Week 8, Term 2 2022


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Mrs Deborah Clancy

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  • Monday 20 June – Junior School K-6 Curriculum Evening (6.30pm)
  • Monday 20 June – Twilight athletics carnival – Years 2 to 12 (arrive at Mingara by 4pm)
  • Wednesday 22 June – Senior school 7-12 curriculum information evening (6.30pm)
  • Thursday 23 June – Year 2 pirate day
  • Friday 24 June – Pride in Excellence morning tea
  • Friday 24 June – Senior school term awards assembly (12pm school hall)
  • Friday 24 June – Junior school term awards assembly (9am school hall)
  • Tuesday 19 July – First day of Term 3


I’m not sure if you caught the news but the Socceroos have qualified for their 5th consecutive World Cup. It is another tale of unlikely heroism in the face of what may seem insurmountable obstacles. Their win this week in penalties over Peru is a reminder for us all of the power of hard work, determination, belief and resolute grit that has such a rich heritage in so many aspects of what it means to be Australian. Most of their qualifying games have been held overseas and the press has hardly been singing their praises along the way. It has been a real battle to be taken seriously and watching them together you can see how they are motivated to be a team that just won’t back down.

And yes, now with the pool of death at the world cup settled we shall later this year see how our Socceroos take on France, Denmark, and Tunisia. Will all their efforts continue to grow as they prepare for the next hurdle? Soccer, and other sports for that matter, provide us with some wonderful analogies of life. They also, when we participate in them, provide us ways to live out valuable characteristics of life. And in a fun way too! Teamwork, determination, upskilling, encouraging, vision setting, goal achieving and so many more attributes that are transferable to day-to-day activities. Many of these I have learned on the soccer field.

Only this week I was reflecting on a special day program that my coach set up for our team when I was 11. A local store owner happened to be a former Socceroo (whose name escapes me) and he ran us through some drills that he had done as a player with the Aussie team. I can still see myself trying to do his passing drill with the cricket stump and the effort and concentration this took. I wanted to impress him and so this is etched in my memory (not his name though). We ran through those drills over and over again until our coach was satisfied that we had learnt what we were meant to learn. Determination, grit, desire, drive, and goals!

The Apostle Paul likened the life of faith to being an athlete. He would describe some of the character traits I’ve shared with you today to what was needed to have a rich and fulfilling life following Jesus. I think that if Paul was writing today, he could easily use the illustration of the Socceroos to encourage us to support one another as we play alongside each other in life. Sometimes we sprint in attack. Sometimes we need to pass the ball and sometimes we need to set a wall in defence. The point, though, is that you can’t play the faith game from the sideline, you’ve got to be on the field. So let me encourage you to jump in and join the joyous experience of following Jesus. Let me know if you want to know how as all players are welcomed.

Bless ya!

Reverend Matt



Last week, I attended a teacher seminar about ‘The Resilience Project’. This Australian based awareness and education group hope to promote the benefits of positive mental health. They work mainly in schools and workplaces but have also worked with professional sporting teams such as Cricket Australia and most recently the Queensland State of Origin teams. They focus of three main areas – gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness. In each of these areas they try and develop emotional literacy, to enable students to recognise and explain their feelings. We will hopefully roll out some of the programs and suggested activities during the year. This week I would like to focus on Gratitude and ask ourselves the following difficult questions.

How often do you focus on what you currently have?

How often do you pay attention to the good moments in your day? 

Do you focus too much on what you haven’t got? “If I only had this……. then life would be better”. Where does this stop? We could simply want more and more.

You can discover more about the organisation on their website ( and in the TRP podcasts.

On the website you will find the TRP@home link, which offers practical tools into how we can promote positive mental health within our families.

My challenge to you this weekend is to show gratitude to someone special in your life. You could leave a note on the fridge, cook something special or just let them know that you are grateful for what they do. 

Wishing you a safe a heathy holiday

Mr Rick Hampson
Director of Academic Care (K-12)


National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week

On 26 June, the junior school commemorated National Sorry Day with a K-6 assembly led by Year 11 students. The senior students spoke about the significance of National Sorry Day, what it means to be truly sorry and introduced the theme of reconciliation week “Be brave, make change”. K-6 students then engaged in activities throughout the week with their classes to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

On 3 July, the senior school commemorated National Reconciliation Week with a Year 7-12 assembly led by senior students. The students spoke about the significance of Reconciliation Week and how students at Lakes can ‘Be brave and make change’. Their speech was followed by a performance by Kani, a Year 11 Drama student. Kani had written the monologue himself and his performance of it had secured him a place in the Youth in Performing Arts (YIPA) program, which he performed at Laycock Street theatre last month. The highly emotive and engaging monologue explored the idea of racism and the courage of bus passenger who stood up, was brave and expressed his abhorrence at what he heard on his travels by a fellow passenger. Further to this, staff supported students to explore the theme  ‘Be brave make change’ by designing lessons throughout the week which challenged students all to be brave and tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation so we can make change for all.

Mrs Kristy Gorham
Director of Academic Diversity (K-12)

child on iPhone


When I was growing up, my parents did a pretty good job of preparing me for the dangers of our local community. As a kid I was taught about the safety issues of crossing the road. We talked about the risks of alcohol and drugs. Everyone knew to stay away from creepy Mr Macpherson on Jenson Street. And then there was the Esposita gang who hung out at the local shopping centre – give them a wide berth! Screen danger certainly wasn’t an issue of major safety for us. There were only five TV channels, all watched on one family TV in the lounge room. Any ‘adult content’ was only aired after kids’ bedtime.

Fast forward to 2022 and many of these things have not changed. Crossing roads is still a vital safety issue for kids to navigate. So too drugs and alcohol. Sadly, all communities still have their Mr Macphersons and Esposita gangs. The one thing that has changed drastically is internet-related danger. The web, despite all its wonderful benefits, opens an entire universe of perils into which our kids can stumble. And, although the genesis of these dangers is the online world, their affects can very much affect the physical and emotional safety of our kids. Consider the following:

  • Bullying used to be domain of the school playground, or perhaps the bus trip home. Now, cyberbullies can belittle, harass, and intimidate our kids to a limitless audience from the anonymity of their own iPhone.
  • Pornographic material used to be the domain of magazines available to adults at petrol stations and newsagencies. Now, primary aged kids (and younger) can inadvertently be exposed to highly explicit pornography while carrying out the most innocent of google searches.
  • Stranger danger used to be limited to the physical contact of “dirty old men” in a local area. We now frequently read reports of children – especially pre-teen and teen girls – being groomed online through chatrooms via fake identities.
  • While in the past young romantic couples may have played ‘I’ll show you mind if you show me yours’ games, now young people (again, predominantly our girls) are being pressured into sending “nudes” which can then be distributed or re-surface with malicious intent when the relationship sours.

These are not easy matters to discuss with our kids. They are made all the harder by the reality that most of us didn’t face these dangers when we were children or teens. And yet, these are very real dangers that conscientious parents need to take into consideration.

Thankfully, we don’t need to enter this treacherous territory unprepared. The Federal Government’s eSafety Commissioner has a website that is packed with comprehensive and practical guidance for parents on just about every eSafety topic you could imagine, including the ‘big’ issues of:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Sending nudes and sexting
  • Time Online and age-appropriate boundaries
  • Online gaming
  • Unwanted contact and grooming
  • Online pornography

There is a section devoted to children under 5 years; a bunch of fact sheets and checklists; and a special section on talking to children and young people about the ‘hard to have’ conversations’.

This is one of those areas where I truly believe we are better off to do some thinking and preparing in advance, rather than needing to play ‘catch up’ when we fear – or, worse, discover – that our kids have indeed been drawn into some hazardous online interactions.

Mr John Burns
Senior School Psychologist


The office will be closed from Monday 27 June to Friday 8 July.
The office will be open from Monday July 11th to Friday July 15th with calls answered between 9am to 12pm only.

When the office is closed, or unattended, phone messages will be checked periodically and an administration staff member will return your call, so please leave a message. The office will also be closed on the staff day (Monday 18 July).


Our junior and senior canteens always need helpers. Any parents, caregivers or grandparents are more than welcome if you can spare a day once a fortnight or once a month.

If you can spare time to help, please email


Wesley Mission Foster Carers


Junior School K-6 Curriculum Evening

Year 6 taster day


Another wonderful two weeks have passed since my last newsletter. Learning is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down as we head toward the end of term.

Our Year 6 students are testament to the wonderful values instilled in them by you and our school. The ongoing praise from organisations in Canberra where Year 6 visited last week shows how respectful, caring, kind and considerate Lakes Grammar students are. I was very proud when the bus drivers returning from Canberra sought me out to tell me in person how delightful it was to spend four days with our students.

Our ongoing theme of kindness and consideration was added to this term with being brave, bold and bouncing back. I am delighted to see so many young students wanting to be bold and brave enough to stand up in front of the entire school each morning and give messages like “please don’t litter as it affects the marine life”, “please remember not to run in courtyard because you might accidentally run into someone”, “please be kind to people even though you might be mad at them”. 

Our Year 6 students again, have opportunities to be brave as they start their transition to high school. This week students have been able to visit a senior school class of their choice. Take a moment to think how brave they need to be to go into a Year 9 design and technology class, or an art class or drama class without knowing the teacher and sharing that space with those big senior students. You can see by the photos, what the payoff for being brave can look like.

I encourage you to share your stories of being brave.

Events happening next week:

Monday 20 June 2022

  • Twilight Athletics Carnival Mingara from 4pm
  • K-6 Curriculum information evening 6pm in the senior school hall (please register below by scanning the bar code or clicking the image.

Tuesday 21 June 2022

  • Year 6 and OC Science Fair

Thursday 23 June 2022

  • Year 2 Pirate Day - Arrgghh

Friday 24 June 2022

  • End of Term Awards Ceremony - 9am - Senior School Hall
  • Pride of Excellence morning tea - 11am - Junior School STEM room

Mr Greg Sewell
Acting Head of Junior School

Year 6 GROUP PHOTO Canberra 2022
Year 6 group shot in Canberra 2022
Year 6 student in astronaut suit
Year 6 boys in Canberra


Year 6 survived the arctic blast in Canberra and were very fortunate to experience an educational tour of our national capital. They participated in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture heritage and democracy.

During their four-day trip, they visited the National Museum of Australia, Government House, Questacon, the National Capital Exhibition, the Australian Institute of Sport, the Royal Australian Mint, the Australian War Memorial, Parliament House, the Museum of Australian Democracy and the Electoral Education Centre. It was a busy three-day schedule where they learned a great deal, yet they still had time for laser tag, some zone bowling and enjoyed the buffet meals. They were also joined by Mrs Clancy on two of the days around Canberra.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $30 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.

Mr Andrew Lawson
Year 6 Teacher


Premier's Reading Challenge 2022

Congratulations to the 32 students who have completed the Premiers Reading Challenge 2022 already! Also, thank you for all those parents and students who have started or indicated they will be participating in the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge 2022.

How do I register my child for the challenge?

To register your child please complete the online permission slip via the school App as well as completing this registration form.

Your child’s reading log can be printed from this link (personal reading log). Completed logs are to be placed in the PRC box located in the JS library, no later than Friday 19 August 2022.

Students who struggle with their reading might consider the new 3-9 challenge category.

Any questions please contact Mrs Lou Tennant in the junior school library –

Overdue books

Overdue notices will be going out to families next week (Week 9). If your child has an overdue notice, can you please ensure all library books are returned before the school holidays.

Otherwise, please have a thorough look for them during the school holidays. Thank you for your support this term.

Mr Danny Summers
Junior school Teacher Librarian


Senior School 7-12  Curriculum information evening invitation

Chinese excursion
Chinese excursion


On Friday 3 June, Years 9 and 10 went to Chinatown. We visited the Chinese Garden of Friendship and Emperor’s Garden Restaurant.

After arriving at central station, we first went to the Chinese Garden of Friendship. The garden has authentic Chinese architecture, modelled after the style belonging to the Ming Dynasty. In the garden we saw twelve Chinese zodiacs, and we were able to recall our previous unit on animals and pets while embarking on an Easter hunt to find these zodiac animals.

When lunch came around, we left the garden to walk to the Emperor’s Garden Restaurant. Here, we were able to eat a diverse range of yum cha cuisine. The most popular dish between our group was the prawn har gow, a dumpling with clear, chewy skin and prawn filling. We also tried other dishes that are considered Chinese staples – chicken feet, sesame balls with red bean filling, and bean curd rolls – to name a few.

Our trip was very memorable, and we were very grateful for the opportunity to go to Chinatown and further our knowledge of China’s rich culture.

Caitlyn and Patti, Year 9

I had a great time on the Chinese trip in 2022. We had the opportunity to discover the Chinese Garden of Friendship and the Chinese animals. It was a great chance to try a wide variety of Chinese cuisine and experiment with the use of chopsticks. My favourite food was the barbeque pork dumplings. It was also fun to explore all the family-owned restaurants throughout Chinatown. Overall, the trip was a great experience, and I enjoyed the time with my friends.

Vaughn, Year 9

I very much enjoyed the excursion to Sydney. I enjoyed walking through the city and talking with my friends. I was surprisingly not bored as we walked through the Chinese Gardens. The scavenger hunt for the zodiac animals was fun and we got to see the unique architecture of the buildings. The mixing of manmade features and nature was very well done. I got to try some new foods at the restaurant and thought that most of it was very good.

Mitchell, Year 9

I enjoyed our excursion to Chinatown because we got to learn about Chinese culture including the Chinese zodiac animals and the different cultural buildings around the garden of friendship. After our adventure through the garden, we went to have some yum cha for lunch we enjoyed food such as pork buns, spring rolls and chicken feet.

Gideon, Year 9

Mrs Sue Zhao
Chinese Teacher


The end of term is approaching! A few reminders from the English faculty:

  • Students in Years 7-10 must bring their novels to each lesson and practise their weekly spelling lists.
  • Students in Year 11 have their multimodal presentations due on Friday.
  • Participation in the English Honours Program has been offered to students in Years 7-10 English A classes and expressions of interest close this week.

The HICES debating season has now concluded for Lakes Grammar students. I would like to commend the debating students for their efforts and achievements for 2022.

Mrs Serena Hart
English coordinator


HRIS basketball
HRIS football 2022


We will be holding a twilight event for all students from Years 2-12 who wish to be selected in our school athletics team at Mingara Athletics Centre on Monday 20 June 2022. Junior school from 4-6pm and senior school from 6-9pm. Times are approximate, and a program of events has been emailed out to those students who have entered. Parent spectators and helpers are welcome on the evening.


Students can participate in weekly fitness training session every Wednesday morning in the school hall from 8 to 8.30am. It is a great chance to get together and experience a variety of training types. Students will again attend AShayne fitness on Thursday 23 June for a group training session and will be involved in a sports psychology session run by Fiona McCarthy from Mind and Body Balance


Senior basketball teams competed in this competition, performing well throughout the day with some wins and some losses.


Our 15s boys and Open girls teams competed in this competition, playing very well. They had a great day out finishing with some wonderful results. 15 boys finished 6th overall and open girls finished 2nd overall, narrowly missing out on retaining their title from last year.


Grayson K, Lincoln B, Kyah C, Charlotte T and Ashley P have competed at the NSWCIS Cross Country Championships. They represented the school finishing fantastically with some strong results against some very tough opposition.


School sports team trials have begun but have been impacted by wet weather. Information about these will be announced at assemblies and put on school notice boards.


  • Basketball – Years 5-6 – trials on Tuesday morning, Junior School courts at 8am.
  • Oztag/touch football – trials/training: Thursday afternoons 3.20 – 4.20pm on the senior school oval.
  • Soccer –Years 3-4 and 5-6 – will be held during Years 3-6 sport time 
  • Netball – Years 3-4 and Years 5-6 – will be held during Years 3-6 sport time


  • Oztag/touch football – completed – training on Wednesday lunch times.
  • 15s basketball – trials/training on Tuesday mornings at 8am in the senior school hall.


If there are any parents keen to help at any sporting events, it is most welcomed. You will need to supply a current working with children check number, sign a school volunteer form and code of conduct. If you are keen and interested, please contact Mr Beecroft –


  • Monday 20 June – Primary Central Coast Futsal Gala Day
  • Monday 20 June – School Twilight Athletics Carnival
  • Thursday 23 June – Open Boys and Girls Central Coast Futsal Gala Day.

Mr Darren Beecroft

K-12 Sports Coordinator