Term 2 2017 in Review



As Term 2 concludes I want to thank our teachers who have been working very hard again to provide our students with the best education they can. I have observed many lessons this year and have been encouraged by seeing excellent teaching, students engaged in their learning, great relationships between teachers and students and among the students as they learn collaboratively. Many students have had significant achievements academically, in the sporting arena and in a range of cultural activities. Lakes Learners will outline many of these achievements for Term 2 and I hope you enjoy reading about them.


I extend my thanks to Mrs Cathy James, Science teacher and Careers Adviser, for her work at Lakes since 2013. Mrs James is moving back to England to take up an exciting role in a new school and we pray for God’s blessing on her and her family. Mrs James has built Careers into a very valuable part of our Senior School. We are currently considering how to fill the Careers Adviser role from next term.

Farewell to Ms Renee Dwyer who is moving to Adelaide with her partner Tim, who is an engineer. Both Renee and Tim are Lakes Grammar graduates and we are very proud of their achievements. Ms Dwyer’s time as a teacher at Lakes was too short but we pray God’s blessing for their new life.


We welcome Mr Michael Allan-Ross as OC Teacher for three days per week. We also thank Mrs Gillian Cliff for her work with the OC over the years. We also welcome Ms Ashley Bennett to teach 5D for Terms 3 & 4.

Please note the following important message about parking in preparation for Term 3.


Parking and driving on the grassed area outside the Junior School gate is both dangerous and illegal. We have had some near-misses reported to us during the year. I’m sure no-one wants to harm a child so please stay off this area. Parents have been fined for parking in this area. The road rules on the RMS website ( state the following:

General parking rules

You must not stop your vehicle (that is, bring it to a stop and either stay with the vehicle or leave it parked) in the following circumstances:

          Double parked (that is in the road alongside a car that is parked)

          On or across a driveway (unless dropping off or picking up passengers for no longer than 2 minutes)

          On or across a footpath

          On a median strip or traffic island

          On motorways

          In a clearway

          On footpaths and nature strips

This makes it clear that it is illegal to park anywhere on the grass in front of the Junior School. Within a school zone the fine is $180 and two demerit points.

As well, the dead-end section of road outside the gate is classed as “road-related” and the road rules apply. You must park legally in this small section, ie. facing your direction of travel on the left hand side of the road. If you reverse in and park at the end in the middle next to another parked vehicle, you are double parked and hence illegally parked.

You can expect the police or Council Rangers to return to enforce these rules so it is important that you also tell any relative who picks your children up. I encourage you to use Kiss and Go as our system works efficiently. If you do not have your family name card for your visor, please contact the JS office.

There is plenty of parking available in the overflow parking area in the Senior School. The walk from there to the Junior School is not too far.

Please also respect the rules inside the school. All the parking signs and other road rules can also be enforced within the school grounds by police should they choose to do so.

Please do not drive through the staff car park and around the back to the oval. The safety of students and staff is endangered by this. The staff car park is out-of-bounds except for staff.

Michael Hannah





Term 2 has been a productive time of learning and friendship in the Junior School.

Our School was well represented in the Anzac Day March at Doyalson with many students also participating in a number of community marches, representing our school with pride, and commemorating the sacrifices that our fallen servicemen and women have made for our nation. We were also privileged to join with ex-servicemen from Toukley RSL for our School Anzac Day ceremony later in that week.

Liam Lightfoot, Tia Palu and Kani Lukuta attended the Mathematics Challenge Camp hosted by Roseville College at Elanora Conference Centre. The camp presented a great opportunity for some of our gifted Mathematicians to further build their capacities in this area.

Junior School students have enjoyed their weekly Gymnastics lessons with Sport in Schools, as well as our School Athletics Carnival. Kindergarten and Year 1 enjoyed an Athletics Activity morning on our Junior School Oval, whilst students in Years 2- 6 travelled to Warnervale Athletics Oval and enjoyed the friendly competition and College rivalry. Our Cross Country team enjoyed great success at the HRIS Carnival, with Ava Burgess, Ava-Marie Carlson, Kathryn Cook, Caleb Dunstan and Daniel Foreman progressing through to CIS level. The sport program in the Junior School has continued to grow under Mr Cantor’s leadership, with students participating in HRIS Basketball for the first time and a number of boys and girls benefitting from soccer coaching with Mariners staff both during sport and in after school sessions. Many boys and girls also participated in Rugby League 7’s earlier in the term.

Our gratitude goes to our P & F Association for supporting the children in purchasing gifts for their mothers at the Mothers’ Day Stall and for the opportunity for all of our mothers at the school to enjoy our annual Mother’s Day Breakfast with their children.

Year 2 students have been enjoying their study of History this term and valued the opportunity to take an excursion to Henry Kendall cottage at Gosford to visit the historical museum and extend their knowledge about changes to our local area over time.

Year 5 and 6 students participated in the HICES Debating Competition against Central Coast Grammar, Newcastle Grammar and Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College with great success under Mrs Holland’s guidance. A number of students also attended HRIS Public Speaking with Mrs Leslie’s support, with Tia Palu, Liam Lightfoot, Diluk Adikarimudiyansenlage and Noah Simon coming first in their divisions, Finlay Pigot-Irving second, Sam Cook third and Kathryn Cook receiving a highly commended grade.

Many students are preparing to represent our school at Snowsports over the winter holidays and the Chess, Equestrian, Coding and Robotics Clubs have provided an excellent opportunity for many students.  Our thanks go to Mrs Jobe-Parker, Mrs Mayall, Mrs Dwyer and Mr Crumbley for facilitating these activities.

Our Music program has continued to expand through the formation of a Training Band to complement the Concert Band that was formed last year, our String Ensemble performed at our recent Term Awards Assembly and many of our Year 4 – 6 Choir students are busily preparing for the IPSHA Performing Arts Festival next term.

A group of our students who have been undertaking the Trinity College London Speech and Drama lessons over the past year have sat their first examinations and achieved some outstanding results, with the Moore Duo team (Briella and Tahlia Moore) being awarded 89% at Grade 2 with distinction, the Simon Duo team (Noah and Giselle Simon) being awarded 91% at Grade one with distinction, Emerson Goodenough being awarded 89% at Grade 2 with distinction and the group Trinity being awarded 82% at Grade 2 with merit.

The HRIS and IPSHA Travelling Art Shows both visited the school this term, with many Lakes Grammar students proudly viewing their art work on display.

Year 1 and 2 students enjoyed our Family Chapel Service at Lakes Anglican Church in early May and their singing proved to be a wonderful addition to the service.

We commemorated National Reconciliation Week and our 2018 Kindergarten students began their visits to the school. The Student Representative Council has continued to meet and bring about positive growth in the school through their student voice and our Year 6 cohort have undertaken Peer Support training in preparation for Term 3. The Library continues to be a source of excitement and inspiration with many students continuing to work through the Premier’s Reading Challenge and participating in National Simultaneous Storytime.

Congratulations to all of the Year 5 and 6 students who participated in the DaVinci Decathlon, which is a series of challenges in which teams of eight from several schools compete in a range of disciplines inspired by Leonardo DaVinci, that connected to the concept of exploration. The tasks that students undertook included English, Mathematics and Chess, Science, Engineering, Philosophy, Art and Poetry, Cartography, General Knowledge and Code Breaking tasks for gifted and talented students. It was a wonderful day with our Year 5 placing second overall on the day, winning 4 of the 10 subjects, and Year 6 placing fourth, winning one subject.

Year 6 students have been busy this term, working with Mrs Charker, our Science Co-ordinator in the Senior School, to grow crystals for the RACI competition in the Senior School Science laboratories. Year 6 and the OC also enjoyed their Camp to Canberra, making any discoveries about Australian government, democracy and Federation, as well as to visit a range of sites in Canberra including Questacon, the AIS and the Embassies.

The Professional Development focus for our teaching team has been on refining our teaching programs to further integrate the contextual use of quality literature to more strongly reflect the philosophy of the new English curriculum. We have also analysed samples of student writing, benchmarking these against the literacy continuum and undertaking a ‘Lesson Study’ where the teachers on each grade have collaborated to plan and observe lessons tailored to a specific writing focus identified by each grade.

Well done to all of our students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 for the manner in which they have embraced a wide range of academic, co-curricular and spiritual opportunities on offer at the school and made the term a successful one.

Mr William Wallace

Head of Junior School




Term 2 has been a very challenging term, with students involved in a variety of activities and opportunities across the Key Learning Areas.

Mathematics Extension Groups
Students across Years 1-6 have been involved in Mathematics Extension groups . We have focused on developing problem solving skills and being able to apply these skills to a variety of situations.

Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

Students in Years 3-6 have participated in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians which is a three-week challenge. The students have worked in small groups to collaboratively complete the challenge. We will receive the results from these challenges in Term 3.

Year 4

Year 3

Da Vinci Decathlon

At the beginning of the term we have a Year 6 and a Year 5 team participate in the Hunter Regional DaVinci Decathlon. Both teams had a very successful day with Year 5 winning English, Ideation, Code Breaking and General Knowledge and came Second overall in the Year 5 Competition. Our Year 6 team won Code Breaking and came 4th overall in the Year 6 Competition.

University of NSW ICAS Competitions

We have had a large number of students participate in the Digital Technologies, Science, Spelling and Writing this term. The results for these competitions will be available early next term.

National History Challenge 2017

We have a number of students who are beginning their research for the National History Challenge. Students will use Primary and Secondary resources to complete a research project that will display an understanding of a period of time and relate it to the theme, Making a Better World. We look forward to seeing what these students will produce.

Tournament of the Minds (TOM) 2017

We will be competing in the Tournament of the Minds (TOM) this year again with 2 teams. We are currently working through a selection process for these teams, with students completing expressions of interest.

Term 3

Information regarding upcoming programmes, competitions and courses will be communicated throughout the year.

Amanda Holland

Gifted and Talented Facilitator K-6




This term we have been involved in Jump Rope for Heart. Students have been fundraising for the Heart Foundation. You can still register to fundraise. All fundraising will need to be completed by Friday Week 1 next term. Last year we raised over $9000.

The skipping club have been learning some amazing tricks this term during sport time and they demonstrated these skills to K-6 on Tuesday. Some of the tricks were the criss cross, double under, dipsy doodle and burpees. You can look up Jump Rope for Heart and see many of the tricks on the website.

Amanda Lutze

Jump Rope for Heart Coordinator


Our Trinity classes achieved a 100% pass rate, with many students achieving either Merit or Distinction.  All students achieved between 82% and 91% which is outstanding

Congratulations to all !

Libby from Liberty Arts


This year public speaking has been an amazing experience with loads to take on board. The selected students from Years 3-6 have done extremely well and many of them came home with medals around their necks and smiles on their faces. Four first places, a second place, a third place and a highly commended.

Our teachers Mrs Leslie and Mr Lawson have mentored us throughout the term resulting in us being the best public speakers that we could be.

When we arrived on the day we were all very nervous and the other competitors were extremely tough; we all did well and were happy with our overall results. We would do it again in a heartbeat. Four students were selected from each grade to compete in four different categories; Bible Reading, Impromptu, Prepared Speech and Australian Poetry. We were all well fitted in our categories and spoke our very best.

If you are ever given an opportunity to participate in this amazingly enjoyable event, then we definitely recommend you do.

by Tia Palu and Zoila Dwais



We mainly think of schools as places where students are learning, however, our school is a place where behind the scenes teachers are constantly learning and attending Professional Development Courses to improve their practices in order to engage and extend our students. I thought that at the end of a semester it was timely to highlight for you a few of the key areas we have been focusing on.

Improving Reading For All

This semester the focus for our Professional Learning has been on implementing reading strategies in all KLAs to improve students’ reading. This term the staff have engaged every second Monday in Professional Development after school to learn about how to improve students’ reading strategies in all subjects. Teachers have been learning specifically about Cognitive Reading strategies.

Cognitive strategies are useful tools in assisting students with learning problems. The term "cognitive strategies" in its simplest form is the use of the mind (cognition) to solve a problem or complete a task. In reading this can include, skimming, scanning, making predictions, visualising and summarising. Research shows that good readers have certain habits and helping students build their cognitive strategies has been shown to improve students’ academic achievements.


As part of our future STEM focus a convoy of teachers attended the fabulous EDUTECH Exhibition at Darling Harbour. This exhibition brings together all areas of education to learn exciting new developments in technology and how to implement and/or improve STEM teaching practices in schools. The teachers who attended have definitely brought back some interesting ideas to use here at the school in the future.


This term has seen the English, Maths, Science and History teachers attend many in-services to help them understand their new HSC Syllabus that is to be implemented in 2018. This brings with it many changes for both our staff and students.

Student Focus

There are lots of wonderful in class achievements happening every day here at Lakes. It is so encouraging to go to assembly at the end of term and see so many many students receiving awards for their great in class efforts and achievements. I encourage all students to reflect in the holidays on their reports, which they will receive, and to think about what their learning goals are for Semester 2. Please openly and encouragingly talk to your child about their reports and focus positively on areas they can improve in the following semester. If you have any concerns please contact your child’s teacher to discuss your concerns.


STEM Development

STEM is an important part of the educational landscape and the skills focused on are key skills needed for our students as they head into the workforce in the future. We have started this year to develop our STEM program under the great guidance of  our two very enthusiastic teachers, Jenny Charker and Rachel Collins. Each Friday in 8A Maths students have been participating in STEM activities. It has been so wonderful to see the students so involved and enthusiastic. We look forward to increasing STEM in our classrooms in the coming year.


Robocup Dance Competition

On Thursday, 21 June our Robotics team competed in the Hunter Region Robocup Dance competition in Newcastle. A big thank you to Mr Kang who has been guiding them in their preparations. Our Senior team came 3rd out of 15 on the day, a great achievement for our first time entering. A big congratulations to Dylan Inwood (Yr 7); Jessica Gardiner (Yr 7); Ben McKay (Yr 7);  Kimberley Mackay (Yr 7).

HRIS Debating

This term saw our Senior Debating Team travel near and far to compete after school in the HICES Hunter Regional Debating Competition. The students were wonderful representatives of our school. It is a very tough competition and our students performed exceptionally well, winning 2 out of their 4 debates. A big thank you to Mrs Phoebe Stibbard for her coaching of them and to the parents who were on hand to take them to the venues. Congratulations to Elyse Hayhurst (Yr 10); Jordan Stevens (Yr 10); Anna Voigt (Yr 10) and Oliver Sheddon (Yr 10).


High Achievers Program

This term has seen our High Achievers and Gifted and Talented Mentor and monitoring program begin. Students who are identified as Gifted and Talented meet with Mrs Phoebe Roche throughout the term to discuss how they are ‘traveling’ with their studies.  High Achievers are being monitored by myself and their teachers to ensure they are reaching their full potential. This monitoring has already seen an extension reading comprehension program implemented in some English classrooms to further extend students – a wonderful achievement for these students!

Year 12

Study Time!

This is the time which matters! Please encourage your Year 12 children to be studying hard and trying their best during the holidays. An individual can make a enormous amount of difference to their HSC results if they commit time and energy to revising during these holidays. Trials are in Week 3 of Term 3, in a lead up to these we will be offering a Study Hall for the students. A flyer will be emailed out to you and your child over the break, please encourage your child to attend these. It is a good time to get some solid study done with teachers on hand to support and guide them.

Post School Studies

Mr Ian Samways (Deputy Principal) and myself have starting meeting with our Year 12 students to touch base with them about areas we may assist them with to help them gain the next step in the education journey. Year 12 students find these chats very helpful, they assist them to think about subjects which may need a little more effort, what to do about this and how to gain entry into post school studies. If your child has not already taken time to make an appointment with us, please encourage them to do so.

Also, the School Recommendation Scheme and Educational Access Scheme for University Study will open in August. We encourage our students to apply for the School Recommendation Scheme. Please click on the following link for more information:

The Educational Access Scheme is for students who may have experienced disadvantage due to: family trauma; personal illness, living with people with a severe illness/disability; financial disadvantage; parental divorce and/or death of a family member and other areas of disadvantage. If you believe your child has been disadvantaged in any of these ways, please feel free to email me : to discuss or phone me early Term 3.

Mrs Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning



What an exciting term we have experienced here in Science.

Year 6 students have visited our labs several times throughout the term to complete their first-hand investigation into crystal growing. It was wonderful to again work with such an enthusiastic group of young scientists who have successfully grown some well-shaped, large crystals of ‘Alum’. I would like to thank all of the students for their enthusiasm and commitment to the activity as there were a number who gave up their lunch times to monitor their crystals. Also thanks to the staff who supported these students as they conducted their investigations, both class teachers and Mrs Briggs.

Some Year 8 students have been involved in a STEM initiative this term, completing extension work across both Maths and Science. During this module they have been investigating the Mining Industry, completing first-hand investigations into the mining and mineral extraction process itself, a fiscal analysis of running a mining company and the costs and profits from the production and consumption of energy. The diligence with which these students have approached the work has helped them develop a deeper understanding of not only the Scientific and Mathematical concepts involved but also the logistics of collaborating to successfully meet outcomes across disciplines. I look forward to the continuation of this work in Term Three.

The Year 12 students in each Science course have now completed all of the core material and so have plenty of study they can complete during the holiday break to prepare themselves for the Trial Examination that will take place mid Term Three. Students have been given guidance by their class teachers as to the things they need to do to optimise their preparation time. I am sure they will use this opportunity wisely.

There have been a number of field trips and other excursions to a variety of places throughout the term. On each occasion the manner in which the students engaged was very positive and I congratulate them on taking advantage of the opportunities offered to extend their understanding of the concepts studied in class.

There have also been a number of high achievers in Science throughout the term and I particularly want to wish Jack Riches well as he participates in the Sydney University Gifted and Talented Camp this holidays.

Term Three brings Science Week a number of competitions and events taking place. Science and Technology Day will take place later in the term for all Year 8 students as well as those selected from Years 6 and 7. All crystal growing has finished and entries sent off for the RACI competition. We also look forward to the results during Chemistry Week in Term Three as well.

I wish everyone a restful and refreshing break as we look forward to another busy, event-filled Term Three.

Jenny Charker

Science Coordinator



This term in English has been a very busy term for the staff and students. The staff have spent many hours analysing results and programming to meet the growing demands of NAPLAN and the new HSC syllabus. The English staff have attended many PD days and have worked hard in ‘think tank’ sessions. I thank the English staff for all the extra hours they have committed to working endlessly to cater for the needs of our students.

In English, students have completed all their exams and have received their results. Now is the time to reflect on these results. Can I encourage you to get your child to read during the holiday break! Even 20 minutes a day can make an enormous difference to their comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills.

This term we have run Creative Writing Workshops for our Senior Students. Mr Hart who is working with the English Department, whilst Mrs Manners is on Maternity Leave, has been running these sessions. He has a Masters in Creative Writing, which has been a great asset to our faculty and students. Students have gained great tips from these sessions; we look forward to offering more of these sessions to our students in Term 3.

In the last week of Term 2 we offered a Poetry Enrichment Day, where students worked with Mrs Rocks to write poetry which targeted the theme ‘All Over the World’ for the Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition. Students were given the opportunity to nominate themselves for this day and it was so exciting to see 25 students from Years 7-9 nominate. Thank you to Mrs Rocks for organising and running the day.

Next term we have lots of exciting and rewarding activities on offer; please encourage your child to become part of them:

  • Write a Book In A Day (Years 7-10)
  • Lakes Great Spelling Bee (Years 7-9)
  • Word Mania (Years 7-8)
  • Lakes Vignette Competition (Years 7-11)

Mrs Michelle Smith

English Coordinator



High School Musical

Creative and Performing Arts students are engaged in a huge variety of extra-curricular activities. Rehearsals are in full swing for the production of High School Musical. Miss Newton, Mrs Whitwell and Mrs Briggs are working with student actors, vocalists and dancers several times each week and rehearsals will be taking place over the holidays. The dedication of all who are involved is wonderful, not to mention a good deal of fun. These opportunities really do create treasured memories for staff and students. Tickets for the musical production will go on sale early in Term 3, so look out for more High School Musical News in the next newsletter.

Visual Arts

Many thanks to Mrs Baker for conducting the Cognito Art Classes on Fridays. Her group of talented artists are producing some very creative paintings that will be on exhibition later in the year.

All art students will have the opportunity to exhibit in the Lakes Anglican Church Artsfest in early August. Many students have entered this exhibition in the past, some winning excellent prizes.

Refer to Coming Events section in the Newsletter for the details.

Congratulations to all students who have shared their talents in the forms of Art, Music, Dance and Drama over the past semester. It is so satisfying for your family, tutors and teachers to see you perform so well.

Mrs Anne Hobden

Creative and Performing Arts Coordinator


Our dancing group for the musical has been learning some amazing new skills in two workshops run by Lauren from Central Allstars Cheerleading. In these sessions we were focused on learning some cheerleading movements as well as some basic lifts. We have also been refining some tumbling skills including cartwheels, round-offs, handstands and walkovers.

The group really enjoyed the challenge of learning these skills and participated with energy and enthusiasm.  We are currently in the process of adding these skills into the dances for High School Musical production for next term. Keep your eye out for one of our new tricks, the “teddybear lift”, in the musical.

Mrs Emma Briggs

Senior School Teacher


Congratulations to the following students, and their tutor Chris West, who recently sat their AMEB music exams with great success.

Josef Aad (Year 3) A+

Hannah Ruzika (Year 3) A

Rihana Gosselin (Year 5) A

Mrs Lisa Whitwell

Senior School Teacher


First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone at Lakes Grammar. I have had a wonderful time at the school over the last four and a half years and I will miss all the staff and students. I now look forward to a new challenge in England.

Careers has had a very busy term. In May we had the Careers Day. The students were all interviewed by local professionals in a one-on-one and group interview and resumé building sessions. I would like to thank the local Gosford Probus Club for their help.

All Year 10 to 12 students attended the “expo” in the hall. This year we had more exhibitors than ever and were lucky enough to have the Army, Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service . Paul Wade, ex-Socceroo, talked to the students in the afternoon about the challenges he has had and encouraged  strength in the students’ lives.

Year 10 are now out on Work Experience this week and I hope they all have a valuable learning experience.

The Prefects had a great term with the College Cup and some entertaining games for the juniors. Lightfoot won overall on the day.

Next term the Prefects will be organising a “bring a beanie” fundraiser day for Brain Cancer. Students will be allowed to wear their favourite beanie to school with a gold coin donation. There will be a barbecue at lunch time and a biggest domino brain to be set off in the hall.

Next term will be University applications and helping Year 12 for the next step in their life.

Please remember to keep looking at:

There are job vacancies on this page but also a lot of useful information that can help with writing CV’s, a calendar that includes scholarship dates and University Open Days, links to career possibilities and more.

Thank you Lakes Grammar.

Mrs Cathy James

Careers Co-ordinator


On Tuesday, 13 June Year 8 participated in the Chinese Cultural Day. We did four activities, these included Chinese paper cutting, calligraphy, cooking dumplings and the traditional Chinese dragon dance.

We attempted to create a paper ornament which was a Chinese character that meant spring. We also learnt the art of paper cutting and its history. The next activity was calligraphy.

We were given special mats to practise our skills and learn the correct technique of holding the brush. Afterwards we were given real ink to create a bookmark with Chinese characters on it.

We got the chance to taste Ma Po Tofu which is a popular Chinese dish. It consists of rice, tofu and Sichuan pepper, it was a tasty dish. After tasting the Ma Po Tofu, we got to make dumplings. It was a fun experience.

Our final activity of the day was joining in with the dragon dance and listening to cultural Chinese music played on the Chinese harp. Listening to the music was interesting as it gave us an insight into the typical songs that they listen to and their musical instruments. The best part of the day was participating in the traditional dragon dance, co-ordinating the movement of the dragon was difficult. Over all, Chinese Day was a great day, we learnt more about the culture and had a fun time.

By Trinity Phoenix and Elizabeth Pullen.


On Sunday, 28 May the 10th Chinese Bridge Competition for Foreign High School Students Preliminary Round was held in Sydney.

I am so proud to have been involved in the 10th Chinese Bridge Competition. It has allowed me to significantly improve my speaking ability as well as understanding and appreciation of the language and culture. The endless hours and lunch times with Ms Zhao were extremely worthwhile and have given me the motivation and confidence to excel in Chinese.

By Alex Pullen


Premier’s Reading Challenge

There are a number of students signed up to complete the PRC by the end of August this year and a few have already finished. Well done to William McClelland, Ellah Ross and William Mears.

Chess Club

Our two Senior School Chess teams have been to a couple of other schools for Chess heats recently. They participated in two Sydney Academy of Chess Swiss Round competitions, one at St Bernard’s in Asquith, and then at St Edward’s College, Gosford. Last Friday, associated with the NSW Junior Chess League, we held a CC Division Chess Gala Day in the SS Library, where Henry Kendall proved to be stiff opponents against all the other competing schools.


Book Club

Alex Pullen in Year 10 has hosted these fortnightly discussions in the library this term with a range and number of students attending, the students have eagerly discussed a range of books, and are looking forward to continuing next term.


Year 11 Design & Technology - display of student work

This term the library has had on display a number of student major works from the Year 11 Design & Technology class, these called for students to create a small piece of furniture, constructed mainly from a repurposed found object.

The photos below are a small sample of what was available for viewing:

These Year 11 students have also had their works entered into a Ryobi Australia competition called Broke to Bespoke, calling for innovative upcycling projects in the community. The school hopes to win a Ryobi wall of tools.


Distance Education Aboriginal Studies Major Work 

Kaitlyn Sloan in Year 12 is doing Aboriginal Studies as an HSC subject through Sydney Distance Education High School, and recently received full marks for her major work, in which she painted curtains with a representation of the Central Coast coastline, in Aboriginal dot-style painting. Her aim was to bring the art of Aboriginal culture into a typical Australian home through her painting of curtains.

Mrs Anne-Marie Nicholls

Senior School Library


The first College Cup of 2017 was a great success. It was enjoyed by all involved. The sun came out and all activities were fairly played with no injuries or incidents. A big thank you to everyone who participated and everyone involved in the organisation of the College Cup. College Cup will be held again early Term Three.



Message from Peter

Ready for a rest?

Have you heard the one about the cigar-chomping coach giving his team a shellacking after a first half shocker? Well, there they are sitting in the sheds sucking on the half time oranges, ruminating on the game so far and licking their wounds.

Coach: So, can you win this game? Team: (half-heartedlyMaybe. Coach: SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT! TEAM:  (with gusto) MAYBE!!!


Half way through the year many of us are feeling like this. We are tired, possibly confused and even asking ourselves if we can make it through to the holidays.

Well here we are, we have made it and like all of our hard working staff and students we are looking forward to that rest.

The word holiday of course has its root meaning in the words “holy day”, a day set apart from work and in observance of a religious festival. Now I am not sure how many religious festivals you are going to attend during the holidays, possibly a church service or a wedding or maybe even a baptism, but my hope is that all of us find some time to stop, rest and reflect on life, on family and on God.

The Bible describes God as a God of rest: He models rest (Genesis 2:2-3), He commands rest (Exodus 20:10), He promises rest (Exodus 33:14) and lovingly He offers rest. In Matthew 11:28-30  Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (NIV) He wants us to rest from our work and He wants us to rest in Him.

My prayer is that your holiday is great, even if it is just for a day or two, and that you get to rest from your work and rest in Jesus as He lifts your burdens and refreshes your soul.

Peter Oates

Junior School Chaplain




Lakes Artsfest

Exhibition open 4 & 5 August from 9am – 4pm and 6 August until 1pm at Lakes Anglican, Kanwal.

To submit an entry please see either Junior or Senior School reception for a Lakes Artsfest Entry Form. Entries close Friday, 14 July.

School age section – entries are now divided for primary and high school with 1st prize $60 voucher and 2nd prize $30 voucher

Categories – acrylic, water colour, pastel/charcoal and other media.



Motiv8sports would like to introduce you to a new world of School Holiday entertainment. Motiv8sports believe active kids are happier, healthier and more motivated to make positive life decisions. Our programs encourage fun and participation - a sporting environment limited only by a child’s enthusiasm and imagination. Parents who have sent their children to a Motiv8sports event know their children are participating in more than just sport. We pride ourselves on creating an environment fuelled by confidence, teamwork, respect and motivation.

The Motiv8sports program is unique and innovative. Vortex Gridiron, Bubble Soccer, Street Hockey & Big Dog Cricket are just some of the sports on offer. Treasure hunts, dance offs, face offs & coach challenges are just some of the crazy fun on offer. This is 3 DAYS of non-stop action and at the end, each camper gets a huge Motiv8sports medal for completing the event.

We hope you and your friends (including those outside of school) make history with us at our first ever Motiv8sports event here at Lakes Grammar from 10 – 12 July. $130 for 3 Days, 8:30 – 3:30pm with a BBQ lunch provided on Day 2. Plus as an introductory offer at this new venue we are offering a FREE Motiv8sports Rookie jersey normally valued at $30 (this will only be offered for the July event).

SECURE YOUR SPOT TODAY at Our events in April completely sold out and the July event at Erina is already a sell-out. We are only taking 100 registrations for the Lakes Grammar event so hurry – don’t miss out!

For more information visit or call Motiv8sports Central Coast Director Ray Seers on 0424 951 175.




School Holidays Admin Office Hours

The Junior School admin office will be open 9am to 12pm the first week and closed the second & third week. 




A big thank you to all students, parents and staff who have helped out with sport in Term 2 this year.

It has been a massive term, Highlights have included:

  • Lakes Grammar – Athletics carnival
  • HRIS Cross Country carnival
  • CIS Cross Country carnival
  • CIS Primary Rugby League and Touch
  • PSSA Rugby League
  • HRIS Basketball Gala Day
  • CSSA Gymnastics
  • Equestrian

We look forward to the HRIS Athletics Carnival, Soccer and Netball Gala Days in Term 3.

Once again, congratulations to all those students who have given their all for sport this term.

Mr Danny Summers

K-6 Assistant Sports Co-ordinator


CIS Cross Country

Charlotte Akhurst and Ashley Pernecker competed in the NSW CIS Cross Country Championships at Eastern Creek against the best Cross Country runners from NSW Independent Schools. Both girls ran extremely well. Charlotte finished 12th in the 15 girls race and Ashley finished 5th in the 13 girls race.

Ashley will now go on to compete in the NSW All Schools Championships early next term. We wish her the best of luck.

HRIS Athletics Carnival

The school team has been selected to compete at the HRIS Athletics Championships on Monday, 24 July at Glendale Athletics Centre. Students who have been selected would have received a permission note with their competition events for the day and I ask that the permission slip be handed in as soon as possible. If for some reason a competitor cannot attend please speak to Mr Beecroft as soon as possible. 



HRIS Netball Gala Day due to be held on Thursday, 8 June at Newcastle was unfortunately cancelled. Students selected in the AICES Netball Cup sides will compete on Thursday, 22 June at Sydney Olympic Park.

HRIS Football Team Selection

Izaac Hucker and Indianna Audino have been selected in the HRIS 15’s Football teams. They will now play for HRIS in an AICES gala day and trials.


Claudia Martin and Eden Shorten competed in the Combined Christian Schools Gymnastics Championships. Both girls put in very strong performances on the day.

Eden Shorten finished 1st overall and Claudia 4th overall in their respective divisions.

Equestrian Team News  

On Monday, 7 August Lakes Grammar will be hosting our Inaugural Interschool Equestrian Event. The event will be held at Morisset Showground and we are hoping to attract 200 competitors from around NSW.

This is a very exciting opportunity for Lakes Grammar and we are hoping to have the biggest team entered on the day.

Events include:

K - 12 Ring Events:
Best Presented, Riding Class and Hack Class

K - 12 Sporting Events:
Bending, Keyhole and Barrels

$25.00 per student. Entries close Friday 28 July.

Entries can be downloaded from and sent to Cynthia Jobe-Parker, Lakes Grammar - An Anglican School, PO Box 6069, Gorokan NSW 2263. Please see rider/team entry form for further details.