“To flourish in this turbulent and tricky world, a strong, agile, curious mind is an essential.”

Guy Claxton (Learning Powered Approach)

With a focus on a Learning Powered Approach, we provide opportunities for students to dig deep into their learning, follow their interests, develop personal agency and become imaginative, reflective, inquisitive and determined learners.

At Lakes Grammar we offer the following opportunities:

  • A wide range of subjects in Stage 5 and 6 to cater for our students' interests and talents.
  • All students in core subjects (English, mathematics, science, history and geography) are grouped in similar abilities from Year 8
  • In mathematics we offer an Extension class in Years 7 and 8
  • In Years 7-10 self-nominating Honours courses are available for all students to complete English, mathematics, science and the humanities
  • Identified Gifted and Talented students in the senior school work closely with the gifted and talented mentor
  • Students in Years 7-9 can be invited to join the independent learners class
  • Support classes to cater for students' individual needs in literacy and numeracy
  • ATSI student support and Personalised Learning Plans
  • State of the art technology in the classrooms to enhance student learning
  • Inquiry based learning in history
  • Access to Macquarie University - Gifted and Talented Program

Building Better Futures

"Hard-headed business leaders around the world agree that developing qualities of mind such as learning agility, resilience, imagination and collaboration is a vital aim for 21st Century education..."

Guy Claxton (Learning Powered Approach)

At Lakes we offer a number of programs to support all of our students to develop their own personal agency and to fulfil their post-school goals and aspirations. Our team, which includes a dedicated Careers Adviser, implements programs to support both the students' career pursuits but also their sense of wellbeing.

  • Staff mentors for Year 11 and 12 students
  • After school study hall in the library
  • Learning Powered Approach – tutor program
  • Year 12 career mentoring
  • Year 10 academic mentor
  • Study Seminars for Years 10, 11 and 12 students
  • Parent support sessions
  • Partnership with the Wollotuka Institute University of Newcastle - supporting our Indigenous students
  • Years 11 and 12 Headspace workshops –stress management and mental health.

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