Week 6, Term 1 2020


Flu Season

We’ve had our first case of Influenza A for the 2020 flu season, so now is an opportune time for parents and staff to continue to remind children about good hygiene. The most effective way to reduce the spread of such diseases is by hand washing. Good and consistent hand washing practices are more effective even than hand sanitizers. We are going to install hand sanitizers anyway in several locations around the school but please remind your children, and teach them if necessary, to wash hands after going to the toilet and before eating. Also remind them not to share their drinks or food with other children.

If your child is showing any symptoms of any illness, please keep them home. When sick children are sent to school other children and staff may pick up the illness too. Remember, students and staff are in close contact all day and illnesses can spread quickly in these conditions.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) emergency is bringing into sharper relief the need for good hygiene. The NSW Health Minister has urged people to avoid physical contact with one another where possible. So, we are going to avoid shaking students’ hands when presenting awards at assemblies. Not only can this give me (!) an illness but I could be passing it from one child to another.

Foundation Day

We have decided to hold our first ever Foundation Day this year on 27 March. A Foundation Day celebrates and gives God thanks for the school’s establishment and all our blessings since then. Our formal dedication and opening service was held on 4 February 2004. In order to prepare for a meaningful Foundation Day service, that date would be too early in the year, so we have chosen 27 March for this year. Our plans are to hold a special Chapel service in the hall for K-12 from 11.30 to 12.30. Bishop Peter, the President of the school, and Bishop Charlie, our School Council Chair will take part in this service. This will be followed by lunch. After lunch we will have an afternoon of games in mixed age College groups. The games will be a mix of fun games run by Motiv8 Sports and our staff. We want the whole student body to be able to attend the service, so this means that we can't give an open invitation to parents to attend as the total numbers would exceed our hall’s capacity if we did so. It is rare that we can have students from across the school mixing together and a Foundation Day is a great opportunity to celebrate together. In the event of rain, we will hold the Chapel service for Years 7-12 in the hall and possibly a shorter one under the COLA for Years 3-6. We will postpone the games afternoon.

Parents and Friends (P&F)

Two important meetings will be held next Tuesday from 6.30pm in the Junior School Library. The first is the Annual General Meeting at which a new Executive will be elected. This will be followed by the monthly general meeting at which new Terms of Reference for the P&F to replace the current Constitution will be voted on. Information about all of this has been emailed home already. If you can get there at 6pm you can share in some nibblies with other parents.

This will be the last meeting for Tracy Stevens, who has been the P&F President for nearly 10 years and an active member of the P&F since 2007. Tracy’s youngest son graduated last year so Tracy will conclude her service to the P&F at the AGM. We are all very grateful to Tracy for her commitment to the school through the work of the P&F. Tracy has cooked and served at countless BBQs, Spring Fairs, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day breakfasts and contributed to many other P&F fundraisers and events. We salute you Tracy and wish you and your family God’s blessings for your future.


Mr Michael Hannah



Year 7 2021 Parent Information Evening and Twilight Tour

Monday, 9 March 2020

School Hall

6:30 - 8:00pm

This is open to all our Year 6 parents and students as well as prospective families. If you have a child in another school, who you wish to enrol in Year 7 at Lakes Grammar, please submit an application form if you have not yet done so.

To register to attend please or call 4393 4111.

Parent Teacher Interviews - Kindergarten to Year 11

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Monday, 23 March 2020

Bookings can be made online via Parent Lounge. Parent bookings open Monday, 9 March and 9:00am. 

Easter Chapel Service & K - 2 Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Commencing in the Senior School Hall

9.15am          Easter Service in Hall (K - 6)

10.00am        Student performances in Hall (K-2)

11.00am        Return to Junior School for Morning Tea (K-2)

11.45am        Grandparents’ classroom visits (K-2)

Please bring a plate to share for morning tea (to the Junior School please). Invitations for grandparents and special friends will be sent home shortly.

Our very popular Easter Raffle is also being held again this year. Raffle tickets have been sent home to Junior School. Senior School families can pick up a book from senior reception. The P&F appreciate your support selling these to friends and family. Donations for the Easter prizes would also be appreciated by Friday, 3 April. The prizes will be drawn on Tuesday, 7 April. We appreciate all your efforts in raising money for our school community.



On Tuesday, 25 February a number of staff gathered before school in the Food Tech room to sample pancakes.  The church has for years celebrated what we call Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes.  Hundreds of years ago people used up the last of their yummy ingredients by making pancakes before Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent, a period of fasting that leads to Easter.  On Wednesday we had an Ash Wednesday service for staff that were interested, marking the beginning of Lent for us here at Lakes Grammar.  Pancakes then ash, 2 symbols of a journey towards Easter.

The church has some key markers in its preparation for the festival of Easter.  They are designed to help Christians focus on their relationship with God, sharpen those aspects of one’s character that need the rough edges taken off and provide opportunities for deep self-reflection and growth.  In our Senior School chapels we have been thinking about how we can use our time during Lent to think about who we are and who we want to be and what steps are needed for us to make that happen.  We are using some of these Christian markers and traditions to think about the broad aspects of our lives; friendships, education, life goals and hopes. 

My hope with all of this deep reflection is for our students to be able to move towards a better understanding of who they are in this world.  By understanding who they are they will be better equipped to relate to others on so many levels.  I also hope that they will see how God has a purpose and a plan for their lives that is even greater than they can imagine.  Easter is the greatest story ever told and it is very exciting to get ready for it together here at Lakes Grammar.

One final comment, on Friday, 6 March we gathered a whole lot of groceries to support those devastated by the fires across our horrendous summer.  I would like to pay a special tribute to Mr Hampson for his vision, passion and generosity for helping us make this happen.  He saw the need to support a mate in the RFS who wanted to give back and we all are a part of the answer.  What a fantastic way for us to make a difference.  Thanks Mr Hampson…legend!

Bless ya!





Cambridge Global Perspectives and Clean up Australia Day

The Junior School participated in Cambridge Global Perspectives Week where they learned about litter in local and global environments, the effects in these settings, and initiatives and solutions which can help our environment. The learning culminated on Friday with our whole Junior school participation in Clean Up Australia Day.

Mufti Day - RFS Bush Fire Fundraiser

Thank you for your support as a school community of the Wyoming RFS unit through our mufti day today. This will enable this group of fire service personnel to go back to the area they were volunteering on the South Coast over the summer to help the residents out and hopefully find some closure as they reconnect with the people they helped.

Thank you to all of our school families for your generous donations of non-perishable cans/packets of food for this fundraiser which will be passed on to the Wyoming crew. They will now drive a trailer of non-perishable food down to the South Coast, and hand it out as hampers to fire affected residents on the street where they were caught in the firestorm.

Junior School Leadership Day

The Junior School Leadership Day at Treetops on Wednesday 26 February was a wonderful success with the Year 6 School Leaders working through the activities on the day in a mature, intelligent and reflective manner. We are blessed to have such a talented and capable team of student leaders to commence 2020 with the brainstorming of a number of initiatives for the School community. Thanks also go to our Chaplain, Peter and Mr Johns, whose organisation of the Leadership Day and ongoing work with the School Leaders contribute immensely to the development of such a successful team each year.

The day presented a good opportunity to work with our Chaplain, Peter, to reflect on Biblical perspectives of leadership, develop our communication skills, challenge ourselves to think and communicate under pressure, try new things and to work as a team on the high ropes course as well as developing some plans for the Junior School as a leadership group in 2020. We enjoyed the opportunity to grow together as leaders and to plan for a range of initiatives whereby the students are able to carry out their roles within the school this year.

A huge thank you to the leadership group for the example they are setting to others in the classroom, the playground and in a range of co-curricular activities.

Enrolment for Kindergarten in 2021

We have commenced our enrolment processes for Kindergarten 2021 and we want to be sure that all of our families are included. Parents who are planning to enrol a child in our Kindergarten next year need to fill out an enrolment form via the school website if they have not already done so. If you know of families who would like information about enrolment at Lakes Grammar, please ask them to contact Mrs Racquel Jolly at the school.

Parents considering our school are also invited to register for one of our School Tour days or Information Nights.

Athletics Carnival - Date Change

The original dates for Athletics Carnivals this year were for the Senior School Carnival to be held on Monday 30 March and the Junior School Carnival on Tuesday 31 March, both at Mingara.

Since the booking of the venue, a clash has arisen with the AICES Swimming Carnival which has also been placed on Monday 30 March. AICES are a secondary sport association level which sits between HRIS and CIS, so would not necessarily be an organisation familiar to our Junior School families.

To work around this, the School Athletics Carnivals will now be held for the Junior School on Monday 30 March and the Senior School on Tuesday 31 March. This will enable our Senior students to compete at AICES Swimming on the Monday and our Senior School Athletics Carnival on the Tuesday.

K – 2 Assembly and Chapel will therefore not be held on Monday 30 March, and Assembly (1B) and Chapel (2T) will be postponed until Monday 4 May (Term 2, Week 2). 

As a result we will also not be able to run Term Sport on Tuesday 31 March as arrangements had already been made with providers and for buses, however, students will still wear sports uniform on that day to participate in class or grade sport at school.

Building Learning Power

We are continuing to work on our Building Learning Power program in classrooms. The diagram below shows the four areas of our ‘Building Learning Power’ program (Reach Out, Look Within, Think Clearly and Believe in Ourselves) which link in with our school motto ‘With Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength’.

A number of learning actions which are associated with each area are listed around the outside of the circle.

Lakes Grammar Habits

The Junior School utilises the learning framework of Lakes Grammar Habits to effectively integrate our Building Learning Power, Positive Behavior for Learning and Virtues programs.

  • Building Learning Power develops the capacity of students for learning, their curiosity, craftsmanship, creativity and collaboration.
  • The Virtues program develops children’s Christian values, moral harmony and moral integrity, including kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, service, empathy and moral courage.
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning develops our student self-regulation and self-awareness to demonstrate respect, responsibility and care for themselves and others.

The Junior School collectively focuses on a Habit each week drawn from one of the three programs whilst concurrently working with students to develop a range of habits and capacities in the day to day life of the school.

Over the beginning of the term, we will be focusing on the following concepts. These are also recorded in the Student Diary for each week:

Week 7: Being an upstander 

Week 8: Compassion

Stars of the Week

Demonstrating our Lakes Grammar Habit of ‘collaboration – learning with and from fellow learners’: 

Ava K, Thomas W, Archie W, Lotus V, Kobey J, Jorja B, Skylar B, Ari M, Elyse C, Jackson W, Alexander H, Georgina S, Ethan C, Jack W, Payton H, Grace L, Abigail W.

Demonstrating our Lakes Grammar Habit of ‘respecting teachers and peers’: 

Jared A, Haven F, Matthew K, Alaric V, Elizabeth L, Blake N, Ethan D, Ricardo G, Addyson H, Chloe C, Amy W, Ivy L, Gabriella C, Hannah P, Kate A, Ben S, Cohen B.


Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on Tuesday, 17 and Monday, 23 March. The interviews are booked through Parent Lounge and will go live Monday morning, 9 March from 9.00am. An email with more information and instructions will be sent home early next week.


Students MUST wear a hat at all times when outdoors. I would encourage all parents to ensure that their child’s hat is clearly labelled with their name and to have a spare hat in their child’s school bag in case one goes missing. We do not encourage children to share their hats with others for creepy crawly reasons!

School Arrival Time and Before School Care

As you would be aware, the School opens at 8.00am and teachers are on duty to receive children in the Main Courtyard underneath the COLA from this time. While many teachers are on the premises before 8.15am, they need to use this time to prepare for the day ahead and to meet with colleagues or parents.

Please ensure that your child is not dropped off at school before 8.00am unless they are booked into Sunbeams for Before School Care. There is no supervision available before 8.00am.

K – 2 Play Equipment 

A reminder that the K – 2 play equipment area is not open for use by children until 8.22am each morning. This is to ensure that we minimise the likelihood of accidents occurring during the morning period. I have also reminded the students that the use of the equipment before this time is not acceptable. I would ask that you assist us by ensuring that younger siblings refrain from climbing on equipment in this space while waiting to drop off K – 2 students.


A reminder that we also have a “no dog” policy on the School grounds.

Traffic and Parking

My sincerest thanks for your patience this year with the traffic and parking congestion around the school.

We have been in extensive, ongoing contact with the RMS in following up the phasing of the traffic lights at the Junior School to have the left turn arrow out of the school, in particular, adjusted to minimise the congestion that we are currently experiencing in the carpark.

To ensure that drop off and pick up times remain as streamlined as possible, I would ask for your assistance with the following.

  • Students who are being collected via Parent Park have been asked to remain seated on the verandah with the supervising teacher at the end of the day for parents and caregivers to walk up to the verandah and collect them. Please do not ask your child to come through the carpark to you as an alternative as this is dangerous.

  • Please ensure that when using Kiss and Go that children get out of your vehicle on the kerb side only, with their bags. Getting out of your car to assist with bags from the boot and hugging your child goodbye can hold up the queue considerably during busy periods. It is dangerous for any child to get out of their car on the road side of ‘Kiss and Go’ as they are close to the through traffic.

  •  Please use only the marked pedestrian crossing directly in front of the school to come and go from the carpark. A lot of families are using the speed humps in the carpark as pedestrian crossings… but these are not pedestrian crossings and it is dangerous to cross the road through the Kiss and Go queue.

  •  Kindergarten students and their siblings attending Parent Park can be collected from the new deck at the end of the verandah, past the Junior School Library and near the OC class.  Students in Years 1 – 6 will continue to be collected from the verandah area at the front of the Junior School Library. This will help the Kindergarten students to be able to meet up with their parents as smoothly as possible. 

  •  I would also like to request that parents refrain from standing directly in front of the metal gate at the front of the school when using Parent Park as this obstructs the ‘Kiss and Go’ and Bus groups from exiting the school in the afternoon.

  •  Please wait until children are seated before collecting them from Parent Park as this helps our teachers to ensure that all students meet their parents safely. Parents are also asked to walk up to Parent Park to collect your child or children. 


Lost Property

We have purchased a small blue whizbin which has been clearly marked and has been placed in the breezeway near the Junior School Office.

Lost property (mainly lunch boxes and bottles, but not clothing/uniform items) will be placed in the bin each day.  All lost school uniform items will continue to be returned to the office as usual.

Please check lost property regularly for your child’s items if they have misplaced something - this should help to keep playground tidy and to have lost property in one place.


The church season of Lent commenced with Ash Wednesday last week and it continues through to Easter Saturday. For Christians, Lent is a time of reflection and preparation. We consider the need for God in our lives and remember the promises He has made to us in the Bible and through the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus. The season of Lent concludes with the great celebration of Easter Sunday and Jesus’ resurrection.

During his conversion to Christianity, the poet T. S. Eliot wrote Ash Wednesday, which goes in part:

“Teach us to sit still, even among these rocks, our peace in His will… and let my cry come to thee”.

Will Wallace

Head of Junior School



Premier’s Reading Challenge 2020

PRC 2020 is now up and running.  We have over 100 students (congratulations to Thomas Pearson who was our lucky 100th!) so far that have registered which is a wonderful effort.

 It is still not too late to register…1st May 2020 is the cut-off date.   

YEAR 6 Books and Borrowing Promotions

Our statistics and research show that borrowing and reading for pleasure generally decreases in the Upper Primary years for various reasons. Mrs Tennant and I are trialling a couple of initiatives to help encourage Year 6 students to borrow and read for pleasure. We are hoping to spark that interest and love of reading again.

Ms Jobe–Parker / 3J 2019

A huge thank you to Ms Jobe–Parker and 3J 2019 who have recently added the artwork ‘Rainbow Bear’ to our JS Library. It reflects the Children’s Book Council of Australia nominated book beautifully.

HRIS Art on The Move

We currently have the HRIS art on the Move exhibition in the JS Library. Parents and students are welcome to view the artworks on display.

Clean Up Schools Day

A wonderful collaborative event was held last Friday for Clean Up Schools Day. It was great to see so many students collecting rubbish and recycling and caring for our local school environment. We were blessed with fine weather and students demonstrated a great sense of community spirit. Thank you to all staff and parents who supported us in this worthy cause.

Danny Summers

JS Teacher Librarian


Attendance – Every Learner – Every Day (Whole School)

At Lakes Grammar we value regular school attendance. Thank you to our parents for the support and value that you place on your child being at school on time each day. Regular school attendance plays a critical role in ensuring that every student has access to the same learning opportunities.

At Lakes we aim to have our school attendance rate at above 90%.

Congratulations we made target for both weeks in the whole school.

Absence Explanation Note: If your child is away from school, a note explaining their absence is required within 7 days of returning to school. If a note is not received the absence is recorded as ‘unexplained.’

Parents can use one of a variety of ways to notify the school or an absence;

  1. Phone the school and select option 1 to report an absence.
  2. The Skoolbag app to email an absence note.
  3. An email to
  4. A printed or handwritten note sent to school via mail or with your child.
  5. Fill in a slip at the front office.

Partial Absences are recorded for each child every time they are late to school or leave early from school. Partial Absences are recorded and they are logged when a child is signed in or out at the office. Partial Absence from school does add up to time away from learning, settling into routines of the day or saying goodbye at the end of the day.

Ralph Johns

Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing (K-6)


Congratulations to Noah Taylor (Year 4) who has been selected for the Sydney Youth Orchestra on double bass. Noah attended his audition at the end of 2019 and performed repertoire and technical works in front of the panel.   

The Sydney Youth Orchestra is a leading orchestral training program that is comprised of 14 ensembles, 500+ students, ranging in age from 6-24. Rehearsals are held weekly in Sydney and members travel from all over NSW.

Visit for information about the SYO program, auditions and concert series.

Congratulations to Noah for his extraordinary achievement.                                                                                                                

Nathan Fepuleai

Junior School Teacher






Year 7 (2021) Information Night

An Information Night for Year 7 (2021) will be held next Monday, 9 March. The aim of the meeting is to provide information to families about our school and the curricular and extra-curricular activities that students will experience in the Senior School. The night commences at 6:30pm in the School Hall, and I would encourage all Year 6 parents to attend.  

Excursions and Uniform

Last week I emphasised to our students the importance of being in a full and correct school uniform when going on excursions as unfortunately, some students have let us down when travelling to another school recently. I have reminded our students regarding our expectations, and in future, students who are not in the correct uniform will not be allowed to go to the event unless they are correctly attired.   


Year 10 Matters

The RoSA

Students entering Year 10 are also entering a more formal area of their schooling where they can also receive credentials from the New South Wales Standards Authority (NESA) who look after the HSC and much of the curriculum in NSW schools. The main credential is the Higher School Certificate which students receive at the end of Year 12 and is awarded for the work that a student completes over Year 11 and Year 12.

A second credential is the Record of Student Achievement (RoSA) and this record is provided to students when they leave school after completing studies in Year 10 or beyond. The RoSA lists achievement grades for students at the end of Year 10 and 11 depending on when they leave school and is awarded according to the assessments that students complete over this year. It is important that parents familiarise themselves with the rules and procedures that are outlined in the Year 10 Assessment Book as some of these processes (such as late submission, or misadventure because of illness) is much more formal compared to previous years. Please contact us if you are unsure with any of these processes.

Minimum Standards Testing

Students in Year 10 also complete Minimum Standard Tests as part of a requirement for the HSC. There are 3 tests covering Numeracy, Reading and Writing and they are scheduled at various times throughout the year. Most of our Year 10 students at Lakes have recently completed practice tests as preparation for the first actual test to be held later in the term.

Subject Selection for Year 11

To give advance notice, the subject selection process for Year 11 takes place in the last weeks of Term 2. At this time we also place an emphasis on careers and hold our annual Careers Day.  The subject information night (Wednesday, 10 June), will highlight different requirements for students as they progress through the senior years in Year 11 and 12; outline the subject selection process; and explain assessment procedures in Year 11 and 12.


NAPLAN Online Practice

NAPLAN will be delivered online this year at Lakes and as preparation, students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will participate in practice tests starting Monday, 23 March. The aim of the tests is to familiarise each student with the online test environment. There are two tests, one in reading and the other as a combined test in Literacy and Numeracy. Year 3’s writing test is still conducted on paper and will not be online.

Parent Teacher interviews - Years 7 - 11

Our first Parent/Teacher interviews for the year are scheduled for Tuesday, 17 March and Monday, 23 March, from 3:30pm to 7:30pm. Bookings for interviews will be made as usual through Parent Lounge.  Parents will be emailed instructions soon, nearer to the time when the booking system becomes activated.



Ian Samways

Head of Senior School




HRIS Football / Netball Trials

Please note the dates for the after school trials for HRIS Football / Netball.

We wish all the best to the following students as they try out for HRIS teams next week: in Year 5 Harrison Williams (Football), Gemma Rooke (Netball) and Addison Kowaliw (Netball) and in Year 6 Tahlia Allen (Netball).


We wish Ngalan Ah-See (Year 6) all the best as he trials for the CIS AFL team this week.

Tuesday Sports Uniform – Reminder…

Just a reminder that full sports uniform must be worn on Tuesdays for sport i.e. hat, white sport shirt, white / coloured joggers (no fluro colours), school sport shorts and socks. It is strongly advisable to have a water bottle as well during the hotter months. 

2020 HRIS / CIS Trials and Representation (5/6 only)

As mentioned previously, there are many opportunities for our Year 5/6 boys and girls to represent HRIS or CIS. Students who already compete at a representative level are encouraged to trial for that particular sport. A term timetable is placed in the JS Sports noticeboard with upcoming events and mentioned at Monday morning assemblies. Please also check regularly the following websites for further information:

There is also a CIS app available for APPLE / ANDROID devices, regarding upcoming events.

Please note, if your child is selected for a HRIS team (such as X Country, swimming, etc.), then they can purchase a limited stock polo HRIS shirt either from the school or online (details below). They are $33 each. Please see Mr Summers for more details.

Please note: new procedures when purchasing HRIS Merchandise:


Competitors must arrive at the venue wearing either a HRIS polo shirt OR long sleeve tee, along with school sport shorts/tracksuit. ALL HRIS representatives are to present to the relevant HRIS Manager in one of these items. HRIS Polo shirts & long sleeve tee, along with other HRIS apparel, are available for purchase through the HRIS online store. HRIS is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Classic Sportswear are now offering a growing range of merchandise that only HRIS sport representatives can access. Optional items include a HRIS Hoodie and cap. The cap is the only cap that can be worn whilst representing HRIS in sports such as Softball and Touch Football, but can also be purchased by representatives in other HRIS sports. Once your order has been finalized, the items will be sent directly to you within a few days. Purchases can be made via the following link:



HRIS Primary Football Trial 1 (Trial 2 TBC) – 9 March

HRIS Primary Netball Trial – 9 March

Lakes Grammar X Country – 20 March

CIS Swimming – 26 March

Lakes Grammar Athletics Carnival – 30 March

Mr James Cantor

K-6 Sports Co-ordinator




HRIS Swimming Championships

A secondary swimming team will compete at the HRIS Swimming Championships on Wednesday, 11 March at Lambton Olympic Pool. We wish all competitors best of luck.


Running group


Running group has commenced again on Thursday afternoons and we encourage parents to walk/run the track while group training is taking place. Running group meets at 3:35pm at Warnervale cricket nets.

Bill Turner Cup & Trophy


These teams are 15 years and under teams. Both our boys’ and girls’ teams will have lunch time training sessions in readiness for Round 1, which is scheduled to be played before the end of term 1.



Open boys’ and girls’ teams played for the first time in the NSWCIS Cup Football competition. Unfortunately, both teams went down 4-1 to Hunter Valley Grammar School in round 1. Both games were much tighter than the score board indicates.

Surf Survival Certificate


A group of Year 7-10 students completed their Surf Survival Certificate Course on Thursday, 27 and Friday, 28 February. The students had a fun and rewarding time, learning about beach safety, basic first aid and water safety.

HRIS Hockey Championships


Charlotte Tarleton, Charlotte Dobson and Sarah Riedel all trialled for the HRIS Hockey team on Wednesday, 4 March. The girls had a fun and enjoyable day playing together in the Barbarians team.

All three girls were successful in gaining selection into the HRIS 16 girls hockey team. Congratulations girls.

HRIS Tennis Championships


Zac Clifford, Joel Sewell, Austin Murray, and Lachlan Murray competed as a school team in the HRIS Tennis Championships on Tuesday, 25 February. The boys played some outstanding tennis on the day and were eventually knocked out in the semi-finals. They finished equal 3rd overall. Well done boys!

School Team Trials Term 1:


  • Football – Opens and 15’s
  • Netball – 14’s, 16’s and Opens
  • Basketball - Opens
  • Touch football

Dates of trials will be posted on school sports board and announced at Monday morning assembly.

HRIS Team Trials


The following HRIS Trials are coming up.

  • Tuesday, 10 March - Secondary Netball U15’s & Open’s
  • Tuesday, 17 March - Secondary Touch Football U15’s & Open’s
  • Monday, 16 March - Secondary Football (soccer) U16’s & Open’s

To trial for these teams it is expected that students are playing in local representative teams or at a very high level. These trials are attended by 17 other HRIS schools.

If you would like to attend, please see Mr Beecroft ASAP for the nomination details.

Term 1 – Key Sporting Dates


Tuesday,10 March – Open & 15yrs HRIS Netball Trials

Wednesday, 11 March – HRIS Div 2 Secondary Swimming Championships

Monday, 16 March – Open & 16yrs HRIS Football (soccer) Trials

Tuesday, 17 March – Open & 15’s HRIS Touch Football Trials

Friday, 20 March – School Cross Country Championships

Tuesday, 31 March – Secondary Athletics Carnival

Term 2


Tuesday, 28 April – HRIS Rugby Union Trials

Friday, 1 May – HRIS Cross Country


Darren Beecroft

Senior School Sports Co-ordinator