Senior School

Senior School

At Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School, we believe that the senior years of education are a pivotal phase in shaping young minds, preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow and guiding them towards a bright and successful future. We have a passionate team of educators dedicated to fostering academic excellence, character development and personal growth in our students.

The ‘THRIVE’ program across Years 9-12 is designed to empower students with knowledge, skills and values they need to flourish in an ever-changing global landscape. With a comprehensive and innovative curriculum, we provide a diverse range of academic pathways, allowing students to explore their passions and talents.

Our commitment is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where every student feels valued, respected and inspired to reach their full potential. In partnership with parents and carers, we foster a strong sense of community, including continuous reporting on achievements both in and outside of the classroom.

Senior students will be involved in the Lakes Grammar degree program. This will see students developing their character in the areas of leadership, serving others, the outdoors, connecting with the school and community and challenging themselves in their learning. This credential will put them in good stead for life beyond school as future leaders, ready to make a positive impact on the world.

We invite you to visit Lakes Grammar to experience our vibrant community and discover the opportunities and experiences awaiting your child.

Mrs Alison MacLarty
Head of Senior School