Academic Care and Diversity

Academic Care and Diversity

We believe that building better futures for our students is not only about providing them with career pathways, but also about preparing them individually for the future. Our tailored academic care program focuses on allowing students to flourish through the principles of positive psychology.

Academic Care Team

Students’ wellbeing is overseen by an academic care team. The team works with with students in a personalised, collaborative and supportive manner. They are responsible
for the stewardship and administration of students. Their roles involves establishing a relationship of mutual respect and support with the students and a supportive and guiding relationship with parents and carers.

Academic Diversity Team

As a school, we support and facilitate inclusive education. The academic diversity team supports students who need extra support. Students have access to qualified staff who identify individual needs of students and adjust programs to suit a student’s physical, intellectual and wellbeing needs. The academic diversity team helps unlock a students’ strengths and offers support to ensure that students thrive on their journey through the senior school.

Academic care team