Week 6, Term 1 2022


14 March

K-6 parent/teacher interviews (via Zoom 3.30pm to 7.30pm)

15 March 

Year 6 raw challenge

18 March 

K-12 cross country (on site)

22 March

K-6 parent/teacher interviews (via zoom 3.30 to 7.30pm)

23 March 

Year 7 (2023) information evening (interactive information session and tour at 6.30pm)

5 April 

Hunter regional da Vinci Decathlon

6 April 

Hunter regional da Vinci Decathlon

7 April

K-12 Colour Explosion Fun Run

8 April  

Junior school and senior school Easter chapel service

K-6 Easter hat parade

7-12 ‘best Easter hat’ competition

Last day of Term 1



Here at Lakes, the VITAL framework underpins all that we do. This framework is based on the capabilities that we hope to see when a student leaves Lakes at the conclusion of Year 12. The 5 areas of VITAL are being faithful, compassionate, determined, inquisitive and reflective. Last week, Mr Sam Willmott, one of our senior school teaching staff (and a past student) asked me if he would be able to share a fundraising opportunity with our staff. Mr Willmott and his brother (also a past student) have launched a charity called ‘three inch ride’ which has its origins from regular phone calls to their grandfather in England, who used to ask them “have you cycled to Alice Springs yet? Its only 3 inches on the map!”. It was a running family joke.

This family connection has now led to the Willmott brothers preparing to cycle from the Central Coast to Alice Springs in October 2023, raising funds to help prevent cardiovascular disease in rural and indigenous communities.

Three-inch ride’ has planned a number of charity events to help raise funds for the communities that they will be cycling through. Each community will be asked how the funds should be spent in their community for this worthy cause, so the funds are useful in their contexts. Their next event is a trivia night, which will be held on the 12th March at Wyong Leagues Club. There is also a donate button on their website -

While I do share this with you with the hope of funds being raised for this valuable cause, I also share it with you in acknowledgement of the kindness and compassion that we see in our community, in our staff, students and families here at Lakes. Once our staff were informed of Mr Willmott’s efforts, there was a rush of staff booking tables at the trivia night, plans to share on our Facebook and Instagram and encouraging our students on assembly.

While the image and data below are US based, I am sure there is a close match to our parents’ aspirations for their children at Lakes. Mr Willmott showcases determination, persistence, helping others and empathy to name a few, as well as finding a creative way to raised funds for a great cause.

We often remind our students of the words of Mathew Chapter 7, verse 12 in Chapel and Christian Religious Education and in our academic care programs: “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” That is, God wants His people to treat others as they want to be treated. The Bible says to love others at all times. It says love your enemies as well as those that persecute you. That is what we see in Mr Willmott. That is what we see in the Year 11 student who picks up someone else’s rubbish, and that is what we see in our staff who go out of their way to help others. That is the Lakes Grammar way.

Mrs Deborah Clancy


As I type this, it is a week since the north of our state and south-east Queensland were smashed by floodwaters. In the week that followed the rains drifted southwards with degrees of disaster to follow. As a young man I attended Southern Cross University in Lismore, was married at the Anglican church and our first daughter was born there. It has been absolutely heart-breaking to see the devastation and hear stories from family and friends who still live there. So much destruction and loss. The story is repeated in places like Brunswick Heads, Woodburn and Coraki. It will be a long road to recovery and many will have to make significantly difficult decisions.

One of the stories to come out of the flood in Lismore relates to the Catholic Cathedral that sits on a small rise not far from the Wilsons River. It was built under the inspirational leadership of the first Bishop of Lismore, Jeremiah Doyle, literally brick by brick as they raised the funds across more than a decade at the turn of the 20th century. It is a striking building architecturally speaking, and overlooks the local Catholic schools. It is built above the flood level of the 1974 and 1954 floods which were the highest in the history of measuring floods since the 1870’s. Even when the Cathedral was built the land was seemingly out of reach of the regular floods that hit Lismore.

With the recent flood waters being more than two metres higher than the previous record the Cathedral was not immune to the disaster. For the first time in its 100 plus years it was inundated with water. If Bishop Doyle had paid attention to the local Bundjalung people and learnt from their stories then he would never have built the cathedral where it is. These First Nations people had stories of flood waters covering the hill that the cathedral sits on. Their ancient stories contained a wisdom that could have prevented this week’s heartache not just for the Cathedral but for 1000’s of others who have lost everything. Ancient stories matter.

As we journey towards Easter, another ancient story is also well worth reconsidering. I hope that we might all be contemplating what difference the death and resurrection of Jesus means in our lives. It is a story that we tell each year to remind ourselves of God’s rescue plan for humanity. It is a story that is worth paying attention to, especially as we construct our lives brick by brick. I hope too that we might all be moved to offer prayer and practical support to all those who have been beaten down by the ridiculous weather events of late. Feel free to donate to the Anglicare fund setup specifically to help those on the ground across the north coast of NSW with the Lismore Flood Appeal. Thanks in advance for your generosity. Lismore Flood Appeal

Bless ya!

Reverend Matt



Our classrooms are a buzz with the sound of learning as students engage in exciting lessons across the school. Over the past six weeks teachers have been conducting a range of pre-tests and assessments to gain a greater understanding of individual student needs and talents. The recent testing of reading, mathematics and abstract functions indicate highly developed problem-solving skills across a significant number of students at both primary and secondary levels. This information is greatly encouraging as staff further plan programs and learning experiences to enrich the engagement of high achieving students in the classroom. Additionally, our director of academic diversity, Mrs Gorham has introduced a range of programs that address specific needs of students at various levels.


Knowledge of a child’s strengths and weaknesses is invaluable to staff and school planning, and to this end NAPLAN testing further enriches teacher understanding of students. The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is a point in time assessment of literacy and numeracy skills. Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in the annual tests in writing, reading, conventions of language (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) and numeracy. All NSW schools will sit NAPLAN online in 2022.

Our school will be participating in NAPLAN between 10 and 20 May 2022. In preparation for NAPLAN, our school will be participating in practice tests between 22 - 24 March 2022. The practice test is a trial run and a key preparation activity for NAPLAN in May. It is not an assessment of student ability, and the tests will not be marked.
Excessive preparation for NAPLAN is not recommended. Students can use the public demonstration site to familiarise themselves with the types of questions and tools available in NAPLAN. Please refer to the notices in the newsletter that further explain procedures related to NAPLAN testing for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It is important for all senior students to bring their devices to school every day, charged and ready for lessons, especially on the 24 March for NAPLAN practice and most importantly from 10 - 20 May for the NAPLAN testing. If you have any questions about NAPLAN, please contact your child’s class teacher or year advisor.

NAPLAN flyer

Minimum Standards Testing

Students in Year 10 will sit the first round of Minimum Standard tests on 29 March and 1 April 2022. Students need to achieve level 3 or 4 in short online reading, writing and numeracy tests to meet the HSC minimum standard. Students get up to six times per year to sit each test. Students can take the tests from Year 10 until up to five years after starting their first HSC course. Please refer to additional information here.

Mrs Anne Hobden
Director of Academic Challenge, K-10


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education

Last week I attended the Ngara Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) meeting at Kanwal Public School. It was energizing to engage with other educators from various school sectors and settings, with a range of experience from our local area. Through sharing experiences, knowledge, understanding, initiatives, and goals we were able to learn from one another to work towards a common goal of improving the educational outcomes for Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander students. The Ngara AECG would like to hear from more Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander families. If you would like to attend the meetings, please contact me

This week the senior leadership team will meet again to discuss current policies and work together to implement a plan to not only improve the educational outcomes of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students but to develop understanding of and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures, and languages in all students at Lakes.

Macquarie University’s Making Up For Lost Time In Literacy (MULTILIT) Programs

Last week I held a literacy information evening for families whose child has been selected to participate in the MiniLit or MacqLit programs at school. I have attached some useful links which provide further information about these programs:

Reinforced Reading (Pause, Prompt and Praise)

One of the single most important things we can do to help low-progress readers is to hear them read every day, for a little as 15-20 minutes. Reinforced Reading is based on the set of strategies for use with low-progress readers known as Pause, Prompt and Praise (PPP), a technique used and researched extensively since the early 1980s and has been revised in the light of current research and the findings of the National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy.

I highly recommend that you view the following video:  It provides effective strategies to teach low-progress readers how to read at home.

Individual Plans K-12

Individual Plans (IPs) are developed at Lakes Grammar for students who have a diagnosed disability or disabilities and who require supplementary, substantial or extensive adjustments in the classroom or school setting. The junior school IP meetings have now concluded, and IPs will be sent to families this week. The senior school IP meetings will commence this week.

Ms Kristy Gorham
Director of Academic Diversity K-12


The next few weeks is very busy with activities planned for the following days on the calendar:



Thursday 17 March (Week 7)

National Close the Gap Day

Friday 18 March (Week 7)

National Day of Action Against Bullying

Monday 21 March (Week 8)

World Harmony Day

Friday 25 March (Week 8)

Earth Hour Day

Thursday 7 April (Week10)

Colour Fun Run

On Thursday 17 March 2022 (National Close the Gap Day) students from K-12 will participate in a fundraiser for 'The Three Inch Ride'. A fundraiser BBQ run by the Year 6 and Year 12 student leaders will be held in addition to an activity designed to assist students to understand about how to develop good heart health. For more information, see Ordering for the BBQ for K-6 will be via Flexischools and Years 7-12 will be able to purchase on the day (no electronic payments available). Donations on the day will also be accepted.

In the senior school our new Mental Health Advocacy Program (MHAP) Team members are designing activities for all students for the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Harmony Day. Our new MHAP team consist of our prefects involved in the positive emotions portfolio, Lara, Alex and Juliet who run the team. They are joined by the following year 9 & 10 students who make up our 2022 team:

Year 9

Year 10




























These students aim to raise awareness in Years K-12 across a range of mental health issues in addition to creating opportunities for students to build their sense of connection to each other, their school and their community.

This week our senior school captains, vice-captains and prefects shared their vision with Years 7-12. Prefects looking after the portfolios of positive health, positive connections, positive emotions and positive relationships shared their ideas and hopes for their leadership. The captains explained the theme for the 2022 leadership team. As read by Blair and Jackson at Tuesday’s assembly, “As a leadership team, we have created a theme that we believe best represents us. From this we believe that not just us, but also you as students will be able to connect and understand or find something meaningful behind this.

‘Find your purpose, live your story’

We look forward to seeing our leadership team demonstrate this and find ways to help all our students connect with each other and participate in activities relating to this theme.

Mrs Alison Maclarty
Director of Academic Care (K-6)


We are celebrating Easter in a big way this year.

Easter Service

On Friday 8 April 2022, junior school and senior school will participate in Easter services.

Easter Raffle

Once again, the P&F committee are asking for Easter egg donations for our annual Easter raffle which will be drawn on Tuesday 5 April. The raffle will be online this year through Raffle Link.

We would appreciate donations to be dropped off at junior or senior school reception by Friday 1 April.

Raffle details will be sent home soon.

Easter hats

For the first time ever, there will be an Easter hat parade in the junior school on the last day of school – Friday 8 April. The senior school will also be encouraged to wear their best Easter hat, with prizes to be donated by the P&F for the best hats in the junior school and senior school.

The junior school canteen will also be running an Easter meal deal on Wednesday 6 April, so keep your eye on Flexischools.

Canteen helpers needed

Our canteens always need parent helpers, especially on meal deal days. If you can spare any time to help, please email


Wednesday 23 March 2022

With your child almost ready to start senior school, we would like to invite you to join us for a Year 7 (2023) interactive information session and tour at 6.30pm. This will provide an opportunity to meet key senior school staff and view our senior facilities including our senior STEM centre, design and technology workshop and drama studio.

While this information night is targeted at families of children starting Year 7 in 2023 all junior school parents are welcome to attend. If you have friends who are interested in enrolling their child at Lakes Grammar, please encourage them to come along.

Our places for Year 7 (2023) are limited so please come along and see the outstanding opportunities our students are offered in the senior school.

Students are encouraged to attend this session and join the tour.

 Please email if you would like to attend.


Get excited and get fundraising!

It’s only four weeks until our first big fundraiser in two years! The competition is heating up between the junior school and senior school fundraisers.

Not only are there plenty of prizes to win by registering online, our P&F committee are also sponsoring prizes for the highest fundraising classes in the junior school and the highest fundraising academic care group in the senior school.

As well as all the money raised for the school, and the prizes to be won, we also have our colour fun run on Thursday 7 April 2022 where our participants will have thrown them coloured powder, they will dress up in ‘disco’, and dance and run around the oval. What a fantastic way to end Term 1!

If you haven’t signed up to start fundraising yet, please create a cybersafe fundraising profile at and follow the steps in the sponsorship booklet which can be viewed online here


Lakes Grammar offers a limited number of scholarships each year. These scholarships give families a 50% reduction in the school’s tuition fees, but do not cover other costs such as the resources activity levy, uniforms, textbooks or other cocurricular activities.

The scholarships are based on the results of academic testing and student’s leadership, community service, contribution to school and other cocurricular activities

We encourage high potential students to apply and look forward to hearing from you.

Applications are now open.

Please follow the link for more information - Year 7 Academic Scholarships


Every day, thousands of Australian children suffer the effects of eczema, and families struggle with managing eczema and children’s behavioural and emotional adjustment.

Healthy Living Triple P is an adaptation of the successful Triple P - Positive Parenting Program, offering practical ideas and support for parents of children with eczema. This innovative online program is designed to help parents manage their child’s eczema more easily, help children cope with their eczema and emotions, prevent and manage difficult child behaviour, and reduce the impact of eczema on families.

Over the next few months, parents of 2-10 year old children with eczema are able to access Healthy Living Triple P  free of charge as part of a research project through the Queensland Children’s Hospital, Griffith University, and the University of Queensland. For more information, please visit us here, or contact Dr Amy Mitchell on (07) 3735 6462, or email



The 7 Habits of Highly Happy People

Rain rain go away…

I think we would all agree that as much as we love rain in this ‘sunburnt country’ we have had a bit too much and sometimes it can get you down a little.

I came across this helpful article on the school’s SchoolTV page about remaining in a place of happiness by using the following 7 habits.

Be a part of something you believe in

It does not matter what people decide to join, whether it be fitness group, or a local council, it will have the same outcome; happiness and meaning to your life. 

Sharing time with friends or family

This is something I took for granted prior to COVID-19 lockdowns. Research has shown that the more frequently you meet with family and friends, the happier you will be.

Reflect on the good

It is very easy, or even natural to focus on the negative outcomes in life. However, an attitude to find the positive success in situations can have a positive affect on your overall emotional happiness.

Exploit the resources you do have access to

Unlike a lot of people, the famous musician Stevie Wonder did not have access to sight. However, he did not let that prevent him from finding both success and happiness. He was able to focus on his sense of hearing and develop a passion for music.

Create happy endings whenever possible

Have you ever watched a movie, or read a book that was highly entertaining, right until the very end. It is interesting how the ending of a story can impact on your overall perception. No matter how well positive or negative an event has gone, it is important to leave things on a good note.

Use personal strengths to get things done

We all have our strengths and growth points, and it is important that we are aware of our skill sets to help us complete the tasks that life can throw at us. A state of completion will always create a sense of achievement.

Savor the natural joy of simple pleasures

Life is busy. However, it is important to stop and take notice of the beauty that can surround you and enjoy the unpredictable bursts of happiness into your life.

And finally, the Bible reminds us that choosing to live with a joyful heart is the best decision we can make.

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” - Proverbs 17:22


Mr Daniel Wearne
Head of Junior School


Premier’s Reading Challenge 2022

The PRC 2022 has gone online via the school app.

If you would like your child to participate and have clicked to acknowledge it, please make sure you follow the link to complete the permission note in order for registration to take place.

The information letter and reading log (to record PRC books read) was emailed home at the end of last week.

Any questions please contact Mrs Lou Tennant in the Junior School Library via email

It is wonderful for our school to again participate in such an amazing event. Happy Reading!

Mr Danny Summers
Junior School Teacher Librarian


Our junior school Lakes Grammar students have had a successful year with results in the University of NSW ICAS Competitions despite the challenges of restrictions and lockdowns. We have received many Merits, Credits, Distinctions and High Distinctions.

ICAS Digital Technologies

Principal Award: Ryan

Credit: Tumininu, Ava, Cheyanne, Lachlan, Callum and Christopher.

Distinction: Ashley, Tahlia, Ethan, April, Benjamin and Cohen.

High Distinction: Ryan and Corey.

ICAS Science

Principal Award: Claire

Merit: Daniel, Addyson, Bronson, Samantha, James, Ashley and Tahlia.

Credit: Ava, Cheyanne, April, Benjamin, Cohen, Corey and Daphne.

Distinction: Madisyn, Isabelle, Lotus, Ryan, Ethan, Jake and Callum.

High Distinction: Noa and Claire.

ICAS English

Principal Award: Eve

Merit: Kobey, Samantha, Marianne and Zak.

Credit: Isabelle, Lotus, Alice, Declan, Jake, Callum, Benjamin, Cohen and Brianna.

Distinction: Madisyn, Ashley, Julia, Keshav, Corey, Claire and Christopher.

High Distinction: Noa, Eve, Ryan,Tahlia and April.

ICAS Spelling Bee

Principal Award: Giulia.

Merit: Jacob, Jake and Zak.

Credit: Noa, Isabelle, Lotus, Tumininu, Cheyanne, Lucy, Jensen, Lachlan, Declan, Brianna, April, Benjamin, Cohen and Christopher.

Distinction: Madisyn, Clementine, Ryan, Mitchell, Samantha, Ashley, Giulia, Keshav and Corey.

ICAS Mathematics

Principal Award: Lotus

Merit: Kobey and Alic.

Credit: Madisyn, Elise, Winter, Lachlan , Declan, Brianna, Samantha, James, Callum, April, Benjamin, Cohen, Hiya, Claire, Daphne and Thomas.

Distinction: Noa, Kaitlynn, Isabelle, Ryan, Ashley, Tahlia, Ethan, Jake and Corey.

High Distinction: Lotus and Eve.

ICAS Writing

Principal Award: Benjamin

Merit: Ava and Marianne.

Credit: Tumininu, Cheyanne, Jensen, Yung-Shan and April.

Distinction: Elise, Clementine, Logan, Declan, Cohen and Brianna.

High Distinction: Ashley, Guilia, Benjamin and Corey.

Mrs Amanda Holland
Coordinator of Curriculum (K-6)


Thank you to all the families that have filled in the form for choir. This week I have met with many students to hear their voices, and we are looking forward to our official start next week.

Rehearsals run on the following days:

Years 1 and 2 Choir



Years 3 and 4 Choir



Years 5 and 6 Choir



Parents can still enrol their children by filling in the form on the school app. If your child is absent to any of the rehearsals, please inform the conductor:



On 29 March 2022, Miss McKillop, coordinator of HSIE and Christian Religious Education will be presenting at the National Conference for Religious Educators in Anglican Schools. Miss McKillop’s presentation is titled ‘World Religions and Incorporating Inquiry into a CRE Curriculum’. Her presentation coincides with the new CRE teaching framework which has been developed by Newcastle Anglican Commission in consultation with key teachers in the four Newcastle Anglican Commission schools. It is a great honour to be asked and we wish Miss McKillop all the best with her presentation.

Over the past two weeks the senior school staff have come together to further plan student activities for our ‘Flourish’ academic care program for Term 2 and to analyse student data. The activities in the academic care program are underpinned by the principles of positive psychology. On our Term 2 staff day will meet to learn more about the principles of positive psychology and how we can incorporate these into all that we do here at Lakes to support the development of our students. Below is the scope and sequence of our Flourish academic care program for each year group

The data analysed in faculty time during this week was specifically targeted at understanding the needs of our high achieving students. Over the past weeks our students in Years 7-9 have completed the ACER General Abilities Test (ACER). This test allows us to identify students who show particular strength in the areas of abstract thinking, numeracy and the English language. The data collected is used by staff to plan and program for these students.

We are committed in the senior school to have our students serve others and connect to our wider school community. As discussed by Mrs Clancy in her report, we have a very exciting day coming up next week where we will focus and support National Close the Gap Day through supporting Mr Willmott in his mission to ride to Uluru, raising money along the way to donate to indigenous communities to support achieving health equality for First Nations Peoples.

We have a very busy calendar coming up in the senior school so please keep your eye out in your emails and on the school app for information and updates. 

Mrs Michelle Smith
Deputy Principal


Year 12 have chosen the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ for their passion project for 2022. This event aims to raise funds for and awareness of The Leukaemia Foundation. We are planning an event at school on Friday 25 March 2022 (Week 8). 

Years 7 to Year 12 students and staff are encouraged to:

  • Colour their hair with non-permanent colour – gold coin donation.
  • Wear hair decorations – dress their hair up with accessories (bring a gold coin donation)
  • Shave their head at school in the hall at lunch time (this requires sponsorship and permission from parents via the school app)
  • Cut their hair shorter at the hairdressers (sponsorship money needed)

Funds will be raised through gold coin donations throughout the day, or through sponsor money for shaving/ hair cutting.

Watch out for some teachers who have opted in to be shaved, but only if we raise enough money.

Start a conversation, and let’s try and assist those families who have been impacted by Leukaemia.

More information to follow next week.

Thank you in advance for your efforts

Mr Rick Hampson
Y12 Year Advisor


I’m not sure I can recall a time when the news reports have been so saturated with distressing stories. As if two years of COVID-19 hadn’t softened us up enough, for the past two weeks our news feeds have been inundated with stories of floods across eastern Australia and the horrific scenes of war in the Ukraine. This week’s unexpected passing of national icon Shane Warne seems like the last straw.

How are Lakes students coping with this deluge of sadness? Thankfully, most kids are pretty resilient and will cope just fine, even in the face of such horrific news stories. But, there will be some kids who find these events very upsetting. Largely, they will fall into one of three interrelated groups: 

  1. Kids who have anxious predispositions and who were ‘worriers’ even before the events of recent weeks.

  2. Kids who have some direct connection with the types of bad news stories they are seeing on the news. This includes those with close and personal experience of the floods; those who have a connection with the conflict in Ukraine; or those who have already had a significant COVID-19 loss.

  3. Kids who have already experienced - and especially those who continue to experience - traumatic events in their life. This might include significant illness or a death in the family; tensions at home; or exposure to abuse. These kids already understand that the world has an ‘ugly’ underbelly.

As parents we are really well positioned to help our kids to not only cope, but to grow through these testing times. Our actions can provide safety, context, and reassurance. But what are we meant to do? The UNICEF website has a helpful article called How to talk to your children about conflict and war, which I think is valuable for all of us of to read. It elaborates on eight ‘tips’ for how we can help our children:

  1. Find out what they know and how they feel
  2. Keep calm and age appropriate
  3. Spread compassion, not stigma
  4. Focus on the helpers
  5. Close conversations with care
  6. Continue to check in
  7. Limit the flood of news
  8. Take care of yourself

I strongly encourage all Lakes parents to take five minutes to read the article, which can be found here:

Point 2 is especially important. The way that we speak with our 6-year-olds will be very different to the way we speak with our 17 year olds. Thankfully, the Australian parenting website offers two excellent pages on how we adjust our conversations on disaster news for 6-11 year olds and 12-18 year olds.

If you are particularly concerned about your child, please don’t hesitate to talk further with their teacher or Year Advisor.

Mr John Burns
School Psychologist


School Cross Country

The cross country carnival will be held on Friday 18 March 2022. Races will commence from 9am for senior students and 11:15am for junior students. Looking forward to a fun day.

Open HRIS Tennis Championships – Secondary

Unfortunately the event had to be cancelled this year due to poor weather conditions.

HRIS Representative team selection are Hamilton, Charlotte T, Charlotte D, Courtney and Sarah.

HRIS Swimming Championships


A wonderful effort by our primary swimmers . Our school team finished 5th overall in Division 1.
Aliyah was awarded multiclass athlete. We have had a number of students make it through to compete at the NSWCIS Swimming Championships. These students are James, Aliyah, Bridey and Georgia who all made it through for individual events. Our U10s girls relay team Georgia, Alicia, Bridey and Lotus were also successful in moving to the NSWCIS championships.


2022 was our first year in division 1 for quite some time. Our students swam well all day and the team finished 8th overall. Again, several of our students are expected to make it through to the next level of competition and we will know once the final results have been published.

School swimming trials

We would like to congratulate Zali who is our 8 years age champion

CIS Cup Football - Secondary

Our Open boys’ and girls’ teams played their first round matches of the NSWCIS Cup. Both teams played extremely well against Charleton Christian School. The girls lost in penalties and the boys won in penalties.

TAP – Secondary

Our Talented Athlete Program has been given the green light to go ahead this year and applications for this program close on Monday 14 March 2022. Please see the email from Mr Beecroft for further information about this program.

School team sporting trials

School sports team trials for the sports listed below will take place before the end of term. Information about these will be announced at assemblies and put on school notice boards.


  • Year 3/4 Basketball
  • Oztag
  • Futsal


  • Netball
  • Oztag
  • Futsal
  • Football (soccer)
  • Opens Basketball

Term 1 – Key Sporting Dates

18 March

School cross country championships

14 March

HRIS secondary open boys/girls and U15’s girls football trials

15 March

HRIS secondary opens & 15’s touch football trials

22 March

HRIS secondary U16 boys football trials

23 March

HRIS secondary opens & 15’s Netball trials

Mr Darren Beecroft
K-12 sports coordinator