An application fee is payable upon the submission of your application and the enrolment fee is payable after your formal letter of offer has been received.

School fees are comprised of tuition fees and the Resources and Activities Levy.

Application fee

A non-refundable application fee of $55 is charged per application. This amount is payable when submitting your application.

Enrolment fee

To secure your child’s enrolment at Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School we require payment of an enrolment fee per child. A $200 non-refundable fee per student (capped at $600 per family) is payable only after your child has been interviewed by our Principal or his delegate and your child has formally been offered a place at the school.

Term tuition fees 2024 (charged quarterly)

Term Tuition fees are payable by the end of the first week of each term.

YearTerm feeAnnual fee
12$2,716 (3 terms only)$8,148

Sibling discount

Sibling discount for children from the one family enrolled at the school are:

  • First child – full fee
  • Second child – 20% remission on tuition fees only (not RAL)
  • Third and subsequent children – 40% remission on tuition fees only (This does not apply to the Resources and Activities Levy)

Annually in advance

Tuition fees paid annually in advance by the end of the first week of Term 1 will receive a 3% discount.

(This does not apply to the Resources and Activities Levy)

Resources and Activities Levy (charged quarterly)

Resources and Activities Levy is due at the end of the first week of each term.

The Resources and Activities Levy (RAL) cover includes sport bus fares and carnival entry fees, student accident insurance, term sports (7-10), online learning, student diaries, classroom-based resources such as paints and reading materials, and printing and photocopying services. The costs of compulsory camps, excursions, guest speakers and activities are included in this fee rather than being charged when the event occurs.

Year groupTerm feeAnnual fee
K – 2$137$548
5 – 6$289$1,156
7 – 8$303$1,212
12$349 (3 terms)$1,047

Voluntary building fund (charged quarterly)

The voluntary building fund donation of $50 per child per term is important to the ongoing development of the school and the education of each student. It assists in the payment of loans for buildings and the provision of further infrastructure such as air conditioning.

Voluntary library fund (charged quarterly)

The voluntary library fund donation of $25 per student per term assists the school in building up our stocks of library books and other resources.

The building fund and the library fund are tax-deductible donations.

BPAY/direct deposit

If you are using one of these payment methods to pay for anything other than tuition fees or RAL, please notify the school by email with details of your payment to accounts@lakes.nsw.edu.au.

Students who wish to study courses that are not currently available at Lakes Grammar may study them by distance education. Unfortunately, the NSW Department of Education charges non-government schools high fees for these courses. The school will provide Years 11 and 12 distance education students with annual fee relief of 50% per distance education subject. The remaining 50% is the responsibility of parents and carers to finance.

Parents will need to pay the full course fee at the time of submission of the application to the school. In October/November, after any changes in enrolments are finalised, the school will then credit their account for the fee relief amount. Lakes Grammar generally only allows students in Years 11 and 12 to undertake Distance Education courses.
Example: A Year 11 student who studies a language at a cost of $800 will be granted fee relief equal to 50% of $800 which equals $400. Please note that if a student withdraws from a course after the withdrawal cut-off date, the parent will still have to pay the full cost of the course.

Students in Years 11 and 12 may wish to study a vocational education course through TAFE. TVET fees are eligible for a government subsidy, this amount changes each year. Parents will be invoiced the cost of the TVET course during Term 1. Please note that if a student withdraws from a course after the withdrawal cut-off date, parents will still have to pay the full cost of the course.

Please contact the school for further information regarding TVET courses and fees: admin@lakes.nsw.edu.au

Students in Year 11 and 12 who do a work placement may be charged a fee for the placement. In 2023 the fee ranged from $165 to $330 per student depending on the course.

The Lakes Trade Training Centre (TTC) is operated cooperatively between a group of local schools. Each school conducts Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses that may be accessed by students from the other schools. These courses run outside the normal timetable and allow Year 11 students to complete a Certificate II VET course in one year and gain credit towards the HSC. Courses offered in the past have included: Hospitality, Metals and Engineering, Primary Industries and Construction. Each course involves mandatory work placement of two weeks. TTC course costs for 2024 are $380.