The senior school academic program is a four-year learning continuum. As students move into the senior school, they take increasing control over their learning. In Years 9 and 10, students can choose a standard or accelerated pathway to the ROSA and HSC.

Students who select the accelerated pathway to the HSC can commence a Year 11 course in Year 10. For the HSC (Year 11 and 12) the students can choose from over 25 courses offered onsite or from over 40 courses through distance education. Students can also choose to incorporate into their pattern of study:

  • TAFE courses
  • School-based traineeships
  • Trade training courses

Personalised Learning

In the senior school, students focus on setting personalised learning goals within a learning powered framework on Schoolbox. We aim to understand and know each child’s personal goals and support them to meet these by providing:

  • Exceptional teachers who provide varied and differentiated learning experiences
  • Academic care sessions which focus on goal setting
  • Academic mentors in Year 11 and 12
  • Career counselling
  • An online learning platform (Schoolbox) which allows students to visualise and track their progress in real time
  • A student learning profile for each subject each term in Years 11-12
  • After school study hall supported by subject teachers
  • Online course outlines and resources for students to access
  • A full-time counsellor

Continuous Reporting

Students have access to Schoolbox, which allows them to view real time feedback from their teachers and their progress in their subjects. Students and parents can view relative position in the cohort and achievement of subject objectives and areas of learning.

Learning Management System

Schoolbox is the online platform for student learning. Each course page is designed to support a learning narrative with a scope and sequence and learning objectives. Students can use Schoolbox to set their own personal learning goals, submit work, set their own personal calendar, check assessment due dates and access stored teacher feedback.