Building Better Futures


To educate and enable young people to flourish and achieve their aspirations for life. 

We are a school, and our core purpose is to educate young people. Our students may spend up to 13 years with us, and over this time, we aim to not only give students access to academic excellence, but to also develop the skills needed to navigate their lives and flourish beyond the school gates. 

Our spiritual wellbeing and academic care programs provide a framework for our students to be reflective, respectful, and supportive of one another. We aim to ensure that our students feel valued, recognised, and have a voice in the school and the broader community. We work to develop students who have a strong character driven by strong values which will see them flourish for life. 

Our vision for our students is that they will be equipped to build better futures. We provide a wide range of experiences designed to build in our students the capacity and personal resources to be clear thinkers, capable of making good decisions, with a desire to serve their communities. Through our Christian goals we aim to help our students to flourish so that they may contribute to helping their communities to flourish – so that they may be able to build better futures for themselves and the communities in which they will live and work.


The values of Lakes Grammar reflect the same values of Newcastle Anglican:

Faith – relating with God and finding meaning and purpose

Courage – engaging uncertainty and difficulty with dignity

Wisdom – acquiring and applying knowledge and insight

Compassion – recognising, serving and supporting all who are suffering

Justice – pursuing healthy communities and enabling the common good

Integrity – promoting honesty and equity

Lakes Grammar Values

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