School Leadership

School Leadership

PrincipalMrs Deborah Clancy

B.Science (UNE) 
Certificate of gifted education (UNSW) 
Dip Ed (NCAE) 
Masters of Educational Leadership (UOW) 
Honorary fellow – Teachers guild of NSW 
Deputy PrincipalMrs Michelle Smith

B. Arts with honours (UOW)
Dip Ed with merit (UON)
Masters of Educational Leadership with Distinction (UON)
Head of Senior SchoolMrs Alison MacLarty

B.Education (USY)
Head of Middle SchoolMs Cynthia Jobe-Parker

B. Science, English & Journalism (Uni of NY – USA)
Dip Ed (UON)
Masters of Education: Educational Technology (UON)
Head of Junior SchoolMrs Kylie McPherson

B.Teaching/B.Arts (UON)
Masters of Educational Studies with Distinction (UON)
Director of Academic CareMr Rick Hampson

B. Science with honours (UK)
Director of Academic DiversityMrs Kristy Gorham

B. Teaching/B. Arts (UNE)
Masters of Special Education
Director of Academic ExcellenceMrs Anne Hobden

B. Fine Arts (UON)
Operations ManagerMs Rebecca Blair

B.Arts (UWS)