tennis

Austin Murray competed in the AICES Open Tennis Championships. He won 4 of his matches and made it to the quarter final through the repecharge.

HRIS Tennis

We had an open boys and girls team compete at the HRIS Tennis Championships. Both the boys and girls team finished a respectable 5th place.

Boys team: Zac Clifford, Joshua Hattam, Joel Sewell and Oscar Bendeich.

Girls Team: Tayla Sewell, Jessica Hoysted, Amani Abo El Halak and Abby Hobbs.

CIS Cup Football (soccer)

Our Open boys’ and girls’ teams played in the NSWCIS Cup. Girls were eliminated in the 1st Round and the boys in the 2nd Round.

Surf Survival Certificate Course

A great couple of days was had by all in this course. Students learnt basic first aid and beach safety during theory lessons and had a fun day at the beach running, swimming, paddling and rescuing each other. All students involved have passed and will be awarded their Surf Survival Certificate later this term.

Talented Athlete Program (TAP)

Students involved have had their first and second sessions. They attended Ashayne Fitness and were put through their paces in the gym completing a variety of fitness tests and a HITT training session.

Sandra English, a world masters surfing champion and elite sports coach, talked about her experiences with elite athletes and what it takes to reach the top. During this session they learned how to plan goals and what they need to do to try and achieve them.

HRIS Team Selections

  • Jemma Young – Touch Football
  • Charlotte Tarleton – Hockey
  • Charlotte Dobson – Hockey
  • Sarah Riedel – Hockey

AICES Team Selections

  • Charlotte Tarleton – Hockey
  • Sarah Riedel – Hockey
  • Fox Smith – Swimming
  • Dexter Rodak - Swimming
  • Rhys Fogarty – Swimming
  • Rihana Gosselin – Swimming
  • Morgan Jones - Swimming



Age and Open Champions:

Open Champions

Fox Smith

Rihana Gosselin

Age Champion


Rhys Fogarty

Leah Wood

Age Champion


Ethan Arneil

Giselle Simon

Age Champion


Taj Buckland

Morgan Jones

Age Champion


William Edwards

Rihana Gosselin

Age Champion


Sam Cook

Tjanarra Ah-See

Age Champion


Jack Blackshaw

Ashley Pernecker

Age Champion


Fox Smith

Madeline James

College Championship


1st Ridley

2nd Lightfoot

3rd Tyrrell

4th Cranmer

HRIS Swimming

  • Division 2 Champion School
  • Age Group Champions: 18 yrs boys and over, 15 yr girls, 17 yr boys, 13 yr girls, 12 and under boys.
  • Age Champions: Fox Smith, Dexter Rodak/Rhys Fogarty, Rihana Gosselin, and Giselle Simon.

Cross Country


Age Champions:

12’s: Livija Ward and Beau Jones

13’s: Giselle Simon and Josef Aad

14’s: Ravi Franke and Ella Burgess

15’s: Katharyn Cook and James Thomas

16’s: Charlotte Tarleton and Dylan Coyte

17’s: Ashley Pernecker and Blair Evans

18’s: Stephanie Luyt and Fox Smith

Open Champions: Ashley Pernecker and James Thomas

College Point Score:

1st Ridley

2nd Lightfoot

3rd Tyrrell

4th Cranmer

Cross Country Training

All students selected in the school Cross Country team are encouraged to attend Thursday training run by Mr Charles Berry at 3:34pm Warnies Café.

Looking forward to fun-filled Term 2 of sport.

Darren Beecroft

Senior School Sports Co-ordinator