Lakes Grammar is a place where students and staff learn to ‘Know their Worth’. Our School Chaplain Reverend Matt, often reminds our community they are ‘Born on purpose, for a purpose’ and it is this focus on developing effective citizens and life-long learners that underpins all that we do from Kindergarten to Year 12. 

When our students graduate in Year 12 they often express a sadness about leaving as they have developed a real sense of belonging. This is something we work hard to develop in our students. A sense of belonging and connectedness is one of the main protective factors for wellbeing. Our staff get to know their students and this is evident in the way they address their needs in the classroom, devise extra-curricular programs to cater to their interests and work towards developing social and emotional competencies. These competencies include: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills and social awareness. 

All students are valued and cared for at our school whether they are academic, sporty, have a heart for service or simply want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Our wellbeing team which consist of Co-ordinator of Wellbeing, School Counsellor, School Chaplain and the Year Advisers, work together to support students and staff to get the best out of every day.  

The Coordinator of Student Wellbeing leads the Wellbeing team to assess where extra support is needed and works with the staff to secure the best support structure. During their school life, most  students need some extra support at some point. This may be in the area of just needing someone to talk things through with, to needing more regular mental health check-ins, to needing emotional or academic support at exam time.

Our Senior School Counsellor is a qualified psychologist who is very experienced in assisting students in times of crisis, or just in times of feeling down or overwhelmed. Our Counsellor is able to assist parents with finding external support to provide a more comprehensive support system for their child. At times, recommendations can be made to support student learning and as such, our Counsellor works closely with our learning support co-ordinator to support students in all areas of their life at school.

We are blessed to have such a passionate and committed School Chaplain who works to support our students in their faith journey in addition to supporting students through periods of grief and loss. A valued part of our Wellbeing team, our Chaplain is able to spend time alongside our students to develop a relationship of trust and confidence.

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