Week 4, Term 4 2022


Mrs Deborah Clancy


Week 5

  • Monday 7 November – visit from Conservatorium of Music for Years 3-6
  • Tuesday 8 November – P&F/AGM meeting via Zoom
  • Wednesday 9 November – HRIS touch football gala day
  • Wednesday 9 November – Year 1 Fizzics incursion
  • Tuesday 9 November – HRIS primary touch football gala day
  • Thursday 10 November – Wiburd & Douglas Shield Cricket
  • Thursday 10 November – Year 12 formal
  • Friday 11 November – Remembrance Day
  • Friday 11 November – Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award qualifying expedition
  • Saturday 12 November - Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award qualifying expedition

Week 6

  • Tuesday 15 November – Years 7-8 mathematics show
  • Tuesday 15 November – Years 7 parent information evening at 6.30pm
  • Wednesday 23 November – Sport awards breakfast
  • Thursday 24 November – Year 6 farewell disco
  • Thursday 24 and Friday 25 November – Year 3 cru camp

Week 7

  • Monday 28 November – Junior school end of term awards assembly
  • Friday 2 December – Year 6 graduation ceremony

Week 8

  • Monday 5 December – Kindergarten graduation ceremony
  • Tuesday 6 December – Motiv8 fun day
  • Wednesday 7 December – Junior school speech day
  • Thursday 8 December – Senior school speech day


Samaritans christmas appeal 2022

So, over the last couple of weeks I have been spending a lot more time in our junior school. Both the staff and students have been so welcoming and in a strange way it feels like I am the new person even though I have been with the school since 2006. One of the first things I did was to wander around to each of the classrooms and say hello, check out what the students are working on and even the occasional Q&A session. As I go, I am learning new faces and names, who has a sibling or two in the senior school and who has been here since Kindy. Our students are practising calling me Rev Matt which is something new for them too.

What has really struck me about the last couple of weeks has been the energy that really thumps along at the younger end of the school. There is so much more movement and noise among our younger members, but there is also so much energy for learning. When I was in some of the younger classes, they were so keen to show me what they were learning and fearless when it came to asking for help. These are great characteristics that we do well to nurture in students as they grow. I am inspired to keep learning by watching our youngest learners.

And then there is our chapel time together. What a great way to finish off our Thursdays. Our chapel theme across the whole school for the term is the Christmas story and the last few weeks we have been looking at some ancient signs that pointed towards that very first Christmas. We have heard from some Old Testament prophets who foreshadowed where the Messiah would be born and what some of their characteristics would be. During our first chapel in junior school, we played a guessing game of which teacher was born where and what their hometown was famous for given that Bethlehem has a celebrity birth. When Mr Herbert was the answer, I would say half his class ran to him from their seats they were so excited. It was such a beautiful moment.

Speaking of beautiful moments, our Year 7 cohort have launched their passion project which is the Samaritans Christmas Appeal. Each year we support a local emergency relief centre where we make a real difference in the lives of some of our struggling community members. Please see the flyers below as we collect non-perishable items and gifts to help those in need this Christmas. Thank you in advance for your generosity as we choose to bless others who we call neighbour.

Collection dates - Tuesday 1 to Thursday 10 November

Students involved - K-12

What to do - Please bring in non-perishable items and suitable gifts (see flyers)

Christmas ideas for gifts

Christmas food flyer

Bless ya!

Reverend Matt



On Wednesday 19 October, Wyong Art House opened its doors to highlight the artistic talent of Lakes Grammar students. The annual ‘Visions’ art exhibition returned after a two-year absence during the pandemic. This time, however, it was even bigger! In 2022 the exhibition welcomed our junior school artists, joining hundreds of our senior school students in exhibiting their work.

Our wonderful staff Mrs Hobden, Mrs Baker, and Ms Lobregat, along with Mrs Lusted from our junior school, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this exhibition a success. These wonderful ladies curated, framed, mounted, and delicately configured the exhibition to highlight the beautiful work of our junior and senior students. We would also like to acknowledge and thank our senior school leaders who hosted this event. We were privileged to have our new school captains Samuel Cand Charlotte D welcome our families and community to this event and our principal, Mrs Clancy, cut the ribbon and officially open the exhibition to the public. Raphael D and Kani L, our very talented senior music students, serenaded our guests as they toured the exhibition, further showcasing the extraordinary talent of our Lakes Grammar students.

A great big congratulations to each student who exhibited work in the 2022 Visions exhibition. It is such a wonderful achievement to have work selected for this event, displayed in a professional venue within our local community.

A huge congratulations to our award recipients:

Zara T (Kindergarten) Ivy D (Kindergarten), Jay B (Year 1), Jeremiah B (Year 1), Archie P (Year 2), Grace P (Year 2), Scarlett A (Year 3), Matthew K (Year 3), Lucy W (Year 4), Elliot H (Year 4), Alexander B (Year 5), Addyson H (Year 5), Mcrae P (Year 6), Rory W (Year 6), Brayden C (Year 7), Sienna B (Year 8), Grace O (Year 8), Caitlyn D (Year 9 Art), Kaitlyn B (Year 9 PDM), Anara H (Year 10 Art), Jack P (Year 10 DM), Annabella A (Year 11), Will Cook (Year 12).

Our junior school acquisitive prize winner for 2022 was Alice K (Year 2) and our senior school winner Giselle S (Year 8).

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Romy and her staff at Wyong Art House for hosting this event. You supported our staff and students to create the biggest exhibition Lakes Grammar has ever undertaken. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you in the future.

As we close the doors on the 2022 exhibition, we would finally like to thank our families for supporting this event and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Thank you everyone for a joyous celebration of the arts!

Mrs Katrina Braun
Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Coordinator


Invitations and RSVP links will be emailed to award recipients at the end of November.

counsellors corner


Co-parenting after separation and divorce

Mandy frequently found parenting to be difficult. Her kids were not necessarily any better or worse than most kids. It was just that she wanted to do a good job and felt she needed the ‘wisdom of Solomon’ in knowing how to respond to the daily challenges that family life brought up. She coped pretty well at first, especially when her relationship with the kids’ dad, Byron, was strong. Over time though, things with Byron became strained and after some rocky years they decided to separate.

Neither Mandy nor Byron had anticipated just how much harder this would make parenting. During the time of their separation and subsequent divorce, all communication was stressful – not just that about the kids. However, living separate lives in separate houses created a whole range of additional parenting challenges that needed to be negotiated. What days would the kids be with who? Who was going to pay for what? Who was going to do drop-offs and pick-ups? Where will the kids be for the holidays, or for birthdays? What about when one of us gets a new partner? Moreover, the kids found the separation very unsettling, reflected in a deterioration in their behaviour. Despite Mandy’s relief to not have the daily squabbles with Byron, there were days she missed being able to pull out the ‘wait ‘til your father gets home’ card.

If you are no longer living with your co-parent, the experience of Mandy and Byron may sound familiar. Many of us are in this situation and we can learn from the experience of others about how to successfully navigate these challenges. The website has some practical and wise suggestions for how to co-parent. They strongly encourage ensuring that your kids can have safe and healthy relationships with all their parents. One thing they recommend is developing a co-parenting plan which spells out the basic plan for things like:

  • a contact or visitation schedule
  • education
  • finances
  • children’s medical needs or concerns
  • holidays and special events
  • guidelines for decision-making and dispute resolution.

Of course, making such a plan could be fraught with difficulties of itself. However, I suspect that the ‘pain’ of negotiating such a plan may well much less that the pain that comes by not having a plan at all. also offer their seven top tips for successful co-parenting and some suggestions for dealing with special celebrations when you are co-parenting. It is well worth a look.

Dr John Burns
Senior School Psychologist

Safe guide to partying


Our junior and senior canteens always need helpers. Any parents, caregivers or grandparents are more than welcome if you can spare a day once a fortnight or once a month.

If you can spare time to help, please email


Lakes Grammar junior school and senior school canteens are meeting the requirements of the next stage of the NSW plastics ban which commenced on 1 November. An environmentally friendly range of wrapping and utensils have been sourced, this new range includes approved wooden utensils and cardboard straws.

Some of the packaging already in use by the canteens includes:

  • Natural fibre hamburger clams
  • Cardboard long clams
  • Hot chocolate cups
  • Paper bags in all sizes for packaging

Mrs Rebecca Blair
Operations Manager

Single plastics ban



Huge congratulations to our Junior School senior chess team who won, and the junior chess team who came third at the HRIS Chess tournament at Avondale College on Friday. Exciting times! Thanks to Mrs Cliff and Mrs Wickert who accompanied the students and to Mr Holden for his work in the lead up.

Mr Lawson and Mr Giles took the Year 5 and 6 basketball gala day teams last Wednesday to play in the HRIS event. Whilst there were no medals for the teams on the day, they enjoyed playing and represented the school well.

The Years 3 and 4 soccer gala team finally got the opportunity to compete at HRIS on Wednesday after the event was cancelled due to severe weather in Term 3. Thanks to Mr Herbert for preparing the team and Mr Holden for coaching the students on the day.
All classes from K-4 participated in Hunter Life Education sessions recently. Topics varied depending on the grade but included elements such as healthy lifestyles, relationships, feelings and emotions, and the human body. Students thoroughly enjoyed meeting ‘Harold’ and learning more about personal development and health.

Special mention to Billy S (Year 5) who recently wrote to the Prime Minister with his concerns for our country. He was very proud to share his response from Mr Albanese! (click here)

Term 4 key dates

  • Monday 7 November – visit from Conservatorium of Music for Years 3-6
  • Wednesday 9 November – HRIS touch football gala day
  • Wednesday 9 November – Year 1 Fizzics incursion
  • Thursday 10 November – Junior School assembly and chapel – Year 2 presenting
  • Friday 11 November – Remembrance Day
  • Thursday 17 November – Junior School assembly and chapel – Year 1 presenting
  • Wednesday 23 November – Sport awards breakfast
  • Thursday 24 November - Junior School assembly and chapel – Year 3 presenting
  • Thursday 24 November – Year 6 farewell disco
  • Thursday 24 and Friday 25 November – Year 3 cru camp
  • Monday 28 November – End of term awards assembly
  • Friday 2 December – Year 6 graduation ceremony
  • Monday 5 December – Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony
  • Tuesday 6 December – Motiv8 fun day
  • Wednesday 7 December – Junior school speech day

Mrs Kylie McPherson
Head of Junior School

Please see the images below for some lovely writing from Year 1.

Year 1 drawing
Year 1 drawing

2022 HRIS chess winners
HRIS chess team 2


On Friday 28 October, twelve junior school students attended the primary HRIS Chess competition at Avondale. All students represented Lakes Grammar with pride and displayed great teamwork. They started off the day with a friendly warm up game against each other, then played against several other HRIS schools throughout the day. Congratulations to our Open A team who won the competition. Our junior team also did an amazing job and finished third in their division.

Mrs Gillian Cliff
Junior School Teacher

Central coast chess tournament


The Junior School Environmental Club has launched its composting program this week! Each class will have a compost container to deposit their food scraps into before the containers are collected and emptied into our compost bin. We are looking forward to integrating the compost we create into the vegetable garden.

The environmental club has researched composting, created posters, labelled compost containers, and is assisting with running the program. Well done Environmental Club!

Mrs April O’Donnell
K-2 Coordinator