Week 4, Term 1 2022


It has been lovely to see many of the school activities return to ‘normal’ as we head towards the middle of Term 1. This week we had a lovely day celebrating 2-2-2 day with myriad of themed activities and outfits. We came together with Bishop Peter and our students and staff to finally undertake my commissioning as principal at Lakes Grammar, and, as of the end of week 4 our senior school students and staff no longer need to wear masks. The junior school staff have one week to go!

An excerpt from my commissioning speech this week:

Reflecting further on the idea of a family – the ‘urban dictionary’ defines family in a myriad of ways, but the one that I felt best describes Lakes is:

‘A group of people, who genuinely love, trust and care about and look out for each other’.  It’s not about whose blood you have, or who you are forced to spend the holidays with – it’s about the people who will be there for you. Lakes want to be there for you. I personally also believe that families are honest, kind, and expect the absolute best of one another. As written in Ephesians Chapter 4, verse 32, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you”. Also from Ephesians Chapter 4, verse 25, ‘Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbour, for we are all members of the same body’. We should also hold each other to account, to achieve and aspire to do our best.

To guide our progress, our VITAL framework guides us in developing young people who are:

  1. Faithfull
  2. Compassionate
  3. Reflective
  4. Inquisitive, and
  5. Determined

It is by acknowledging not only our strengths, but also our weaknesses, that we can move forward as an even greater school. One where our whole community feels valued, challenged, and loved.

Where every student feels a sense of belonging, feels challenged and loved. Where we hold each other (kindly and respectfully) to account and expect the best.

Lakes Grammar is a school where we work to give our students the skills to lead healthy, fulfilling, and happy lives. We want them to flourish and we will work with you to achieve this.

Mrs Deborah Clancy


8 March 2022Kindergarten 2023 information night, 6.30pm
8 March 2022P&F committee meeting (via Zoom, 7pm)
14 March 2022K-6 parent/teacher interviews (via Zoom 3.30pm to 7.30pm)
18 March 2022K-12 cross country (on site)
22 March 2022K-6 parent/teacher interviews (via zoom 3.30 to 7.30pm)
23 March 2022Year 7 2023 Information Night (interactive information session and tour at 6.30pm)


On Friday of week 2, Mrs MacLarty, Mr Hampson and myself hosted a day retreat for our Year 12 students. It was no easy task to distil a three day retreat into a one day event but we managed to get there! We looked at what was central to our retreat and replicated that on a smaller scale.

We began with a BBQ breakfast before school because food is absolutely essential to any great event. Throughout the day we had presentations by Mrs Clancy, Mrs Smith, our new school psychologist Mr Burns, Mrs MacLarty and myself. We framed our sessions around the Vital framework and challenged our students to be inquisitive, determined, reflective, compassionate and faithful in their lives. Each presenter shared openly about their own personal experiences and invited the students to grow throughout the year. A gourmet lunch of course re-energised the day and a few activities which remain a surprise for future years, provided laughs and opportunity for encouragement. Our hope, as it is each year, is that our Year 12s will feel stronger bonds for each other so that they can work together through the final year of schooling with us.

The Year 12 retreat is a great example of provision of opportunity. It is an opportunity for growth and connection for our Year 12s. It is up to them how much they wish to engage and learn from the opportunity. Many of these opportunities will come across our students’ paths from Kindergarten through to Year 12 and they will not just be in the classroom. My prayer for our students is that they will have the courage to engage deeply with the opportunities that we offer them. It is the same model that Jesus used with the people he encountered. Some deep-dived and became disciples, others listened and walked away and others resisted with anger. Just like them, the freedom to choose is ours.

ReachOut has produced an online article outlining how to help teens cope with bad world news. This may be useful to have on hand as the situation in Ukraine develops.

Bless ya!

Reverend Matt


K-12 Colour Explosion School Fun Run

Get excited and get fundraising!

We have moved the date to Thursday 7 April 2022, the second last day of term.

This is a whole school event which will be an opportunity to fundraise for Lakes Grammar, to celebrate the end of Term 1, and hopefully a return to a more ‘normal’ school life!

What to wear

A cheap white t-shirt which will end up covered in non-toxic, biodegradable colour powder from head to toe! The theme of the day is DISCO, so we encourage lots of colour and creativity.


The non-toxic colour powder is made of high-quality corn starch and permitted food colours, so it is safe for skin and eyes. Students with asthma are advised to be careful in their decision to participate.


Follow the steps details in the sponsorship booklet which was handed out this week in the junior school or you can also view it online - 2022 School Run 4 Fun Sponsorship Form

You can get started by creating a cybersafe fundraising profile at

Please return your donations by Monday 4 April 2022.


Parents and carers are welcome to come along and watch the colour fun run. You may also take your child/ren home after the event, however, you must let their teacher or year advisor know before leaving.

This activity is not compulsory for students, but we do hope to see everyone participate. There are lots of incentive prizes to encourage students to get involved and the prizes are based on the total amount raised. The details of the prizes can be found in the sponsorship booklets or via the online link above.

Timing and further details about the day and parent permissions will be sent to you shortly via the school App.

Thanks in advance for your support, and happy fundraising!

Lakes Grammar P&F Committee

Time to start fundraising



Kindergarten 2023 Information Night – Tuesday 8 March 2022

If you have a child starting Kindergarten in 2023 or know families who are looking to enrol their child, Lakes Grammar is holding an information night on Tuesday 8 March at 6.30pm in the junior school library.

You will hear from our principal, Mrs Clancy and the head of junior school, Mr Wearne.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions and tour the Kindergarten classrooms and the junior school campus.

If you would like to attend, please register here 

Please note that enrolments for kindergarten (2023) are filling quickly and interviews are underway.

Year 7 2023 Scholarships

Lakes Grammar offers a limited number of scholarships each year. These scholarships give families a 50% reduction in the school’s tuition fees, but do not cover other costs such as the resources activity levy, uniforms, textbooks or other cocurricular activities.

The scholarships are based on the results of academic testing and student’s leadership, community service, contribution to school and other cocurricular activities

We encourage high potential students to apply and look forward to hearing from you.

Applications are now open.

Please scroll to the bottom of our home page for more information and the link to the scholarship page.

Year 7 2023 and Senior School Information Night

- Wednesday 23 March 2022

With your child almost ready to start senior school, we would like to invite you to join us for a Year 7 2023 interactive information session and tour at 6.30pm. This will provide an opportunity to meet key senior school staff and view our senior facilities including our senior STEM centre, design and technology workshop and drama studio.

While this information night is targeted at families of children starting Year 7 in 2023 and junior school parents are welcome to attend. If you have friends who are interested in enrolling their child at Lakes Grammar, please encourage them to register. Our places for year 7 (2023) are limited so please come along and see the outstanding opportunities our students are offered in the senior school.

Students are encourages to attend this session and join the tour so they can see first-hand what Lakes Grammar has to offer please email

Lakes Grammar is now on Instagram! 

Please follow us at lakesgrammarwarnervale

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

Thank you to our parents and caregivers who have been supporting the 2nd hand uniform shop.

Please note that we don’t always have sizes in every uniform item, and some items in high demand such as small sizes can be donated and purchased on the same day.

Please do not use Flexischools to pre-order uniform items from the 2nd hand uniforms shop. The stock carried by the 2nd hand uniform shop varies fortnightly, and the item and size you need may not be available.

Flexischools as a point of sale system when the shop is open. Please note that at this point the only items we will be taking are blazers. If you have an unwanted blazer at home and you do not need it anymore please send it in and we will assess the item for you.

Wishing you and your families a happy Term 1 and look forward to seeing you at the shop this term.

Free Lower Limb Assessments

The University of Newcastle Podiatry Clinic at Wyong hospital is offering children (age 0-17 years) free lower limb assessments.

Appointment times: Mondays from 2.30pm to 4.45pm until 30 May 2022. Children will be assessed by final year students, supervised by a podiatrist. Assessment can include foot, ankle, leg, and knee problems. Common reasons for consultation include warts, heel pain, night-time leg pains, rehab after ankle sprain and advice about flat feet. Advice can also be offered on footwear and normal development.  For more information, or to make a booking, please call 4394 7280.

*The netball club shares our name but is not run by the school please see contact details below*



I want to remind you all a great resource that the school purchased late last year, SchoolTV.

SchoolTV is a digital platform full of resources to educate families on how best to support young people and parents.

You can find the school’s SchoolTV page under the Lakes Community tab on our website.

I came across two helpful articles on school refusal. The articles were able to highlight that although it affects 1-2% of school children, it is equally common amongst boys, girls and all socioeconomic groups.

“School refusal is a complex issue as there’s rarely a single cause. It may be linked to separation anxiety, worries about leaving home... It can start gradually or happen suddenly"

 Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

If your child refuses to go to school, or you are looking after another child or parents, here are a few ways you can respond:

Ask for help

Talk to the school, don’t wait until the problem is far bigger.

Consider triggers

When your child is calm, possibly in the morning or night, ask them to describe any key challenges going on at school.

Take a kind but firm approach

You can convey kindness to your children but assuring that you will journey with them during this season.

Give clear and consistent messages

Small changes and messages can make a big difference. Ensure that they wake up at the same time each school day and if you start to notice distress encourage them to take small steps.

Set clear routines on days off school

If your child is home on a school day set up a clear routine with limited access to internet and 1:1 parent time until the school day is over.

Engage the system

Communicate with all the stakeholders in your child’s life including their teacher and GP.

For more information please refer to the following articles found on the School TV page.

School Refusal

So your child refuses to go to school? Here’s how you respond.

Mr Daniel Wearne
Head of Junior School


Library Lessons for all grades K-6 have now started. Below is the class timetable for the week:

Mondays - KH / KB / KK / 3H / 3L / 3K

Tuesdays – 4S / 4J / 6A

Wednesdays – 5/6L / 6L / 1H / 1S / 1L

Thursdays – 5C / 5H / 2J / 2T / 2B

Please ensure borrowers bring their library bag on their designated day.

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2022

PRC 2022 notes will be handed out in library lessons shortly. If your child would like to enter, please complete the registration form and return to Mrs Tennant in the JS Library and she will register online.

Coming up in Term 1:

  • WW1 Living History Incursion – Year 5/6 - 27/4/22


Mr Danny Summers
Junior School Teacher Librarian



Yesterday we finally got to hold the commissioning of our new Principal, Mrs Clancy! A commissioning is where a new school principal is officially welcomed into the school community. The commissioning was conducted by The Right Reverend Dr Peter Stuart, Bishop of Newcastle in the presence of Bishop Charlie Murry, Assistant Bishop of Newcastle, Ms Liz Knight, Executive Director Education & Child Development, special guests, and Year 10, 11 and 12 students.  While we have had to cancel the event twice, it was lovely to celebrate together after eight months with Mrs Clancy as principal. The ceremony was beautifully led by our 2022 student captains, with Blair Evans as the master of ceremonies.

It was wonderful to see our swimmers able to compete last Monday in the swimming time-trial event. Congratulations to our age swimming champions and we wish them luck as the head to the HRIS swimming event in Newcastle next week.

Our Year 12 seminars are proving popular with our students. Last week I ran a session on early entry to university and this week Mr Burns (our senior school counsellor) ran a session on stress busting for the HSC. In week 5 Mrs MacLarty will speak to the students about developing a growth mindset. I encourage all students to attend the upcoming sessions.

This week I once again had to speak to senior school students about vaping. I have reminded students that any student who is found in possession of a vape, using a vape on school property, at school events or excursions or in school uniform may be suspended pending further action. Under the NSW Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008, it is illegal to sell e-cigarettes or e-cigarette accessories to a person under 18 years of age. It is also illegal to display, advertise or promote e-cigarettes. From 1 October 2021, e-cigarettes and e-liquids containing nicotine are a prescription only medicine.

I encourage you to take the time to read the Special Report about vaping on SchoolTV with your child. This report can be found here

From next week, students in Years 7-10 will be allowed to wear their sports uniform on the days they have practical PDHPE classes, as well as on their designated sport day. This is a trial until the end of term. This is only for practical PDHPE classes and students who do the PASS elective will still need to get changed at school before and after the class. We have decided to trial this to allow students more time during practical lessons to engage in class activities. Students are to wear their full-dress uniform on the days they do not have practical PDHPE lessons.

Mrs Michelle Smith
Deputy Principal


This week some of the school’s executive staff and senior leadership team met with Rosalyn Thomas (AIS Senior Consultant: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education). At the meeting we discussed several important focus areas including:

  • The United Nations declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • The National Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy
  • The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration
  • The National Agreement on Closing the Gap (2020-2030)
  • AITSL Indigenous cultural competency in the Australian teacher workforce, and
  • NESA requirements

Over the coming weeks these staff will meet again to discuss current policies and work together to implement a plan to not only improve the educational outcomes of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students but to develop understanding of and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures, and languages in all students at Lakes.

Gifted and Talented Education

Last week I completed the Mini-COGE (Certificate of Gifted Education) at UNSW. The course provided practical professional development to support high potential and gifted students. I particularly enjoyed learning about gifted education research and best practice.

Coordinators are currently engaging and responding to data to differentiate for students who have been identified as gifted or a high potential learner. In Term 2, staff will receive further professional development to differentiate the curriculum for high potential students and develop an existing (or create a new) unit of work to best suit the needs of the differentiated classroom and gifted students. The unit of work will allow staff to implement practical changes to curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy, receive feedback from their colleagues and ongoing will lead to an positive impact on their students.

Supporting your child to read at home

Over the Christmas break, routines can change as families enjoy time together. It is not uncommon for students reading skills to decline as they return to school because learning to read takes lots of practise! Having six weeks off from reading can mean students can take a little extra time to pick up where they left off.

My advice here is:

  • Routine: choose a time to have your child read to you and stick to it.
  • Time: Start with 10 minutes each day. If they decide to read more that is great, but consistency is key!
  • Level: Choose a book that is at the right level for your child. If you need help finding the right book for your child, please contact your child’s teacher.
  • Pause, Prompt and Praise: The Pause, Prompt, Praise method is research-based and effective. Access this site for more details here.

Ms Kristy Gorham
Director of Academic Diversity K-12


Students in Years 7-9 have received details of their first assessment task which is due in week 6. A reminder that the Education Perfect platform is an excellent tool to use at home because it offers a personalised program for your child to improve their spelling, grammar and reading comprehension skills.

Mrs Serena Hart
English coordinator


Congratulations to James and Jarron  for being selected for the highly anticipated exhibition ‘First Class 21’ which will be held at The Museum of Art and Culture yapang (MAC yapang)

James’ series of photographs entitled ‘Circadian’ explore the pulse of time and the fragility of existence through the juxtaposition of vintage objects, a chess set and closeup shots of rockpools and the ocean elements.  Jarron’s body of work entitled ‘Reclaimed Sound’ is a clever, nostalgic and playful amalgamation of digital and analogue components to create hybrid instruments with entangled wires, circuit boards, vinyl records and remnants of past, defunct audio and visual technology.

Now in its 14th year, this much-anticipated annual exhibition celebrates the high calibre of work produced by Higher School Certificate visual arts students from the Hunter and Central Coast regions. This is a fully curated exhibition and artworks were selected by guest curators, based on themes that emerged from the nominations. The exhibition will run from Saturday 26 February – Sunday 8 May 2022.


Mrs Sally Baker
Senior School Teacher



AICES Tennis

Ella year 9 competed at AICES Tennis championships and put in a very strong performance against many older competitors, she is looking forward to the challenge again next year.

School Swimming Trials

A fun and competitive day was had by everyone that attended the school swimming trials. Year 9 and 10 PASS students did a wonderful job of assisting on the day . There were many strong performances on the day and some records broken.

Record Breakers

  • Bridey – U9 girls 50m Free37.30
  • Zara – U11 girls 50m Breast – 45.96
  • Rihana – U16 girls 50m Free – 29.30
  • Rihana – U16 girls 50m Fly – 31.35
  • Rihana – U16 girls 100m free – 104.90
  • Rihana – U16 Open Girls 50m Free – 29.30
  • Marlon – U12 Boys 50m Fly – 41.38
  • Aaliyah – Mixed 8-13 50 Free – 48.62
  • Aaliyah – Mixed 8-13 50 Back 1:05.65
  • Aaliyah – Mixed 8-13 50 Breast 1:27.27
  • Aaliyah – Mixed 8-13 50 Fly 1:06.87
  • Aaliyah – Mixed 8-13 100 Free 1:55.93

Age Champions

Primary School

  • 8s: Lilly and Jayden
  • 9s: Bridey and Lennox
  • 10s: Georgia and Jack
  • 11s: Zara and Lucas
  • 12/13s: Willow and Ben

Secondary School

  • 12s: Kourtney and Marlon
  • 13s: Miranda and Rhys
  • 14s: Giselle and Ethan
  • 15s: Morgan and Taj
  • 16s: Rhianna and James
  • 17s: Sam
  • 18s: Sarah and Jack

Open Champions

Primary: Ben and Bridey
Secondary: Rihana and Sam

Secondary CIS Cup Football

Our open boys and girls’ teams will play their first-round matches of the NSWCIS Cup against Charleton Christian School on Tuesday 1st March. We wish them luck.

HRIS Tennis

An Open boy tennis team will compete in the HRIS Tennis Championships on Tuesday 8th March. We wish them luck.

Term 1 - Key Sporting Dates

8 March

Open HRIS tennis gala day

1 and 7 March

HRIS Primary boys and girls open football trials

2 March

HRIS Secondary hockey trials

4 March

HRIS Primary Division 1 swimming championships

7 March

HRIS Primary opens netball trials

10 March

HRIS Secondary Division 1 swimming championships

14 March

HRIS Secondary open boys/girls and U15’s girls football trials

15 March

HRIS Secondary opens & 15’s touch football trials

18 March

School cross country championships

22 March

HRIS Secondary U16 boys football trials

23 March

HRIS Secondary opens & 15’s netball trials

If you would like to attend any of these sporting trials please contact Mr Beecroft for the nomination details well before trial date as nominations close, at least 1 week before competition or trial.

Please note, students wishing to trial for HRIS representative teams should be playing at a representative level outside of school. This is the performance standard of other trialling athletes from the other 19 HRIS schools.

Mr Darren Beecroft
K-12 Sports coordinator