Term 4 2021


Term 4 and 2021 have come to an end, but there have been many ‘firsts’ that we have experienced over the last week or so. In week 9 we had our first parent event for over 6 months with the 2021 Kindergarten graduation where we celebrated the move to Year 1 (2022) with students’ families and witnessed a fabulously entertaining book reading by Mr Wearne. We then welcomed our brand new 2022 Kindergarten students the very next day. Year 10 students also spent a day with Mrs MacLarty doing peer support activities. On Friday of week 9, we hosted Year 6 parents for the Year 6 graduation, Year 12 parents for the Year 12 breakfast and then danced and celebrated with Year 12 students at their formal. The last HSC examination was also held on Friday 3 December, and we had the school (including staff!) in Christmas themed mufti the same day. What a day of celebration.

This week, we have hosted our incoming Year 7 (2022) students who took part in a variety of activities, the junior school had their ‘splash city day’, and we held both the junior and senior school speech days with parents on site again.

While Terms 3 and 4 have (in hindsight) sped by, they have certainly tested our resilience, our communication, our perseverance, and our parents! It seems that we are just getting ‘back to normal’ and we are heading into some well-deserved holidays.

For those of you travelling with your families, may God grant you safe travels. For those of you remaining home, may God grant you time to reset, rest, relax and reflect. We pray that borders will remain open, that we will all stay healthy and return safely to start 2022 with gusto and enthusiasm.

Thank you to our families and broader community for your support over the past semester. It has been a joy to join the Lakes Grammar community and I look forward to 2022 and beyond. I also look forward to seeing our students return (hopefully mask-less!) on Monday, 31 January (Years 1-6, 7, 11 and 12) with Years 8, 9 and 10 joining us on Tuesday, 1 February.

Have a blessed Christmas and God’s blessings to you all.

Mrs Deborah Clancy



Before typing up our final newsletter item for the year I had a look at last year’s article. It struck me that I could use the opening line yet again, “Well what a year it has been!” We saw more weeks in lockdown and online learning this year than last and our Year 12’s had the HSC pushed back by a month. We have seen a change in our leadership and structure both as a school community and as a state. Something that captured this year so well was one group in our Year 7 Christian Studies classes recreated a part of the Christmas story involving the wise men bringing gifts to baby Jesus. Instead of gold, frankincense and myrrh they brought hand sanitiser, a mask and a toilet roll. A Very clever adaptation indeed and a sign of the impact of the last 2 years.

Once again, on behalf of Samaritan’s I wanted to say a massive thank you for our school community’s generosity. I believe it is the most I have seen donated in a long time, if not ever. Chaplin Pete and I filled my 7-seater car, trailer and even needed to fill Pete’s car too. It was an awesome sight to behold, and I know that Samaritan’s will be able to bless numerous families on the coast this Christmas. What a great expression of our Vital character trait of compassion.

This year more chapels have largely been digital, staff Bible devotions online and unfortunately our Cru groups suspended as we could not have year groups mixing onsite or when online the screen fatigue was a cause for concern. 2022 will hopefully see us be able to resume Cru groups, chapels in person and staff devotions. Chaplin Pete’s line to me about all this is perfect. He says, “We are really looking forward to and praying for a camp filled, event filled, CRU filled, fundraiser filled, Christ filled year next year!”

So as we go to the Christmas holidays know that we will be praying for your homes to be filled with joy and peace. If this year has taught us anything, it is that we need more than ever in a changing world a Saviour whose love is constant, whose peace is freely given and whose grace is offered to all. May you and your family experience Jesus in a new way this Christmas and may 2022 bring light-filled hope to all who you care for. On behalf of Chaplin Pete and myself, thank you again for the privilege it has been to be your chaplains.

Bless ya!

Rev’d Matt




Thank you

Earlier this week I had the privilege of presenting at the speech day ceremony. Unfortunately, was unable to speak to the whole of our community and there are several key points that I wanted to highlight.

Thank you for the trust that you have placed in our school across this difficult year. Thank you for trusting in a school that is focused on educating students for an exciting but undiscovered world and equipping our students to build a better future for themselves and for the communities in which they will live and work.

Thank you for assisting in the excursions, cutting out and sharpening of pencils from earlier in the year. Thank you for getting your child ready each morning for online learning and setting up multiple devices for our morning and afternoon zoom meetings. You have done a tremendous job and we have all seen the courage you have taken to love relentlessly like a parent.

My prayer for the Lakes community over this Christmas break is to find rest and connection with those closest to you.

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you along Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

Thank you once for this year and I look forward to seeing you in 2022.

Mr Daniel Wearne

Head of Junior School


Math Olympiad:

Student in the top 10%:

Corey E

Students in the top 20%:

Claire H

Fletcher P

Kane M

Math Games:

Year 5:

Top 10%:

Grace M

Top 20%:

Iylah C

Clover H

Chloe M

Year 6:

Top 20%:

Abhishek B

Emma L

Top 25%:

William E

Hiya B

Jai W


In 2021 our students in year 5 and 6 participated in the Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition that was held completely online during lockdown.  Our students have produced amazing results. Congratulations to the following students:

Year 5:

High Distinction: Ben R.

Distinction: Alana B, Aiden S, Jake L, Callum L, Giulia B, Amy W.

Merit: Raquel C, Callum M, Ethan C, Taivas H, Onadi W, Willow S, Ava D, Gabriella C, Mcrae P, Grace M, Jacob G, Angelina A, Lauren P, April M, Mala P, Maryam A, Chloe M, Iylah C, Zaccheus C.

Year 6:

High Distinction: Corey E.

Distinction: Thomas P, Cohen B, Kane M, Donald M, Daphne J, Brayden C, Claire H.

Merit: Zak P, Darcy B, Hiya B, Simon C, Fletcher P, Brianna R, Gemma R, Jai W, Christopher W, Ayva B, Saanika P, Talan J, Milla H, Isla Y, Abhishek B.

Mrs Amanda Holland

High Potential and Gifted Education Coordinator



Although 2021 was not what we thought the year would be, it has been a great year in many respects for our students and school. Our students have continued to honour what it means to be a Lakes Learner, demonstrating determination and resilience through what was another unusual year. On Thursday we had the pleasure of finishing the year with our speech day, where many of our students were honoured for their academic achievements and efforts. It was so wonderful to be able to celebrate these achievements with our students with their parents present.

Students return in 2022 return on the following dates:

  • Year 7, 11 and 12 – 31 January, 2021
  • All students – 1 February, 2021

We will send a letter home with further details about week 1 of term 1, 2022 in mid -January.

On behalf of the senior school staff, we would like to wish all our parents and students a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing everyone back here in 2022.

Mrs Michelle Smith

Deputy Principal


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

The theme for this term has been Moving Forward. This has meant different things to different year groups. Years 7-9 have been looking at making plans and moving on from the frustrations and disappointments of the past. Year 10 has been focusing on moving forward to the end of Year 10 and their senior years. Our new Year 12 students have been looking at moving forward with their goals and plans for their HSC year. So it has been busy! All of this while we were all getting used to being with each other again. Some have found this more challenging than others, but it has been so joyful to see everyone again.

Our new Year 12 student leaders have been very busy. They have painted welcome banners, delivered lunches, attended leadership training, and regular meetings and developed initiatives for the school, including our recent Christmas dress-up and fundraiser for worthy organisations. They have been meeting and greeting parents for our special events. They spent time with our newest students at the Kindergarten orientation and then served a spectacular breakfast to our outgoing Year 12 students. They have done all of this with enthusiasm and pride and we look forward to seeing their leadership in action in 2022.

This term our wellbeing sessions have linked in with our Chapel services and have had students completing hands-on activities including piecing together a jigsaw with their hopes for the future, playing trust games and making some Christmas stars. Students were also busy contributing to the Samaritans Christmas Appeal. Thank you to everyone for participating so enthusiastically in these activities.

This term we have seen old friendships renewed, new friendships made, difficulties worked through and have finished the school year on a very positive note. I look forward to our new academic care program in 2022 which will see our students develop even further into flourishing young adults.

As always if you or someone close to you is having difficulties coping, especially at this time of year, please seek assistance with any of the following organisations:

We managed to celebrate our outgoing Year 12 students on the final day of their HSC examinations with a graduation breakfast. Parents, students and staff enjoyed some time together and finished the day with their formal at Kooindah Waters. Although the photos were disrupted with a storm, students and staff enjoyed the night celebrating their final schooling moments. Some exciting news has come through from our outgoing School Captain, Joshua Hattam. He has successfully gained a position with the Australian Government Digital Apprenticeship Program linked with a Government organisation. Through intense application and stage interviewing since May, Joshua has reached his ultimate goal which is such an honour and fantastic experience for him. We congratulate Joshua and wish him well as he embarks on the beginning of his career.

Finally, I wish you and your families a blessed Christmas. May you take time to reflect on all that the year has been and be able to count numerous blessings. I am looking forward to next year and all that it will bring and no matter what happens, we will thrive by working together and being positive and kind to one another.


Mrs Alison Maclarty

Senior School Student Wellbeing


Our lakes grammar Creative and Performing Arts students continued to thrive in Term 4. They produced innovative and creative plays, imaginative artworks, original music, and refined photography. They expressed themselves creatively making a wonderful range of pieces. 

Congratulations to the Year 10 music students, Sophie and Will who have been awarded their Year 10 Music Honours certificates. Both students persevered throughout the year to refine and develop their repertoire, culminating in a very special recital. They entertained Mrs Clancy and special guests at a small performance featuring selected pieces from their Honours program. Sophie then played beautifully for the school community at the final senior school awards assembly and Will performed a dramatic piece at speech day. Many thanks to Mrs Rabbets who has continued to encourage and support these talented musicians.

Mrs Anne Hobden

Creative and Performing Arts Coordinator


Wednesday, 1 December the Year 8 Cognito art club students finally had a chance to finished their young Archie inspired oil paintings of their chosen teachers. They had a highly productive day, refining features, and building tones and textures within their portraits. They all managed to capture the emotion and character of their subjects while building a variety of techniques and skills along the way such as blending, layering, and building up glazes.

Congratulations on some amazing artworks Year 8

Mrs Sally Baker

Senior School Teacher



This term has passed at a lightening pace. It was wonderful to return physically to the Science labs and complete many experiments, something sorely missed when home learning.

Our science students are to be commended on the enormous amount of resilience shown throughout the year as they completed work both inside the laboratory and at home using anything they could find to make models and perform simple chemistry experiments. A greater insight into the amount of chemistry we use daily in our lives became increasingly evident as lockdown continued.

It has been wonderful to hear the majority of our HSC science students have already secured university entry; enabling them to relax for a while before commencing their tertiary science studies. We wish them all the very best in these endeavours.

Today I had the pleasure of working with a small group of Year 10 girls to further develop our Native Edibles garden at the end of G-Block. A timed watering system has been installed so we will return after the break to a flourishing garden.


Mrs Jenny Charker

Science Coordinator


This term, our students in Years 7-10 engaged in personal interest projects to keep up engagement and fine-tune their life skills. Students created ‘student how to guides’ for the safe and ethical use of social media, engaged in different style of creative story writing and wrote travel blogs and poetry after planning hypothetical back-packing trips to Asia and Europe. I am happy to say that students found these tasks exciting and my apologies to parents if your child expresses a sudden interest in taking an HSC gap year, to attend India’s Colour Festival on a shoestring budget!

I would like to finish this reflection by commending students in junior English who took the opportunity to participate in our extracurricular English Honours Program during Terms 3 and 4. Students who participated in this program submitted a Major Work, showcasing their writing skills on an area of personal interest. Warm congratulations are due to the following students:

  • Rhys, Year 7 – Distinction. 'The continuation of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.' Appropriation of German Fairytale. Short story.
  • Anugraha, Year 9 – Distinction. 'On a range of topics including human emotions and social equality.' Poetry anthology.
  • Alyssa , Year 9 – High Distinction. 'War in Pieces.' Poetry anthology.
  • Scarlett , Year 9 – High Distinction. 'Love – from platonic to romantic, to growth and realisation.' Poetry anthology.

Mrs Serena Hart

English Coordinator



I would like to congratulate all students on the way in which they have engaged in their learning in History throughout Term 4. It has been a tumultuous second half of the year and our students demonstrated incredible resilience and commitment to their learning. In particular, I commend our Year 12 2021 students for successfully completing their HSC examinations and our Year 12 2022 students for the way they have applied themselves to the beginning of their HSC course in modern and ancient history.

Some highlights for Term 4 in our junior years include:

Year 7 - Lakes Grammar MasterChef Competition which saw the following students awarded first place for their homemade chinese cuisine: 7L – Giselle S, 7G – Khloe F, 7S – Ava M.

Year 8 – constructed historically accurate Minecraft Medieval towns, including detailed replica Medieval cathedrals, housing and weapons.

Year 9 – delved into a close study of Australian prisoners of war during WWII and produced some historically accurate empathy responses from the perspective of POW veterans.

Year 10 – created a new capital city as part of their Roaring Twenties study, complete with sustainability ideas, a pitch to the class and a vote for the best city design.

Mrs Fiona Crawford

History Co-ordinator


There were quite a few award recipients this term for WABIAD – Write A Book In A Day. In both Year 9 and Year 10, there were certificates and a copy of their own book for each participating student. There were two teams of writers:The Space Camels Year 9 team - Anugraha , Pahal , Georgia and Tahlia , who wrote ‘The Space Station Spectacle’. Team Penny Penne Year 10 - Chloe , Raphael, Kani  and Brooke , wrote ‘Finn Crabbens and the Tale of the Terrifying Teapot.’ Well done to each one of you.

Certificates of participation for the Cognito in-house reading challenge and a QBD Book voucher prize were awarded to: Beau , Chloe , Mekenzie , Juliet, Mackenzie and Brooke . Congratulations on collectively reading 339 books during 2021 – an impressive effort. Enjoy the books you buy for yourselves with your book voucher.

The Premiers’ Reading Challenge was completed by: Abigail , Beau , Mekenzie , Dexter, Ryan  and Boyd  – A special mention to Boyd who has participated every year from Year 3 - 9 inclusive, and this year received a medal to recognise his consistent efforts.

Finally, well played to all members of our SS Chess this year. At the end of last week we received individual plaques and a school trophy for our intermediate grade division winners from our Central Coast Chess Gala Day held at Central Coast Grammar School earlier this year. These will be handed out at our first assembly next year to Thomas , Tex , Rohith , and Gianni. We hope to be able to resume face-to-face chess tournaments next year.


Mrs Anne-Marie Nichols

Teacher Librarian



During the school holidays, the school will be closed to parents and visitors, reflecting current COVID-19 restrictions.

The office will be attended as detailed below.   If you call outside of these hours please leave a message and an administration staff member will return your call when on site.

  • The school will be closed Friday, 10 December from 1pm.

  • From Monday, 13 December to Thursday, 16 December the office will be open 9am to 12pm only.

  • The office will be closed from midday on Thursday,16 December until it reopens on Monday, 17January

  • The office will be open from Monday 17 January until Friday, 24 January from 9am to 12pm only.


  • The School will be closed on January 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th

  • From Monday 31 January the office will resume normal hours from 8am to 4pm